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    51. On the eve of an important ceremony, a high ranking member of the PC's court falls comatose. Her role is vital for the completion of the ritual. Unfortunately for the Fae, neither true love nor a simple kiss will help her regain consciousness. No indeed, it will require a long descent into the depths of dreams, ultimately using the Skein to climb up through her subsconscious and into the nightmare world she has become trapped within. Can the changelings free her by confronting whatever invaders torments her dreams, or will they find themselves likewise trapped in an endless sleep?


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      Inspired by events in my mortals game:

      52: A new changeling has emerged from the hedge. As part of the Freehold's "newbie routine," your motley is assigned to look into their old life and determine the risk of getting their original life back. Only problem is: the life that they describe doesn't exist. Are they lying about their old life, or did their keeper somehow erase them from reality?

      53: While on the run from a hunter, a local changeling, let's call him Jack, opened a door to the hedge to get away. Odd thing is, the door hasn't closed. It's three days later, Jack hasn't returned yet, and there are hedge beasts finding their way through the door.


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        54: It's true, the Japanese have created a form of Tofu that looks and tastes like human flesh. They brand it as a healthy alternative to cannibalism, and perhaps it is. Problem is, most people don't have a craving to eat real human flesh, much less an impersonation. So who is this mysterious buyer who's purchasing it in bulk on a nearly monthly basis?


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          (Is thread necromancy okay for hook threads like this?)

          55. The Bravos, a notorious group of Changeling smugglers and Market dealers have long been known and notorious for trawling the Hedge in their mobile hollow, a gleaming UFO. But someone's finally managed to shoot them down, and they've crash-landed amidst the thorns, their valuable cargo presumably still on board. One the Hedge's biggest bounties is there for the taking, but it won't be there for long. And of course the ship itself might be the most valuable thing there- anyone who could get such a fine piece of hedgeneering up and running again would be poised to pick up where the Bravos left off.
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            Wearing my recent inspirations on my sleeve for these.

            56: A local student of little prior note has a surprise breakout in her new play, a fantastical opera that quickly draws large crowds to the college theater department and already threatens to become a traveling act; it is sweeping and extravagant and vivid.. and references your Keeper by name, describing their domain in exacting detail. What does it mean - and what do you do when the actors start to vanish?

            57: The nearby Hedge has become increasingly unstable, with old Trods no longer proving reliable and many hobs taking on bizarre new forms. Something has warped the very fabric of the Wyrd and the world of faerie, and as many come to fear for the safety of the freehold amid such uncertainty the source of flux is discovered: a small group of passionate mortal artists creating odd works, with no knowledge of the supernatural or strange. How is there art having such a profound effect on the environment, and how will you stop them?

            Just call me Lex.

            Female pronouns for me, please.


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              weirdly topical idea I had today.

              58. The Freehold of Washington D.C. honors any presidents who happen to be a changeling by appointing them a high position in one of the seasonal courts. The current President, a fairest from new york when appointed declared himself as "The All Seasons King" the members of the freehold thought him mad...until the wyrd acknowledged the proclamation and gave him a crown representing all the courts. Now the members of the freehold are scrambling in all directions trying to find a way to undo whats occured or find a means of escape before the Hedge subsumes the freehold and the King becomes a member of the Gentry/
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                "UNDERSTUDY!" (Durance)

                59: There's a new Keeper on the block and they happen to be a lover of Shakespeare's plays. Now anybody even remotely familiar with the (in)famous playwright knows that his stories are dark as shit and just as bloody. And, oh look at that, this month he wants to see the story of Hamlet; in which the vast majority of the cast dies throughout the course of the play. Even worse, you've been contracted as one of the actors! You need to find a way out of this mess before you end up impaled on a sword, or something even worse!

                Laughing Pains

                60: You know that creepy fad on the internet where people have been dressing up like clowns and harassing the shit out of people? Well it's especially bad in your local area. These aren't just any psychotic clowns, they're Huntsmen and they're targeting the Lost in the dead of night and dragging them back to their Keepers. The worst part about their attacks is the twisted mockeries of pranks, gags and tricks they utilize for subduing members of the Freehold. Well, that and the psychotic laughter accompanies their presence.
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