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GMing Changeling: What NOT to do

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    Originally posted by Master Aquatosic View Post
    Give it to me straight.


    Should I try to run Changeling: the Lost 2e when the full book comes out?
    I say, why not? The only way to start getting better is to start in the first place. You seem have the desire and you care enough to ask questions before starting, likely to make the experience as fun for all parties as possible. So I say definitely!

    On your numbers:
    1) Got to start somewhere . I did basically the same when I first started.
    2) That means you've got some experience in the setting just seeing the feel of the setting is good.
    3) While it's cool to have it's not really required of an ST.
    4) Neither have I, in fact I'm really bad at the method RPing even as a player. That said, everyone at the table has fun when each player/ST comes together to tell eachother a story in their own words. No matter the delivery.
    5) Just gotta try, really. Having players and a deadline usually helps me keep on track.
    6) That's a lot. Sounds like planning or something on the side might help alliviate some stress.
    7) Lots of story influences

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      Thanks. It helps that the fairly well-liked villain in the 3.5 one is already a Fallen Angel who has declared herself Queen of the Fae

      A god is just a monster you kneel to. - ArcaneArts, Quoting "Fall of Gods"


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        The best advice I can give you is do it and don't be afraid of screwing it up. You're going to make mistakes; you're going to think of things you could have done better after it's too late.

        That's ok. It's ok for your early attempts to feel flat or off key. Those are learning experiences that will make your later games better. If you think of it as practice and not something that you have to be doing perfectly right now you'll be a whole lot more relaxed, which will make the game better for everyone. Just be honest with your players that you're new and they need to cut you some slack while you learn the ropes. If they're the kind of people you want at a gaming table they'll help you out.