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  • He doesn't know what's going on. One minute, it's his girlfriend's birthday- the next, this undead horde of...abominations is overrunning everything.
    Some of them look disconcertingly like his classmates.
    And that's not even the weirdest thing. His girlfriend has always been colourful, but now actual honest-to-God rainbows appear in her wake. (Or is it his perspective that's changed, not her?) Even while she's cutting up these monsters, so calmly it's like she's fought them a million times before. And that guy who teaches her karate after school is spouting something about 'realms colliding' and monsters spilling into earth.
    For the millionth time, he wishes he had a normal body to fight these guys with.
    Because this decaying-flesh-puppet crap is getting old fast.


    • This game looks promising.

      "The staff are murderers here. The guests are victims. But they are all controlled- dominated- by the masks they wear."


      • I am astounded, in the best possible way, that this thread is still going.

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        • He cannot move, he cannot speak, he cannot even think, not really. All he can do is watch as his keepers walk around this mansion, watch as weapons float through the air dragging him with them. He dies by the hands of each keeper over and over, in each room over, and by each eapon over and over. The rope, the revolver, the leadpipe... he dies in the ballroom and watches as Mrs. White cleans his blood stains off the floor. He watches as Professor Plum runs into the secret passageway as he lies bleeding to death on the conservatory floor.

          He hopes that someday his Keepers will figure out which one of them really killed him. He hope they will get a Clue


          • *here are two possible perspectives on one conversion*

            You had a small talent, something special about you that science couldn't explain. Maybe you could hear missing objects calling out to you, maybe you could make fire move slightly, or maybe you just got headaches and nausea around certain people and places. Heck, you might have just been something natural, but strange like a contortionist. Whatever you could do, it wasn't enough to save you from them. Their recovery team always gets their quarry. They gave you a number and performed endless experiments on you and your powers. They've cut you open more times than you can remember, fed you the strangest substances just to record your reaction and, if you had the right powers, made you kill hundreds one by one. They will never let you go, for freaks like you are a danger to normal society, the ones they protect.

            And you thought being put on death row was going to be the worst thing that happened to you. But a few days with the Foundation have left you wishing you'd taken the injection instead. There's no way you should have survived this much physical and mental pain. It's been only luck and laziness on their part that allowed you to survive so long. Through so many experiments and procedures. You'll always wince at the word Montauk. They said the program would only last a month, but at night, you have dreams of procedures you don't remember. Far more experiments than even the Foundation could perform in a single month. Who knows how long you've been in here? Only the O-5s can tell.

            A god is just a monster you kneel to. - ArcaneArts, Quoting "Fall of Gods"


            • Here's a Berserk conversion!

              The Idea of Evil: not all ideas are good ones, and some in particular are especially detrimental to society. The Idea of Evil is an ancient, primordial Fey from the dawn of mankind's earliest existence. It claims to have been granted life by humanity's inability to accept the chaos of the world. Bad things didn't just happen for no reason, there had to be a cause. This philosophy gave birth to the beings we know now. It's soul existence revolves around giving humans a reason for their suffering. It has been watching our world, manipulating the laws of causality with the skillful hand of a god. It orchestrates events that span across generations, all to set the pieces in place for tragedy and wickedness to plague our lives.

              But as powerful as this thing is, it does not operate alone. Sometimes it finds a particular mortal that it takes a liking to, somebody who has the potential to advance its plans on earth. When it finds such a human, it singles them out, bestowing them with a hedge spun relic that binds them into a contract of servitude. Once received, The Idea of Evil visits upon them a tragedy of such proportion, that they have no choice but to sacrifice their heart in order to survive. That is when they change, becoming apostles of evil and it sends them loose upon mankind to work its will. They think their transformation has freed them, that they no longer need to fear The Idea of Evil's influence. They are wrong; they haven't cast off the shackles of Fate, they've only been made aware of them!
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