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      As above so below, as below so above. The macrocosm is in the microcosm and the microcosm is in the macrocosm. Borrowing from yesterday's newspaper: the Russian investigation is still ongoing in Washington, and the Scottish rite Freemasons are selling two properties because declining membership means they can't keep them up.

      As above so below, as below so above, every country on Earth has a corresponding nation/territory in Arcadia, I will call the Fae nation corresponding to Russia Muscovy. As Russian influence spreads here in drear mundania: that's a Xanth reference, Muscovy influence spreads in Arcadia.

      Masonic mystery plays helped strengthen the Fae realm corresponding to the United States, their declining numbers have weakened that Fae realm. I will call the Fae realm for the United States Galunlati from the book Darkthunder's Way by Tom Deitz. I think he got it from James Mooney's Myths of the Cherokee.

      I see in TV listings that an upcoming episode of Ancient Aliens is titled Russia Declassified. Baba Yaga and Koschi the Deathless are posing as aliens and feeding information to the Russian government.


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        "Quicksand House" by Carlton Mellick III

        It's as if Franz Kafka tried to write children's fantasy. Most of the book is an incredible example of a Durance and a later escape.



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          I remember a quote from a kickstarter video for a book of new fairy tales. Wish I remembered the title. I don't, but I did remember part of the intro vid. I found that quote inspiring.

          "Children do not need fairy tales to teach them that there are monsters. Children have always known there are things hiding in the dark. What fairy tales that sometimes, if a soul is brave and clever and quick, the monsters can be fought or transformed.."


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            Some of the stuff I occasionally think about are Paprika, Close Encounters, and the Doctor Who episodes "Heaven Sent" and "It Takes You Away". "Heaven Sent" is a good and terrifying metaphor about grief, it has the main character trapped in a otherwordly plane, and contains a triumphant but painful escape through sheer determination. "It Takes You Away" contains, through fairy tale tropes, travel between dimensions complete with an Hedge, more about grief, and contact with an inmense, uncomprehensible being.
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              There are worse guides than Jordan Peele's Us as to how terrifying, and yet sympathetic, changelings looking to murder and replace their fetches are.

              Red's pretty much a changeling herself.


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                This video is basically Changeling: The Music Video:

                Link if the player doesn't work:

                It starts with a girl walking through a forest into a strange and eerie place with a mirror (the portal to the Hedge?). Then she's assaulted by three crones, wicked, alien, yet beautiful, who glee at her arrival (could they be True Fae?). Then they start transforming her, turning her into one of them (turning her into a changeling?). After her transformation the girl manages to find an opening to escape, and runs away, through the forest, into a lake. In the lake, underwater, the girl becomes herself again, for the most part at least, and when she comes back up, she seems like she's waking up from a dream, but she seems changed by what she saw (did she make it back through the Hedge to Earth?).
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                  Anybody else think Happy Tree Friends would make for a good inspiration?

                  Every day starts out looking bright and cheerful, like everything's going to turn out all right for you.

                  But as the day wears on, things become progressively worse for you and your friends.

                  Ultimately, the day culminates with you all being killed in horrifically gruesome accidents that seem like they belong in the Final Destination series.

                  And then suddenly, you're revived, with all injuries miraculously healed, and the memories of your previous death having been erased.

                  And as you awaken, the sun greets you as you prepare to set out on another beautiful day on the town!

                  Your age and occupation in society is also inconsistent, and can fluctuate between being a grade school student, to being an adult with a full time job.


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                    One of the books I'm reading is "Tribe of Witches". The author mentions an octagon shaped nemeton dedicated to the hunting god. This reminded me of the octagon house I saw mentioned in "Weird Virginia". I then thought of Saint Hubert the patron saint of hunters and foresters, so I thought the octagon house would be a good place to put a chapel of Saint Hubert. One of the other books I'm reading is Malory's Works, when the knights aren't busy smiting each other they seem to spend a lot of time visiting chapels.

                    One of the other chapters in "Tribe of Witches" is about sacred trees and pillars. It seems the romans replaced some of the sacred trees in carved stone pillars. These were latter replaced with large stone crosses. The author also mentions that Nenius wrote of a mysterious ash tree that bore apples. The editorial page in my local paper has had several columns about the Bladensburg "Peace Cross". I figured if you can go from sacred tree to cross, you can go from cross to sacred tree.

                    If you don't mind PDF's there is the game Grimm by Fantasy Flight Games. I suppose in Chronicles of Darkness terms Grimm is an Innocents trapped in Arcadia setting, with Arcadia being ruled by Humpty Dumpty as the Cracked King. This reminds me of the Humphry Dumpler episodes of Beware the Batman. As I recall Humphry Dumpler wanted revenge for the loss of his family. I've never played any of the Batman or Arkham video games so I don't know if Humphry Dumpler is in them, but a large man wanting revenge for the loss of his family sounds like the Kingpin from several of the Spiderman Cartoon series.