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    Originally posted by itokro View Post
    But Arthur is a king of myth, with very little historical basis. And anything that can sleep for 14 centuries before reawakening cannot be human. So just what kind of creature is the King-Under-The-Mountain? And what will happen if, or when, he emerges?
    Well, he has 'dragon' in his name, doesn't he?


    90) The Prince and the Pauper

    A high ranking member of the court decided they wanted to escape their more tedious responsibilities for a time and has acquired a remarkably identical doppelganger to pose as them while they took some time off. After a few weeks, they decided to get back in the game, only to find that their imposter has no intention of stepping down from their position. In fact, it seems they've gone quite mad with power and are accusing the deposed noble of being the fake, instead!

    Desperate to avoid worsening the situation, they've reached out to you and your motley in the hopes that you can remove the doppelganger from office in a clean and precise manner. Preferably without anybody noticing they're gone, so that the actual prince can slip back in without invoking unwanted backlash from the public. While it may seem like a simple case of assassinating the imposter when nobody's looking, it would probably be a good idea to procure some evidence of their true identity, just in case something goes wrong!


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      Originally posted by Nyrufa View Post

      Well, he has 'dragon' in his name, doesn't he?
      A dragon made entirely of writing implements! Truly the most ferocious of foes!


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        Originally posted by itokro View Post

        A dragon made entirely of writing implements! Truly the most ferocious of foes!
        That's effectively my Changeling Luther Blackwell, though in his case his draconic elements are horns (ballpoint pens) and claws (fountain pen nibs), though his blood is ink as well. I always liked the name Pendragon, and wanted it to be literal here.
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          Originally posted by Taidragon View Post

          That's effectively my Changeling Luther Blackwell, though in his case his draconic elements are horns (ballpoint pens) and claws (fountain pen nibs), though his blood is ink as well. I always liked the name Pendragon, and wanted it to be literal here.

          Huh, Blackwell actually sounds like an awesome name for an ink dragon. Maybe their wings could be made out of quill feathers?


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            91) Unwanted Guests:

            The Spring Court decided to hold a surprise party to celebrate one of their senior members' contributions to the Freehold. Nothing too terrible about that, except that person in charge of organizing the event accidentally wrote "everyone's invited" on all the invitations. Now, the Huntsmen and even more importantly the True Fey have a written invitation to stroll right into the Freehold without having to bother with all the ritualistic formalities that normally ward them off!


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              92. Waking the Giant

              You are called to a human town on top of a hill in the middle of the forest to investigate disappearances. The rumor is that the Captain of the guard is not human, but something supernatural. You arrive during a town meeting and you can spot that under his mask, the Captain indeed is of the fae.
              You confront him in his house in the valley beneath the town, but he is not alone. There are bodies on the floor and the last sacrifice draws its final breath.
              The hill beneath the town opens its eyes.
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                93) A Christmas Story:

                Normally, the holidays are a time for celebration and merriment. But not for those who remember the origins of such holidays... Not for those who have been to the world of the Fae and seen its denizens with their own eyes. The weather has become especially fierce this time of year, and people have begun to go missing in the dead of night with no trace as to what's become of them. Mortal authorities are stumped trying to solve the case. This is the season when the Winter Court is supposed to assume leadership, but when the Freehold attempted to visit their court for guidance, they found the place turned inside out, and a single word gouged into the wall by inhuman claws...



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                  94) The Eye of the Fae (A scene for an origin story)

                  A terrible crime has been committed in your village and a forest troll has been seen escaping the crime scene before turning into an unknown human guise.
                  There is a Nordic myth that if you drill a hole through a stone and look through it, you will be able to see the true face of anything fae. You get one of these stones and call to a village meeting. When everyone gets there and their attention is on your friends, you take up the stone to search for the troll... only to see half of the citizens change.


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                    95) Today is Thanksgiving

                    You start preparing a dinner for Thanksgiving and immediately you get sucked into the Hedge. All you have is a turkey-carving knife. Can you get out?

                    Alternatively, play from the perspective of the people looking for you.


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                      96) Son of Iron

                      Some crazed Nam vet just walked out of the Hedge with his grandchildren in tow and the heads of a True Fae Syzygy still dripping with fresh ichor on his belt. Who is this guy!?!
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                        97) Every Conceivable Outcome

                        One of the True Fae has captured you in some kind of time loop in which you're forced to relive the same day over and over and over again. The only changes that occur throughout the day are the ones which you actively impose upon the scene. Without your interference, everything plays out identically to how it did when you first arrived here. You're not sure why, but it seems that one of the Fae has developed a fascination with exploring the boundaries of 'cause and effect' and it seems you've been chosen as one of their test subjects!


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                          98) Lambs to the Slaughter

                          The sheep are plotting something, you just know it. You've always known they couldn't be trusted, every since you hacked, slashed and crawled your way back through the Hedge. You've caught them staring at you out of the corner of your eye when you pass by them, and their bleating coincidentally hushes whenever you're nearby. They know you're on to them, and tensions are brewing to see who is going to make the first move in an attempt to take the other side out.

                          You know this is the case, but for some reason, nobody else in the Freehold will listen to you. In fact, they think you've gone quite MAD!


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                            99) Mirror Twins (origin story)

                            Early in your life, you met a strange person claiming to have seen your twin sibling hurt and in need of your help, but you didn't take the bait. You ran and found your twin safe and free, but shortly after, the twin died.
                            Now, several years later, in the corner of you eye, you see your mirror image blink.


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                              100) Out Of The Bottle

                              A motley has come across rumors of a genie in a bottle making rounds, a being who can perform amazing favors and tasks at a single command. Houses have gone up, lives have been saved, and people have gotten out of poverty. Sadly it's a cautionary tale; for each good act done there is a cruel edge put to it; the homes are not to code and fail in dramatic ways, lives are saved but left in a bad state, and what riches are gained are made at the cost of sold household items and fake goods. Strangely enough, the deeds aren't done instantly - they're actually done by a single individual's hard work, and not solely from magic. One Changeling claims that it was another Changeling doing these deeds, but if that's the case why the cruelty? And why is the bottle such an integral part of the story if it's a Changeling doing the deeds?

                              100a) It's a genie alright, a being bound to a bottle that been housing them for centuries. The being's magic isn't quite like a Changeling's, not based on Contracts but on Dread Powers, but they are fae enough a Changeling can make a deal. The question is, is the genie trustworthy enough to make a deal with?

                              100b It's a Changeling alright, trapped in a devious Token by a Keeper with a wicked streak. The Token keeps the Changeling trapped in a gilded Hollow like space, unable to leave unless called for by the bottle's holder and unable to die by self-harm or neglect while within the bottle. Years of wishes and mistreatment has made the Changeling jaded and cruel, which begs the question: freeing the Changeling would be simple with some iron to the token, but is it wise to do so? Freeing the genie from the bottle is the right thing to do, but with such a dangerous personality free to do what they want is it worth the risk? Further, what if their Keeper is still around and learns their genie is no longer kept under wraps?