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  • amechra
    started a topic Miss Alma Painterly

    Miss Alma Painterly

    "I'm not the painting you want."

    Concept: Unwilling Model
    Kith/Seeming: Darkling Muse
    Wyrd: 1
    Clarity: 7

    Aspirations: Regain my skill at painting (long-term), find an apartment (short), fail to resist slapping my Fetch and throwing a hissy fit (short?)

    Mask: Belle
    Mien: Survivor

    Str 2 / Dex 3 / Sta 2
    Int 2 / Wit 3 / Res 1
    Pre 4 / Man 1 / Com 3

    Ath 2 / Bra 0 / Dri 2 / Fir 0 / Lar 1 / Ste 2 / Sur 0 / Wea 0
    Aca 1 / Cmp 0 / Cra 0 / Inv 1 / Med 0 / Occ 1 / Pol 1 / Sci 0
    Ani 2 / Emp 1 / Exp 0 / Ntm 0 / Per 2 / Soc 2 / Stt 1 / Sub 3

    Specialities: Perfectly Still (Stealth), Betrayal (Empathy), Exquisite Poses (Expression)

    Contracts: Vainglory ••• (Splendor of the Envoy's Protection and Mantle of Terrible Beauty), Glimpse of a Distant Mirror ••

    Merits: Striking Looks (Would Be Played By Audrey Tautou in the Movie) •, Fae Mount (Actormask) ••, Fair Harvest (Admiration) •, Sympathetic •• - the rest of the dots would be split between appropriate ratings in Mantle and Court Goodwill.

    Alma was a talented teenage painter working a local modelling gig to help pay off tuition for art school when she was spotted by her Keeper, who decided to use her as a painting for a decade or so earthside. She escaped the only way she could think of - she "improved" the paintings nearest to her, until her Keeper threw her away for being too ugly to hang in its gallery.

    On her way out, the thorns ripped her artistic skills out of her - she's tone-deaf, has a tin ear for poetry, and wouldn't be able to tell a Rembrandt from a Van Gogh if you told her. More gallingly, she remembers that she used to be good at art - now all she's good for is inspiring it. So, goal one is to get all of that back. Goal two is to find out what's up with the thing who stole her life, who is apparently an up-and-coming starlet with her own successful art show on the side?

    Oh, and goal 0 - never go through all of that again. Who knows what she'll lose next time?

  • Raistlin
    If she ever decides to adquire artistic skills from the Goblin Market, make sure the new ones are weird enough to frustrate her further.

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  • GibberingEloquence
    So she'd have 1 dot in Expression for inspiring people (plus that posing Specialty), but 0 dots and no Specialties for everything else, right?

    Would you believe me if I told I also imagined a flying paintbrush? The only difference in your vision is the trail of watercolor and the Mask.

    EDIT: By the way, I added her to your Homebrew Hub.

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  • amechra
    The picture looks like globs of oil paint to me. And maybe she slipped out of her frame each night and touched up her companions in the gallery - something like that.

    I'd also like to draw your attention to her Expression of 0 - if I were to actually play her, I'd give her a Persistent condition representing her ineptitude in doing artistic things. So the answer to how well she'll impersonate her Fetch is poorly, at least until she buys a new sense of composition from a goblin market.

    The Mien of the Fae Mount is just a giant paintbrush she flies on like a broomstick, leaving a faint watercolor trail. On our side, the Mask looks like a green Flying Pigeon, where the paintjob is starting to flake in places. The idea of a messy painting riding a paintbrush has just the right tint of surrealness for it to work, in my mind.

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  • GibberingEloquence
    I'm not sure if that image for her Mien looks very painting-like, but that's just me. Also, I'm having a hard time picturing what she did to escape. Wasn't she an immobile object?

    That being said, I still like her, and her Contracts line up well with her amnesia and Durance. I wanna she the commotion she's gonna cause when she tries to get rid of and impersonate her Fetch.

    After she regains her painting skills, she could acquire the Rewriting The Image, Trivial Reworking and Hidden Reality Contracts, so she can "repaint" her environments as she remembers more of Arcadian magic.

    Here's another Aspiration for her, after she understands the changeling condition better: master the creation of Hedgespun Art.

    What does her Fae Mount look like?

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