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    Does anyone here remember the thread about changeling slang on the old forum? It turned up some pretty good stuff, as I recall. Any ideas about changeling-specific slang terms? Old-fashioned terms that have remained in use amongst changelings but fallen out of favour with everyone else?

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    I do; there were some cool ones. The ones of mine I remember:

    Happily ever after: Marrying for material gain; can also be used in the form of X is looking for her happily ever after.

    The Chills: When an Autumn Courter takes their fear harvesting too far.

    Once upon a time: "I fucked up" - Once upon a time I brought some dodgy fate a goblin market.

    Stepford: A Spring Courter who's denying some obvious issues.

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      That really was a cool thread. Glad to see it coming back here.

      Also, you're in luck! You can still read the entire old-forum Changeling Slang and Dialect thread. It looks like Changeling the Lost fared much better than Exalted in the White Wolf Forum Archive.

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        Edit: just read Gaius' post. Now I just feel seelie.

        I saved some of it, not all, but still. :3

        Anger Management - A meeting of the Summer Court. "They are having anger management meeting at the mill."

        Bane - A weakness, a fault; a specific weakness tied to a changeling, a pledge or anything fae-related; the enemy or antagonist in a changeling's life (Gentry are known as "The Greater Banes" for this reason); a hunter who is hostile towards, or outright genocidal in regards to, changelings.

        Boogie Man - A Title for the Autumn Courtier who's the most proficient in gathering fear. Usually reserved for one Changeling per freehold. "I think the Boogie man visited the Orphanage last night."

        Carnivalized - to be driven utterly crapsack insane by the Gentry, a fae pledge, bedlam, or anything fae-related; to be of very low Clarity; to incite chaos, usually through the use of the Fleeting Season contracts (as well as Verdant Spring), Bedlam, the Moon or the Vainglory contract, or various goblin contracts. Reckless Spring courtiers are often accused of doing this

        Chills, the - fear, but specifically fear intentionally farmed by the Autumn Court which is almost but not quite crossing the line into outright immorality. Almost a polite warning that they might think about toning it down a little. "The Leaden Mirror have really been spreading the chills, using their contracts to make people believe they only just escaped from a serial killer."

        Cob-gobbler - A derogatory term for a particularly promiscuous female (or male) Autumn courtier. "Careful when dealing with her man, that chick's a major Cob-gobbler."

        Cottager - someone who's laying low

        Dandy Ketch - an older and sarcastic way to refer to a person who puts up a respectable front but does unsavory things. Often used in an accusatory fashion or as a demeaning note, some of the younger generation changelings occasionally use it as a positive and even a trend defintion in some freeholds.

        Daisyhead - derogatory name for a Spring Courtier

        Debate, a - when higher nobles fight. It sees mixed use between both younger and elder courtiers. Some of the former use it in a derogatory way and still others use it as a complement. It's all in the context. The same goes for how elders use it. Some see it easily as a compliment to seeing the nobles fighting as 'more refined and elegant' and others are dismissive of the term altogether.

        Dustmop - a butt-kisser, someone who the Nobles walk all over, a particularly pathetic or snivelling Loyalist.

        Flippin' a Deal - making a Pledge. "Right, why don't we flip a deal here?"

        Frostbite - A threat used by Winter courtiers to keep other Changelings from getting in their business
        "I think you'd best stay outta our part of town, you don't want to catch frostbite."

        Gingerbread - Something dangerous or deceptive; a trick or trap; something too good to be true."This whole job smells like gingerbread, to me."

        Glaze - another term for Glamour. "I'm feel'n grayed out, man. Gotta get glazed soon"

        Glut - derogatory name for a gristlegrinder ogre

        Grayed Out - when a changeling is out of glamour

        Hedgefresh - a recent escapee from Arcadia

        Hob - a hob goblin

        Hob-conned - when a Hob "twists" the truth about a product in a Goblin Market. Usually in the context of a purchase. "Ol' John got hob conned when he bought that Token!"

        Ironside - The mortal world, so named because of the abundance of metal/steel

        Keeper's Pet - a loyalist.

        Meditatin - (Usually) A fairest getting laid with a mortal, generally a one night stand for the glamour.
        "Where is he? Oh, he left with a blonde to do some meditatin. Said he wants to be ready to impress the crowd during his 'debate' tomorrow."

        Nemo - a fetch

        Norm - a normal human; someone not supernatural

        Pathboy/Pathgirl - Someone who compulsively follows faerie tale rules like "don't leave the path"

        Redcap - a Summer Courtier

        Riding Hood - Setting a trap by sending someone in as bait, with the calvelry coming in not long after. Often used to try and get info from the targets before pounding their face into the curp. Bait is usually reffered to as 'Red'. Sometimes used in a different manner by following the 'Red' to a meet then busting it up after it starts. This has lead to some misunderstandings. "I swear, I didn't know they wee following me! Yeah I know they said they was riding my hood, but I swear I wasn't in on it..."

        Rossetti - a changeling who has been fully accepted as a goblin merchant. Named after the author of the poem "Goblin Market".

        Snowfall - A winter court operation. Usually implied to be cloak and dagger stuff.
        "Better keep your head down tonight, I hear a snowfall is coming."

        Snowflake - a derogatory term for a Winter courtier.

        Spring break When a spring courtier breaks someone by manipulating his/her desires. This is used when done deliberately.

        Spook - an Autumn courtier.

        Spookshow - a group of Autumn Courtiers

        Spookshow Baby - a somewhat derogatory way to refer to an attractive Autumn courtier

        Stepford - a Spring Courter who's clearly faking the being happy or otherwise unscared by Arcadia; a Fairest who's overly reliant on mortal approval, especially approval outside of genuine friendship, for their emotional heath.

        Tousler - a spiteful name for a guard. Used to show annoyance at one such as a bouncer throwing one out or a Noble Guard not letting one in to see the noble.

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          Hey, happens to the best of us. Probably good to winnow out some "Best of" outta the giant old thread, anyway. And hey, bright side:

          Feeling Seelie - Describes a flight of fancy or a whimsical state of mind, inclination, or perspective (sometimes foolish, especially over something post hoc), and typically not for a matter seen as serious. "Okay, my little one-liner wasn't the height of professionalism, let it go; I'd knocked back some glamour and I was feelin' seelie."

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            That thread was awesome. Particularly proud of Tousler and a Debate

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              Poison Apple: Something that's obviously a trap, but which someone might be unable to avoid.

              "It was a total poison apple -- I couldn't say no to the deal with the King right there!"

              Glass Slipper: A particular talent or quirk that is unique to an individual. A tell. Variations include glass heels and glass shoes in general.

              "It's just his glass slipper -- he's always gotta turn things upside down when no one's looking."

              "If you need someone discreetly out of the picture, the winter court's got a shoebox of glass slippers for you."

              Bluebeard: Someone known for seducing and using people, especially betraying people in committed relationships. Alternatively, a sexual predator, depending on the needs for the game.


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                If it's okay, I have some of my own Changeling slang-- I wasn't on the old forum....

                Leaves in your hair: someone who has recently escaped the Gentry and Hedge
                "You haven't visited Court yet? I didn't realize that you still had leaves in your hair... you need to get a patron quick"

                Spirit-Touched, Lost, Betwixt: Changelings and Hobs of all sorts

                Shadow Eaters: Fetches

                Broken Ones: Werewolves, Vampires (in my campaign, all non-humans are fey, the unusual characteristics of those creatures are a result of Oathbreaking with Contracts).

                Neverwhere, Underland, Wonderland: Arcadia

                Edge, Maze, Frontier: Hedge


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                  I like "Shadow Eaters" -- very creepy and pretty thematic :3a


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                    I would like to suggest "Spinning Straw" for when completing the Task portion of a Pledge. As in "Mikey wanted to come today, but he's busy spinning straw for that goblin."
                    Further adding into "gold" or "dross" would reflect how beneficial/pleasent or onerous/difficult the tasked individual may feel about their situation. "Tomorrow I start to spin straw into gold for that norm that agreed to give me their penthouse for a month." or "stealing that thing for a simple favor, was a real straw to dross deal."

                    I also post a long form story, based on a Changeling: The Lost campaign at:
                    I hope you will enjoy it.


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                      The thing about slang is it's gotta roll off the tongue and be easy to throw into a conversation, almost as if by reflex. Follow that rule, and you're two thirds of the way done in making some good character slang.

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                        Peter Pan: A privateer who specializes in targeting children and convincing them to follow back to Arcadia.

                        Mundane World: Another word for the human world, referring to the diminished supply of magic that flows there in comparison to other realms (Such as Arcadia, or the supernal)

                        Fairy Dust: A comical term used to refer to the Glamour that one is using to power their Fae abilities. "Man, I'm running a little low on Fairy Dust after that fight!"

                        Baggins: A term used to refer to someone who takes on suicide missions for the good of the Freeholds.

                        Humpty Dumpty: A derogatory term for someone who is accident prone.

                        Nymph: Another term for a perverted or sex addicted female Fae. "Oh man, that girl is a total Nymph!"

                        Satyr: The male equivalent to Nymph, referring to perverted or sex addicted male Fae. "Hey, my eyes are up here, Satyr!"

                        Warlord: A derogatory term for a ruler of the Summer Court who prefers to resort to violence as their first response to a problem.

                        Red Queen: Those who pass out harsh punishments for even the most minor of offenses. Often used to refer to the tyrannical ruler of whatever Court holds dominance in the Freeholds at the time. "Don't step on the flower garden, it belongs to the Red Queen!"

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                          Tweedle: A derogatory term for a pair of Lost with noticeably low intellect. "Well if it isn't Tweedle Dee, and Tweedle Dum!"

                          Rumpelstiltskin: The act of setting up a Pledge with a seemingly impossible loop hole (such as correctly telling the contractor their name even though they've never revealed it to you). "I think that Hob pulled a Rumpelstiltskin on me!"

                          Deal's Off: The act of legally breaking a Pledge without suffering the consequences that would normally be imposed for doing so. "Alright, the deal's off!"

                          Cthulhu: A comical term for members of the True Fae. "Oh shit, here comes Cthulhu!"

                          Evil Twin: A comical term for someone's Fetch. "That's not me, it's my evil twin!"

                          LARPing: The act of conducting Fae related business in public (i.e around non-Changelings) "Don't mind us folks, we're just LARPing!"


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                            Late to the party, but its good to be back
                            I remember mine and a few others.

                            Hob conned: When a hobgoblin "twists" the truth, usually in regards to a Token.
                            "Ol John got hob conned on that one! "

                            Flippin' a deal: Making a Pledge.
                            "Right, lets flip a deal."

                            Spookshow: Derogatory term for an Autumn court member.

                            Spookshow baby: Derogatory term for an attractive frmale Autumn courtier.

                            Last two weren't mine, hope I got them right.


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                              Alice - A human (typically female) who accidentally wanders into The Hedge or Arcadia.

                              Hatter - A term for unusually helpful Mad, who seem more interested in making friends than slicing your eyes out.

                              Cheshire - A derogatory nickname for someone who takes on the role of being an adviser / guide, but always flees at the first sign of trouble. Only to return once the danger has passed.

                              Absalom - A derogatory nickname for someone who possesses vast knowledge and wisdom, but treats everyone as inferior because of it.

                              Fairy - A term used to refer to a Changeling who insists on adhering human interpretations of their Kiths / Seemings.