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    102) A group of artist types with some awareness of faeries have recently produced a piece of art that disrupts whatever fetches use to pretend to be human.
    The disguise is disrupted so much that regular humans can tell, but afterwards many decide that they had been dosed with some kind of drug.
    The problem is that the artists are keeping hold of it, because they don't want it to used for "murderous" purposes.
    ‚óŹ Uses the Wilde Society.


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      Originally posted by Froggo View Post
      95) Today is Thanksgiving

      You start preparing a dinner for Thanksgiving and immediately you get sucked into the Hedge. All you have is a turkey-carving knife. Can you get out?

      Alternatively, play from the perspective of the people looking for you.
      Originally posted by Extant Reality View Post
      96) Son of Iron

      Some crazed Nam vet just walked out of the Hedge with his grandchildren in tow and the heads of a True Fae Syzygy still dripping with fresh ichor on his belt. Who is this guy!?!
      Huh... now I'm wondering about how these to story hooks might be pieced together...


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        103.A Degenerate Beast
        A Dancer Beast that was once a major member of [Fill-In-The-Blank's] freehold, but now, a series of personal disasters has reduced the Feathered Firedancer's Clarity all the way down to 1. She has become dangerously unbalanced, and perceives everything through the lens of her experiences in Arcadia.

        Having murdered several mortals, the Feathered Firedancer must now be brought to heel. The Mask can only cover up so much, and now Huntsmen have been seen in the area.
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          104.The Five Frweholds
          Not all changelings who escape from Arcadia have left with compassion intact. Some, in fact, emerge with all conscience scoured away by their Keepers' delicate cruelties.

          One such changeling was an Italian mobster. He thought he was a hardass, he thought he was tough, but Arcadia showed him how wrong he was.

          When he escaped, he just went right back to the life he once led. Gathering likeminded changelings around him, he helped build a Court based on La Cosa Nostra, called the Five Freeholds.

          A den of sociopaths and crooks, the Five Freeholds have muscled in on mortal organized crime, and now a gruesome gang war has broken out. Huntsmen have allied themselves with the mortal criminals, albeit covertly.

          Things are about to go BOOM!


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            105. The Ever-changing Goblin Queen - Rumor has it that one of the Changelings in the Freehold visits a Goblin Queen every year. Several Courtiers are willing to pay handsomely if a Motely can figure out what they are up to.
            • Possible Plot: The Changeling was once a Goblin Queen and managed to return to being a Changeling by replacing themselves with a child. The Changeling was remorseful about what they had done and now every year helps the Goblin Queen find a replacement so they can go back to their human life. So far they have kidnapped 10 children, each one missing for one year only to come back to their families. Yes, the children lose some of their memories because of the Thorns, but they are still young and can recover. Or so the Changeling hopes...