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    Originally posted by Vintervalpen View Post
    Re: Absinthial

    Should the Kith's activated power also sap away a point of willpower from the target on activation? It's a once-per-scene ability and using it on someone and them resolving it immediately because their WP pool is full would be kinda sucky.
    Ravaged only resolves once you regain full WP. By RAW they'd technically have to lose WP on their own before regaining it before Ravaged resolves, but a much more natural way to handle that would be to resolve it the next time the victim would regain WP.
    Also, they'd still suffer Confused so it's not without effect regardless of how you decide to resolve Ravaged.

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      That's a technicality I would gloss over, and probably skip altogether, if I was storytelling. Having full WP and a condition that resolves on full WP is a bit counter-intuitive.