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  • Princess of Darkness

    So here is a build for someone who has mastered darkness magic using 75xp.

    Seeming: Darkling
    Kith: Shadowsoul
    Court: Ash (Dark Eras)
    Wyrd: 10
    Entitlement: Princplity of the Crooket Tongue
    Contracts: ••••• Air and Darkness, ••••• Phantom Glory (elemental affinity: darkness, Fairest Affinity), •••• Cloak of the Elements: Darkness, ••• Inanimate Communion, ••• Control Elements Darkness (purchase Elemental Affinity), •• Boon of the Scuttling Spider.

    Merits: ••••• Mantle, ••• Aura Reading, ••••• Elemental Battle, ••••• Hedgespun clothes of utter darkness (rainment, defence +4), •• Goblin Vows (Ash, Darkness), ••• Master Shaper.

    So she can teleport between shadows, summon darkness elementals, create objects out of darkness, see in darkness, create endless illusions in darkness, use a Cloak of Darkness, become darkness and turn someone else into darkness, throw bolts of darkness, heal bashing damage while in darkness, 8 again on subtlefuge rolls, and read auras in darkness, make deals with Ash (court) and darkness via goblin vows, cloak herself in darkness while walking on walls, dress of magical darkness, and create sentient hedge warped creatures of darkness.
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    It'd actually be somewhat hilarious if she was played as a 'pure sunshine' type of character. As in, a cute, adorable, adorably cute, cutely adorable, diabetese-inducingly sweet, kind as (if not outright KINDER than) Fluttershy from MLP: FIM G4, Cinnamon Roll capable of inducing heart attacks with ease from her mere prescense, rather than some dark, gloomy, 'cynical' Edgelord, as most people with such powers are portrayed as.
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