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    Does anyone have any recommendations for my idea of the fairest seeming curse? I mentioned that I want to keep the idea of the seeming blessing evolving to make them more and more beautiful, but also more like their Keepers.

    Alice Liddell, for example, is a fairest chatelain created by the Queen of Hearts. She is currently at wyrd 8 and finding to her horror, the sadistic madness of the Queen of Hearts. Every full moon, she becomes one of the mad and potentially goes on a murderous rampage.


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      Another Thing about Alice Liddell, during the nights of the full moon, when she gives into her madness, her low clarity and derangements warp minds, physical objects, and phenomenon as is she were one of the True Fae in Arcadia. What is actually happening, is the Queen of Hearts takes over her mind to a certain degree.


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        I have developed Alice Liddell's back story a little bit. I am hoping people can give some advice and thoughts on how to incorporate it with my idea for the fairest seeming.

        On Jul 4, 1862, Charles Dodgson (who wrote under the pen name, Lewis Caroll) went on a boat ride with the three Liddell sisters, Edith, Alice, and Lorina. While Reverend Robinson Duckworth rowed the boat, Alice, the middle sister, began telling Dodgson an entertaining story. She told Dodgson and her sisters how she had followed the white rabbit down the rabbit hole, drank a potion that made her smaller than a mouse, than ate a piece of cake that made her bigger than a house, and nearly drowned in her own tears. Deeply amused, Dodgson went home, thinking of the imagination of children. That night, he had strange dreams of Alice being the maid servant of the White Rabbit, growing to the size of a house, and Alice asking the caterpillar for advice. The next night, Dodgson dreamed of the Cheshire cat with his mad half-moon smile, a baby turning into a big, and Alice chasing after the march hare. The fourth night brought the mad tea party, time stuck eternally at 6 o’clock, and Alice escaping through riddles.

        Dodgson found himself being driven mad by these images; of the queen of Hearts lopping off heads, roses painted red with the blood of her victims, of Alice becoming the queen’s chatelain. He first tried to deal with the visions by writing them down. Eventually, this drove Dodgson to a sexual obsession with Alice and asked her father for her hand in marriage. The family responded by cutting all ties with Dodgson. This did not stop the obsession or visions as Dodgson dreamed of Alice escaping through the looking glass only to end up in the land behind the looking glass and the war between the Black and White Queen. Eventually, Dodgson took the pen name, Lewis Caroll, published his visions/dreams under the duology Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass. For the Rest of his life, Charles Dodgson would find himself obsessing over his creative angel/muse.

        Twelve years after her fetch revealed what was happening to her in Arcadia, the real Alice escaped the Hedge and found herself back in London. No longer the naïve and innocent young girl who had followed the white rabbit down the hole, into the land of hearts, and bondage under the Queen of Hearts. She was a hardened warrior who had first escaped through the looking glass and fought in the war between the Black Kingdom and White Kingdom, who fought her way to freedom. Although, you would expect her to join the Summer court, she instead went to the Antlered/Spring court and offered her services. Thanks to the fame brought to her through Lewis Caroll,s writing, she rose very quickly through the Spring court, first joining the Satrapy of Pearls and then joining the Eldritch order, The Charmed Circle. As her fetch acted as a muse for Charles Dodgson/Lewis Caroll, Alice tries to inspire artistic creativity in London’s young folk. In present day, she is one of the Antlered Court’s greatest influencers of art and writing in London.

        Storytelling hints:

        Alice is still a women of the Victorian era and is almost always unfailingly polite. Noted exception is listed below.
        Minor frailty:
        1. Minor compulsion: Curiosity. The first frailty she developed, Alice’s curiosity still gets her in trouble. Whenever something catches her attention, she drops whatever she is doing and chases after it. Ironically, this has led her to being one Britain’s leading experts on the region’s hedge. She also knows a great deal about London’s secret’s lost history, and forgotten places.
        2. Minor Compulsion: Riddles. Alice is compelled to tell riddles. If she genuinely wants to help the motley/characters, she will often give information in the form of a riddle. Her help can also be compelled by solving one of the riddles.
        3. Minor bane: Pepper. Alice suffers bashing damage from pepper. It also causes her to sneeze uncontrollably. This can by used to stop Alice without harming her.
        4. Minor Compulsion: 6 o’clock. At six o’clock, Alice is compelled to stop what she is doing and have tea time. While not dangerous in and of itself, depending on the time and situation, it can put the characters in a great deal of danger. You can break Alice out of this compulsion by solving a riddle.
        Major Frailty

        1: Major Compulsion, Lunacy. On the night of a full moon, Alice’s clarity drops below five and she is essentially one of the made.What makes this especially frightening is that her madness affects the physical world, warping physical bodies, minds, and thinning the barrier to the hedge.She can summon hob goblins, create affects associate with the hedge, and even use hedge spinning.