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Orion, Hunter of the Truest Game

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  • Orion, Hunter of the Truest Game

    A Fae Title I created as an antagonist for a crossover Chronicle that has been put on hold, thought it might be neat to share. He's deliberately designed to easily slot into any Chronicle, whether because he just happened to be hunting the region or because a Keeper relevant to the Chronicle hired him.

    (Note: Bring Forth The Dead Pelt is a custom Contract I invented for Orion, which lets him do things like force a recently-dead Beast to assume the form of its Horror, or change the corpse of a werewolf to one of its other forms. He uses it to get nicer trophies out of his kills, I never bothered creating actual mechanics for it).
    Orion, Hunter of the Truest Game.

    Orion is a minor power among the Fae, with only a single Title to his Name. Yet despite that, he is a more present threat to the Lost than many of the great Lords of the Fae, for he is one of the few among their number who regularly ventures into the mortal world. His Title defines him as a hunter of worthy prey, and to hunt hobgoblins within Arcadia does not satisfy him. No, he will hunt the Hedge, or better yet the mortal realm, seeking prey that exists outside his legends, prey that must be truly defeated. He will often take bounties from other True Fae to hunt down and recapture escaped Changelings, trading them for various favors. He likewise will hunt for humans to make into changelings of his own, or to kill if that is the way his whim takes him. And finally, he will from time to time hunt down other supernatural creatures. Though he cannot make them into changelings, they make fine trophies to hang upon the walls of his hunting lodges.
    Orion’s tell is the image of a centaur or a man mounted on a horse, carrying a ranged weapon of some sort (most commonly a bow, but can also be a rifle, javelin, or other weapon as needed). He can variously appear as a centaur, a man mounted on a horse, or a man with a tattoo of a centaur. "Orion" is not the Fae's true Name, but part of the Title.
    When on the hunt, Orion will often be accompanied by a small number of changelings, mostly of the Beast or Ogre Seemings. These are his prize hounds and the hunters that ride beside him, but he supplements his changelings with hobgoblin hounds and hunters as needed.
    As a result of unknown deals in his past, Orion is oath-sworn to respect the sanctuary of holy ground. He can do no harm to anyone on the property of any church in the Roman Catholic Church, though he can enter holy ground freely as long as he behaves. If anyone currently on holy ground attacks him, that person forfeits the protection of holy ground for the next 24 hours. Violation of this oath would cost him his Steed Regalia.
    Seeming: Beast
    Aspirations: To kill or capture worthy prey (craving), to collect at least one of every family of every species of supernatural creature (excepting mages and Princesses) as a trophy, to craft the perfect changeling hound.
    Attributes: Intelligence 3, Wits 5, Resolve 4, Strength 5, Dexterity 5, Stamina 6, Presence 4, Manipulation: 3, Composure: 3
    Skills: Athletics 3, Firearms 4, Survival 4, Weaponry 2, Brawl 1, Survival 3, Investigation 2, Animal Ken 2, Intimidation 2, Stealth 2, Socialize 1, Streetwise 1, Crafts 1, Occult 2,
    Merits: Fae Mount 3 (Manyleague, Actormask, Hedgefoot), Acute Senses (1), Retainers 3 (Assorted changelings and hobgoblins, Hunting and tracking game), Allies 1/Resources 1 (Misc. favors and debts owed by other Fae), Greyhound (1), Relentless (1).
    Health: 12
    Wyrd: 6
    Glamour: 20/6
    Willpower: 7
    Size: 6
    Defence: 7
    Initiative: 8
    Speed: 15 (30 when mounted or in centaur form).
    Contracts: Steed, Sword, Pipes of the Beastcaller, Bring Forth the Dead Pelt.
    Frailties: May not hunt already crippled or sickly prey (major taboo), scorpion stings (minor bane), an arrow fired by a virginal woman (minor bane).