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    Hi, could someone help me clarify some points about a few Contracts?

    1)Primal Glory mentions "immunity to damage from mundane instance of the element", would that apply to things like drowning in water or suffocating in smoke or a vacuum?

    2) If the duration of Riddle-Kith ended while a Darkling was using the Helldiver or Mirrorskin powers, would they respectively rematerialize or return to their original shape?

    When will you rage?

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    Hey there!

    1) Good question. I would say "no" to drowning since it's the lack of air that causes a substantial part of the damage, not just the water per se.

    I'm a little less certain with smoke ... the Storyteller would have to decide if it's the smoke causing the damage or the lack of air. Perhaps if the atmosphere had enough decent air in it, the primal glory would filter out the smoke.

    Vacuum isn't an element.

    However, here's an idea. Since the element "curls around her in a protective armor", I wonder if Primal Glory: Air would potentially allow someone to breath in all of those cases (for a time) if they started out in clean air first, maintaining a bubble around them.

    2) In both of these cases, they must use the power again to come back. So, i think I would rule that they were stuck in the different form until they restored the kith or found a way out of it somehow clever (a gateway, the help of a hobgoblin, etc.)


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      A bit of thread necromancy, but I wanted to say thanks for answering and also add that my group at the time used Void as an element, but we ended up ruling it wouldn't protect from suffocation.

      When will you rage?