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  • Hedge Beast question

    Apparently, Hedge Beasts are goblin analogues of animals in the mortal world, but I could have *Sworn* that I read something that mentioned the possibility that a regular animal that was exposed to The Hedge, could become one. Unfortunately, I don't recall where I actually read this. I think the example given was a dog that followed his master into Hedge, when he was taken, and gradually became either a Hedge Beast or some other kind of goblin. Does anyone here have any idea what I might be thinking of? I think this was something in 1E.

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    Autumn Nightmares' section on hobgoblins describes them as coming from many different origins, from creations of the Gentry to glamours captured by the Hedge to the bewitched offspring of ordinary animals who wander there. The Second Edition corebook also supposes that one possible origin of the briarwolves might be as ordinary wolves lost in the Hedge and torn by the Thorns, losing pieces of themselves and absorbing the wounded fears of fleeing changelings caught on the briars.


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      Rites of Spring, pg 133 & 134. It's a breaking point at Clarity 3 but you can take an ordinary animal into the hedge, leave it there for a week, and it will either die or become a hedge beast.


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        Ah thank you! I looked it up, and it didn't exactly say "Hedge Beast," rather "Beast-of-The Hedge," meaning a hobgoblin of some sort, though with that said, I imagine Hedge Beast is likely a possible some ways, an almost best case scenario for the creature involved, considering the likely trauma. It looks like the end result is roughly equivalent to the very weakest, One-dot Hedge Beast retainer. It does at least confirm that an animal which willingly goes into the Hedge can also end up a hobgoblin, however, so whatever it was I was reading before wasn't totally off the mark.