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    Just jumping in to say I loved this product and it was very influential when it came out.

    And Also off topic a bit, The Kings Raven, So Leviathan the fan product was finished and is a fully realized book by now? I didn't know that project got that far? Are you guys going to compile it into a pdf?

    It is a time for great deeds!


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      Leviathan is close to finished but the individual powers for rituals, channels, and Hybrid mutations need to be completed. Unfortunately I have gotten completely distracted.

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      My Homebrew no longer fits in a signature, you can find an index of it here.
      Full length fan-books I contributed too: Princess: the Hopeful, Leviathan: the Tempest, Dream Catchers


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        New Example Sorcery

        The Folly of Calling upon Fate to Deliver a Gentry

        This is a Sorcery that even the weakest of the True Fae have protecting them against Mage's arrogant enough to interrupt their story by casting against this Sorcery or to Summon or Bind the True Fae themselves (Which is the Improbable Trigger). Whichever Mage or group of Mages whom in their heights of Hubris studied a Gentry enough to discover the Gentry's True Name and discovered all the folkloric cautionary tales against dealing with the Fair Folk deciding to cast spells to Summon or Bind a True Fae or this Sorcery are preemptively presented with a magical parchment note from the future explaining the boon they would have requested from the True Fae is granted and the Nature of the Blessing but also a warning against using Fate or Time to meddle with the Gentry and caution of "Careful what you Wish For...". The summoner(s) gain the aforementioned Blessing but are also dynamically cursed so that their Fate and Time Magic automatically fail against this Sorcery and the True Fae, and to suffer losses seven times more significant to them than they value what they gained by the Blessing. The enormous power of this spell can only be controlled by a Title.

        Requirements: Hexing 5 (Dynamic curse causes those whom dared to summon the True Fae to have their Fate or Time Magic automatically fail them when trying to affect this Sorcery or the True Fae, suffer losses seven times more significant to them than they value what they gained by the Blessing), Fantasy 4 (exceptionally unusual timeflow of granting the request before it is asked via magical note from the Future), Blessing 4 (The boon the Mage or Group of Mages are hoping to request).
        Factors: Potency +19 (Blessing + unatural timeflow + ten points assigned to dynamic effects), Number of targets (based on the number of casters).
        Doom: The Summoner(s) suffers a cost for whatever was hoped to gain from the True Fae Seven Fold what it is worth or suffer greatly and take to heart the lesson to never meddle with the True Fae to the point they become dedicated advocates of the Cautionary Tale (Which includes sharing what they endured, why they endured it and the folly of the Hurbris they had).
        Twist Pool: N/A
        Mitigation: All Successes

        Deliberate Twist: Mages whom subsequently attempt to cast Fate or Time Arcanum spells (or use Artifacts or Imbued Items to) upon this Wyrd Sorcery, the Note, or the True Fae are subjected to the effects of the Hex (including the the automatic failing to cast Fate or Time Arcanum spells upon this Wyrd Sorcery, the Note, or the True Fae) but don't gain the Blessing so thus only need to suffer seven times the value of what they learned from meddling for the Sorcery to stop inflicting loss upon them.

        NOTE: The Doom ends the Hex, Fantasy and Blessing meaning the losses they suffer happened but they losing the blessing and note in the end too. The Doom does not end the Sorcery until all affected have met one or the other conditions.

        Interesting Optional Twists: The True Fae gets curious about the the Suffering of those that would have summoned them and makes brief cameos at the ends of scenes before simply vanishing as story appropriate. Remember it has perfect Fate and Time sense/traveling powers and is immune to the Mage's Fate and Time magic now.

        Of course every True Fae whom would ever be summoned has this spell protecting them because ironically they wouldn't even be candidates for summoning and binding unless it was in their narrative journey to inflict this upon a character. Is it a twist which made the character decide to summon the True Fae because the True Fae cast this spell? most likely.

        Originally posted by Pale_Crusader View Post
        Mystery Sheet Thread

        Note from the Future in the Present
        Other names: Paradoxical Letter, Message which violates causality
        Concept: A note from a True Fae from the future which violates how Mages understand Time via the Time Arcanum.
        Range: Isolated to the parchment and ink which magically appears mid-aid before a mage or amidst a group of mages attempting to summon or bind a True Fae. It only exists temporally for the duration of the Wyrd Sorcery which caused it to retroactively come into existence, but is spatially portable as any mundane physical note.
        Location: Initially in the possession of those casing the spell but this may change
        Important NPCs: The True Fae which would have been Summoned or Bound
        Described in: Many Guardians of the Veil and Mysterium mage libraries which discuss Fae creatures typically have surprisingly easy to access sections which describe this mystery with numerous examples listing the Shadow Name of mages whom attempted to summon or bind a True Fae, what they gained along with the foreboding note and the horrible costs they paid, how what they gained was lost so it was worse than pointless and dire warnings never attempt to summon or bind True Fae. In the Guardians of the Veil the specifics of the True Fae's name is always either redacted or stored separately in a much more highly restricted section. The recording of this mystery is so common that you wouldn't be able to find a real True Name of a True Fae without having to either read or deliberately skip the example accounts.
        Locked With Mysteries: None

        Peripheral Mage Sight,
        Clash of Wills: No

        ActiveMage Sight
        Main Arcanum: Time
        Supernal Magic: No

        Focused Mage Sight
        Opacity: 2

        Surface Information ​
        The current time shows as the Objective Present and yet this note from the True Fae which was going to be summoned or binded has a Time Aura from the Future, something that should only exist when a being or object from the Present is in the Past. It is from a perpetually advancing moment in the future and will continue to keep advancing until it ceases existing, and thus technically it is a negative age. Subjectively it lasts from right before the casting which would have triggered the Wyrd Sorcery until the Wyrd Sorcery ends or is physically/magically destroyed. Also the note details the boon granted to the casters which are what they have requested if they had completed the spell, but also it has a warning of "careful what you wish for".

        Prerequisite to look deeper: Have the ability to examine and handle the Parchment.

        Rest of Arcana:
        Mind shows an aura of the alien intellect which penned the message and the capricious spite.

        Fate highlights that the blessing is enforced by Fate for those warning of "careful what you wish for" ringing with Destiny malicious aligned against those to whom it is addressed and that there is definitely a Fate imbued curse or hex which accompanies the blessings the note also outlines. The curse is many times more powerful than the blessing. Also you get foreboding sense of Fate of casting Fate or Time Spells on this note, the Blessing, the Curse, or the True Fae which wrote this note.

        Matter shows that the parchment and ink are not made from matter at all.

        Prime shows that the note is a magical construct and even though it doesn't have High Speech glyphs nor is it from the Supernal Realms or has Mana it is profoundly steeped in Supernal narrative Truths that both transcend the Lie but also is made within the Lie and has the power to shape the Lie in a way beyond mere Awakened Magic.

        Resonance: Future
        Age: It is from a perpetually advancing moment in the future until it ceases existing, and thus technically it is a negative age. Subjectively it lasts from right before the casting which would have triggered the Wyrd Sorcery until the Wyrd Sorcery ends or is physically/magically destroyed.
        Power Level - Arcanum Rating: 5 Practice: Making

        Deep Information

        Level 2
        The note is the result of a True Fae's ability to bend Fate and Time in ways mages cannot. There seems to be a narrative aspect to how Fate and Time are bent which is much stronger than mere Awakened magic. Attempting to use the Fate or Time arcanum against the note, the True Fae's Sorcery or the True Fae themselves will at best simply fail for those already subject to the True Fae's curse, or worse cause Paradox but the absolute worst is that Mages whom were not originally part of the curse essentially opt-in without the accompanying Blessing.

        Prerequisite to look deeper: Have the ability to examine and handle the Parchment.

        Level 1
        The blessing granted by the True Fae was its price to cause a hex which causes the targets to suffer losses seven times as significant as what the mages gain. The whole thing is essentially the Mages so cursed opted in to a destiny of being a cautionary tale for their Hubris and presumption to summon and bind a True Fae or those foolish enough to accidentally meddle with hex with Time or Fate spells. Fortunately for those that opt in later they only have the benefit of any knowledge they may have learned about experience and seven fold of that is less than the original boon. As with any morality tale there is a loophole through which to lessen the severity of the cursed mage's suffering: They must merely suffer more than they gained, then sincerely take the lesson to heart that trifling with the Gentry among the Fair Folk is foolishness they will never try again to the point they tell others of their foolishness and how dire the consequences are. Also this level of the mystery reveals that this magical protections can be expected from any True Fae as it seems to be part of their relationship with Fate and Time. True Fae are able to break causality due to their nature as narrative manifestations of Fate which transcend Time in the same way a story can, and this isn't a trait to be exploited by those that think themselves clever or wise but rather something which makes them alien and catastrophically dangerous as this mystery shows.

        Gnosis Equivalent: 8
        Realms Invisible: Hedge
        Specific Nature:
        Effects on the World: A physical note from the future which has Fate or Time Arcanum spells cast automatically fail and opt mages not already affected to opt into a True Fae Curse
        Scale and Strength: Due to Mage Sight not activating the curse and revealing the hazards of casting Fate or Time Arcanum spells and how prevalent warnings appear in mage libraries, few mages cast Fate or Time Arcanum spells upon these notes and normally several years or decades pass between cocky upstart mages getting enough power to try summoning or binding a True Fae who didn't see the consequences for their predecessors first hand and are arrogant enough to ignore all the warnings so that they can become the new warning. These factors keep the scale widespread but infrequent.
        Similar to Mysteries:
        Arcana Relation:
        Actions Involving
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