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Mortal Fronts for Changeling Freeholds and Seasonal Courts

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  • Mortal Fronts for Changeling Freeholds and Seasonal Courts

    I was wondering if anyone would be willing to offer any examples of mundane fronts for the Changeling Courts and Freeholds used within your game setting? Some of the things I am looking for are the type of structure used as a Freehold Commons, whether or not it is disguised as a mortal business, Did you design each seasonal court with its own theme and mortal front and if so do they use the structure used as the mundane front of whatever Court happens to be in power at the time or do they use separate gathering place declared neutral ground for those times when the four courts choose to gather? To offer an example, My Summer Court has the mundane cover of an Outlaw Motorcycle Club but I am have troubles deciding on what kind of theme to use for my Spring, Autumn, and Winter Courts that work well with the emotion associated with each of those courts, like what kind of mundane front would work best for The Autumn Court?

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    In one of my past games a freehold ran a hotel. It offers easy access to mortals, and one's often prone to strong emotions whether traveling for fun or to a funeral, shelter and food, a ready source of employment for any changeling that needed it, and the convention center (such as it was) is just as useful for freehold meetings as it is for business conferences. I don't know if this is actually in the books at all but my players were always superstitious about "unexplained" pledge boons. They considered it bad luck to make a pledge that would grant them a Merit if they didn't have some way for the Wyrd to provide it in their lives. Resources, being one of the most common pledges boons, can be easily explained by a few (very) generous tips from traveling professionals who want your discretion...

    In the case of the hotel all the courts were involved altho not all members of the freehold were and they all used the conference rooms for freehold gatherings.

    Have you considered a ghost-hunters group for Autumn? It goes with their interest in the supernatural and might let them get tipped off of danger before it's breathing down their neck. Giving tours of the local haunted houses could be a regular way to refill on fear as well.


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      Thanks for your feedback and I like the idea of Ghost Hunters/Paranormal Investigators as a front for the Autumn Court. I was also wondering what you think of an event planner and catering company for the Spring Court and if you had any suggestions for the Winter Court?


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        Event planner definitely fits Springs themes and offers access to their Glamour. Plus it's fun to think about how subtle use of their magic could really spice up the parties they cater 😆

        I don't know if you'd want to go this route but what if Winter Court has no mortal front. They are just anonymous citizens who keep a low profile and consider the other Courts reckless for publicly exposing their membership. It would emphasize their philosophy in contrast to the others, sacrificing the benefits of a mortal front to be all the more hidden and finding one member would offer little or no help in finding others. Maybe even play up the idea that nobodies really certain exactly how many Winter Courtiers there actually are?


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          Thanks, I was actually kicking around that same idea, I also thought of the following possibilities homeless shelter, bookstore Cafe, information broker, and the like.


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            My setting of Buena Vista has a beach resort portion, including a hotel run by Spring in much the same fashion, and currently has a member planted on the city's tourism board. Autumn has a strong presence in "The Wizard's Quarter," a piece of the city similar to a piece of the French Quarter of New Orleans that I visited, full of occult/pagan/new age/Voodoo-type shops. They also run an "extra special" haunted house during Halloween season. I'm doing some expansion on the setting for a second chronicle set in BV, so I could also use ideas for Summer and Winter's mortal holdings.


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              Just off the top of my head, some of the mortal fronts in games I've played are:

              Freehold Commons: Amusement Park, Boutique Hotel, Farmers Market
              Spring: Bistro, Cafe, Garden Store
              Summer: Dive Bar, Live Music Venue, Evangelical Mission
              Autumn: Library, Boarding House, Haunted Airbnb
              Winter: Antique Store, Dry Cleaner, Jazz Club,