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The Order of Wyrdspeakers

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  • The Order of Wyrdspeakers

    "There is always a price to power. If you're willing to pay it, I may be able to get you what you want."

    The magic of Goblin Vows is a powerful yet costly art. It is largely a mystery to many Changelings, but those who immerse themselves in its study, binding themselves to numerous aspects of reality, are very powerful indeed. Several Court make it one of their many specialities. However, none have as much dedication to this art as the Wyrdspeakers.

    The Wyrdspeakers are the witches and sorcerers of Changeling society who dedicate their lives to the study of Wyrd-Binding, as they call their craft. They forge agreements with facets of the Wyrd so that they can create almost any effect they desire. However, they do not study Wyrd-Binding simply out of a need for power, but rather as a way to understand the power of Faerie on a deeper level. To the Wyrd brothers and sisters, Goblin Vows and Contracts are the most powerful and versatile of Faerie Magic and therefore the one who reveals the secrets of Faerie nature itself.

    The Wyrdspeakers are sometimes advisers to open-minded rulers, but they are still generally distrusted by changelings for their power and what they are willing to pay for it. This is something to be feared. However, Wyrd Sisters are welcomed openly by the Leaden Mirror (among other Courts) and treated with honour.

    Titles: Wyrd Sister/Brother, Goblin Witches/Sorcerers
    Prerequisites: Wyrd 3, Occult 2, Goblin Vow •••

    Joining: Any Changeling can join, provided he can prove both his skill and dedication to the ancient art of Wyrd-Binding and therefore possess several Goblin Vows before joining. However, those who the Wyrdspeakers deem as simply seeking more power are shunned by the Entitlement. The Entitlement is about understanding power, not gaining it.

    Approach: A Wyrdspeaker's Approach is through the promises and agreements she has given her word to uphold. Huntsmen who abide by it work to break her pledges, especially those sworn to the Wyrd itself. This may be done by impeding the changeling's ability to fulfill her end of the pledge, or creating a situation wherein she is forced to break her oath.

    Mien: Wild-eyed and wild-haired, the Wyrdspeakers possess a mien that seems both ancient and mysterious at once. Their eyes become dark reflective pools that seem to possess endless knowledge. Their face begins to take on an ageless aspect, making it difficult to tell their true age. At one look they seem to be in their twenties but another look and they may seem to be in their thirties or even forties.

    Background: The Wyrdspeakers were founded by early pagan Changelings who perceived the True Fae as gods. They dedicated themselves to trying to understand their "gods" by understanding their power. It is said much of what is known today regarding Wyrd-Binding was discovered and created by ancient Wyrd Sisters and Brothers who passed along such secrets. While many members acknowledge that there is power and knowledge in Contracts, Hedge-Spinning, and the other magical arts of the Fae, they believe that Wyrd-Binding is the purest form of Faerie Magic. In order to harness its full power, though, a degree of skill in pledgecrafting is required. Many Goblin Witches are thus among the finest pledgesmiths of the Lost.

    Organization: The Wyrdspeakers often work as solitary practitioners, many even choosing to remain (or become) Courtless due to solitude being an important part of their art. However, when they do organise themselves, they do so in covens of three.

    Privilege: Wyrd-Binding
    All Wyrd Brothers and Sisters can wield the power of their Goblin Vows with greater versatility. In addition to the usual cost of invoking a given Vow, a Wyrdspeaker may spend Glamour up to a maximum equal to half her Wyrd in order to do any combination of the following....

    • To increase the level of the favor.
    • To reduce the amount of time they must perform their promised action for.
    • To reduce the level of the sanction if they break the pledge.
    • To increase the duration of the benefit.

    Rumors of the Wyrdspeakers: [WIP; Suggestions Welcome]

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    This conversion is a little different from the others, seeing as this was from 1E Homebrew. The original Entitlement was called the Wyrd Sisterhood, and can be found in the Goblin Chronicles fan supplement. Its new name, the Wyrdspeakers, was taken from an online campaign I saw a couple of years back, but has since been taken down for all I know.

    For the Goblin Chronicles supplement, go here.

    For information on Goblin Vows, go here.

    Critique, as always, is welcome and appreciated.

    "My Homebrew Hub"
    Age of Azar
    The Kingdom of Yamatai