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  • Do you have a pic to represent Stasia?

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    • Yes (sorry busy week)


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      • Originally posted by Baroness Nerak View Post
        Yes (sorry busy week)

        Thank you. Huh, for some reason, was expecting someone slightly stockier.

        A god is just a monster you kneel to. - ArcaneArts, Quoting "Fall of Gods"


        • heh fair nuff.

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          This is my mod voice. This is my goth voice.
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          • Camping Trip and meeting with the, ah, former slave of one of the members of the Motley. But hijinx are in the works.

            Session LXXXV

            Lorelei’s Diary

            Well, things seem to be settling down a bit in the wake of my last entry’s angst-filled ramblings. While it wouldn’t be quite honest to say that all of the motley’s troubles have been resolved, things at least seem to be progressing in generally positive directions.

            So a bunch of us piled into Gawain’s van on Friday morning, which was a little ironic since the big guy wasn’t joining us on that particular expedition. Calamity drove, Stasia sat up front with her, while D, Marguerite, Julia and I sort of made ourselves comfortable in the back (oh, get your mind out of the gutter, that’s not what I meant). Jacob, Luna, and Elena opted to take Jacob’s jeep instead of cramming in with the rest of us.

            The trip was long (Stasia made some pretty snide comments about me asking how [u]much/u] longer the trip would be after the third or fourth time) but fun. We had a really fascinating discussion about the geo-political ramifications of Europe adopting a common currency (which yes, apparently most of them did at some point). What? A girl’s not allowed to have depth? I do talk about things other than sex from time to time, you know.

            It took us a couple of hours to get to the campground, nestled way up in the mountains. We also had a bit of a hike getting to the campsite, but the weather was pleasant (if cooler than we’re used to) and we kept the conversation light and fun. The temperature was in the upper sixties, so I still felt comfortable wearing khaki shorts and a tank top… though both Jacob and Luna had been careful to warn us that the temperature would probably drop down into the forties at night. That’s why I made sure to pack my flannel pajamas. More thoughts on this later.

            We set up our tents near a river and settled in for a fun evening. I channeled a little glamour so that I could speak to the local birds. They seemed nice enough, though perhaps overly interested in what we were going to be having for dinner. When that time came around, it turned out to be steaks cooked on a portable grill over the campfire and some sort of vegetable medley wrapped in tinfoil and warmed at the edge of the fire. Not exactly the Ritz-Carlton, I know, but it was tasty nonetheless, and we’d all worked up an appetite with all the hiking and setting up camp.

            We talked, and joked, and sang various campfire songs well into the night (as well as a few Christmas favorites to keep Marguerite happy), and generally had a pretty good time. At some point Jacob took it into his head to magic things up a bit, and summoned up a light snow. It was beautiful in a way, though most of us were not equipped to deal with the sudden drop in temperature and the accompanying complications it caused.

            The local birds were not happy about this. A robin dropped on to my shoulder and asked “what the fuck? We just flew south a couple of weeks ago to get away from this shit!” Okay, I’m being a little liberal with the translation… birds don’t see copulation and defecation with quite the same negative slant that many humans do, so it was actually more like “what the [sparrowhawk]? We just flew south [many day-nights] ago to get away from this [holly berries]!” I passed the message along to Jacob, but he just looked at me like I was crazy and quietly, calmly informed me that snow was appropriate weather for a camping trip in December.

            Once the shivers set in, most of us opted to head for the shelter of the tents and grab some shut-eye. Once we’d zipped ourselves up in our shared tent, I discovered that apparently I hadn’t packed as carefully as I had thought… my nice warm flannel pajamas were nowhere to be found. D got this not-particularly-convincing innocent look on her face and said something along the lines of “gosh, that’s too bad, whatever shall we do for warmth?” She obviously wasn’t trying to hide her sabotage from me; she never says things like “gosh” unless she’s particularly pleased with some nefarious plot or other.

            So you can guess how the rest of our evening went. We zipped the sleeping bags together and… err… “huddled up close for warmth.” It was fun. I didn’t see even the barest trace of the predatory creature sleeping within my love, and a part of me can’t help but wonder if that was part of the point of her little charade. If so, that’s… well, it’s probably not good. That part of Maria is something we need to address. Especially now that she’s going to be my wife.

            In any case, it was fairly obvious the next morning that D and I weren’t the only couple who spent the evening huddled together to keep warm. Oh, the usual suspects mostly had their honey-glow going on… but it also seems that Stasia had made good on her claim that she would seduce Elena while we were out in the woods. She’d been talking about it during the drive to the campsite the previous day. Jacob’s not happy with her, and I suppose I can understand that… but Elena is an adult, however naïve she might be, and it’s not really his place to put that sort of restriction on her. I know that he’s worried she might get hurt, but she has to experience the roller-coaster that is romance for herself if she’s ever going to become less naïve.

            Still and all, we broke camp with Jacob’s light dusting of snow already melting away in the morning sunlight and schlepped back to the vehicles before noon. The drive back to Malibu was mostly uneventful, with the van breaking into two or three semi-private conversations at any given point, and me mostly singing or humming along with the radio whenever the talk ebbed.

            We got back to the Dream House with nearly an hour to spare before the appointed time for Yvette’s visit, and Marguerite spent most of that time sequestered. I think she needed the alone-time to mentally prepare for the ordeal, and I can’t say that I blame her for that. Though I know it’s not the same thing, I remember how nervous I got about speaking to my father about my real identity last month.

            I think the meeting itself went fairly well, though I still have my reservations about Yvette. She was friendly enough when we welcomed her, and didn’t bring any weapons this time (which was an improvement over her last visit to say the least). She and Marguerite spoke at length about their relationship, and what each of them wanted out of this meeting. And though I don’t think either of them got exactly what they wanted, it’s fair to say that progress was made.

            I actually looked at their desires while they were talking… both of them. Yvette really wants to be able to get past the fear she feels in regards to Marguerite. There’s an element of “clean break” there; a part of her really wants to just say goodbye and live the rest of her life without having to look over her shoulder in fear every few minutes. But I think she’d be satisfied with just feeling safe again, if it came down to it.

            Marguerite’s desires were a bit more complex… though I want to note right off the bat that I never got so much as a hint that she wanted to own Yvette again, or to do anything against the other girl’s will. I’m proud of her for that. Still, she wants to rekindle a bit of the old spark she thinks the two of them had together… and I can only see this as a bad idea. I’m not jealous – really I’m not – but I think it would be best for Yvette to get out from under Marguerite’s influence permanently, and for Marguerite to come to terms with the fact that she’s lost this person she used to claim as her property. She needs to stop thinking of Yvette as hers, even as a romantic euphemism.

            That’s just my two cents, of course, and the ultimate decision will be up to the two of them. By the time their conversation was over and it was time for us to start planning the show, Yvette seemed to be a bit more comfortable. She tentatively planned to return for another visit (though nothing specific was decided about the timing of that follow-up), and stated that she would like to stay and take in one of our shows the next time she drops by. She’s accepted that Marguerite has changed, but there’s still a long way to go before she believes the full truth of those changes in her deepest heart.

            Everyone seemed truly pleased by the outcome (except maybe for Julia, but she at least hid it well). Calamity spoke privately with Yvette after the meeting, and officially extended the motley’s hospitality to her for future visits, asking her to phone ahead to avoid any misunderstandings. Yvette agreed readily enough, and shook hands with all of us before she headed back to France through the mirror.

            So the next hour or two was spent in preparation for the show. We had a pretty good crowd there, and of course everybody gave it their all as usual. I repeated a few numbers but didn’t debut anything new. I was saving up some of my good stuff for tomorrow, as most of the Freehold’s changelings will probably see me perform a new number at the Solstice Festival when the Winter Court officially takes power. Oh, right, I never wrote about that before, did I? Well, I was pretty distracted during the meeting between D and Twitch, but Boss Lowjack did take the time to ask me to sing at his coronation, and of course I said I would. It’s nice to be in demand, especially where royalty is concerned.

            Marie-Hélène was there, and Calamity and I made sure to speak with her again about coming back to perform. We didn’t have to do much convincing, as she had pretty much decided to come back on her own by that point. Her contract was still on record in Calamity’s office, and she agreed to start performing with us once or twice a week again starting after the New Year. It’ll be nice to see her regularly again, and to have her shredding on that guitar up on our stage on a semi-regular basis once more. I’ll have to start thinking about a number we can do together… that punk version of “Because the Night” we did last May really knocked ‘em dead.

            Salk was there, which was a little unusual. I spoke with him briefly, and saw Calamity speaking with him more extensively. She also – somehow – threw a snowball at him from the general area of the bar. I’m guessing Jacob was in on that, though I’m not sure what her reason for doing so was. Salk didn’t seem particularly upset about it (at least not after the initial shock wore off), so I didn’t press her on it.

            Tamara Chance was also there, propping up the bar as per usual. I noticed that she seemed to have a keen eye on my love, and in fact was flirting pretty heavily with her. D actually spoke with me about this before the end of the evening, walking up to me as I made my way to Oleander at the girlfriend table.

            “Hey, babe,” she said lightly, “got a minute?”

            “For you?” I said with a smile. “Always!”

            She pulled me into a quiet corner. “I’d planned to maybe hook up with Gloria tonight,” she said at first, nodding toward the colorful blonde across the room. “But Tamara really seems to be into me today, and she’s… persistent.”

            I shrugged. “I can’t say I’m surprised; I saw the way she was looking at you after your meeting on Thursday,” I commented wryly.

            D nodded. “That’s what I’m worried about,” she admitted. “I like Tamara okay, but I think she’s coming on to me because I’m a Leechfinger. She’s got a type.”

            I nodded in turn. “I figured. You think she’ll be disappointed that you won’t drain her a little? Is that it?”

            She shook her head. “I’m worried she might… convince me. I don’t want to start associating draining with sex. I’ve heard that it’s hard to stop thinking that way once you’ve had that first little taste.”

            I pulled her into my arms for a fierce hug. “You know I’m okay with whatever you decide,” I said with feeling. “I’d never try to tell you what to do, my love. But if you want my advice… well, I’d say it might be best to turn her down tonight. Go and see what Gloria’s doing, like you originally planned.”

            She sighed. “Yeah, that’s pretty much what I thought, too,” she said glumly. She arched an eyebrow and glanced at the girlfriend table. “You heading out with Oleander tonight?” she asked.

            I put my hands on her shoulders and looked into her eyes. “Not if you need me,” I said seriously. “You know that you will always come first, right?”

            She kissed me and chuckled a little. “I know, Lori,” she said softly, and then “nah, I’ll be fine. I’ll see what Gloria’s up to, like you said. But first, I gotta break that poor girl’s heart.”

            And with a final kiss, she made her way back to the bar. I didn’t eavesdrop on that conversation, but I gather from her expression that Tamara was disappointed and a little annoyed by D’s rejection. Oh well. She’ll get over it. And if it seems like she’s harboring a grudge, I’ll just have a little word with her to let her know where things stand.

            So after I was satisfied that things were going to be okay with D, I made my way directly to Oleander’s lap. “Buenos noches, Angel,” she said with a grin. “Am I to take it that I’ll have the pleasure of your company tonight?”

            “I’m all yours,” I said happily, settling into her warm embrace. After a while the two of us made our way out to her car and left the hustle and bustle of the Dream House behind.

            It’s been a fun and tender evening. Oleander always finds ways to surprise me with how sweet and attentive she can be. She’s sleeping now, while I write this. I forgot to bring any medical journals with me when we left the Dream House, so I have nothing to study, and I’m too awake to sleep, if that makes any kind of sense. So here I sit, thinking about what I’m going to perform at the Solstice Festival, and how I can best help Marguerite and Yvette and Julia through their current troubles, and what I can do to encourage D to find a healthier way to deal with her dark impulses, and oh yeah… just occasionally feeling my heart skip a beat as I remember that I’m one day closer to being Mrs. Lorelei de la Rocha.

            Lorelei Grace

            Jacob’s Journal

            Well, this camping trip didn’t turn out exactly like I imagined, but it was pretty good nonetheless. No one complained about it in any case. We all gathered our gear in the garage and loaded up Gawain’s van and my jeep. Gawain himself was going to miss the trip, but he allowed us to take his van since we had so many people to accommodate. I think he was working on a time sensitive project. Probably a Christmas present for Calamity, though he didn’t say specifically. So, we all loaded up into the vehicles and started off. Calamity, driving the van, followed me in the jeep since I knew where we were going. Luna and Elena rode with me, the rest rode with Calamity. On the way up to the mountains me and Elena reminisced about camping trips we took when we were kids. We stayed away from the last one, the one where I was taken, which was probably a good thing. Luna shared some stories from past camping trips that she’d been on too. There was some speculation about what the folks in the van were talking about. I think we all just assumed that they’d be talking about sex, or something related.

            We finally arrived and we parked the cars. We started walking. Insincere Marguerite seemed to walk on top of the leaves and twigs, keeping her bare feet clean. Lori talked to the birds as we walked. It was interesting to see her talk to them in English and have them answer her in birdsong. So, I led the group to the campsite I’d picked out. It was a fairly large one a little ways away. It would be at least a five minute walk to the bathroom from our camp, but the scenery was nice and there was a creek running right by the campsite. I thought it was pretty nice. Someone may have grumbled about walking that far to go to the bathroom, but I didn’t say anything. They should be glad that I chose a campsite that even had bathrooms. I figured that most of the others were too attached to their creature comforts, so I compromised and came to the site with restrooms and running water nearby. They don’t want to go camping the way that I’m used to. Probably a bit too rough for them.

            In short order we had all picked spots and set up our tents. I, as a matter of course, chose a spot closer to the water and devoid of any large roots or rocks. Elena set up her tent a little ways off and the others were spread around the clearing. Staisa, who had offered to carry some of Elena’s gear earlier, watched my sister as she put up her tent. She had been paying an awful lot of attention to my sister all day, despite the fact that I thought we had come to an arrangement about that. Meanwhile, Luna and De La Rocha went off to find some firewood and Calamity and I set up the fire pit. The whole time Calamity was talking or asking questions that I’m pretty sure she already knew the answers to. She tried to make it look like she was genuinely interested in setting up the fire pit correctly, but I could tell that she was actually trying to keep my attention off of Stasia who was flirting with Elena. Elena didn’t seem to mind overly much, but was probably a little overwhelmed by the whole experience.

            After we’d set everything up and got the fire going we started cooking dinner. I had packed steak and veggies for our dinner. I set up the camp fire grill to cook the steaks on. I figured the others would not be keen on me cooking them on smooth river rocks, so I packed a small grill that goes over a campfire. I also peeled potatoes and seasoned some veggies and wrapped them in tin foil, one pack per person, and put them in the fire. After dinner, which was pretty well received, we made smores. That was pretty much Lori’s idea. She seemed keen on there being smores if we went camping so I packed graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows. I whittled a few sticks to cook the marshmallows on. They were really messy, but tasty. After that Lori insisted that there be singing and scary stories. It wasn’t exactly part of my tradition for camping, but this night was for everyone, so we sang. Insincere Marguerite insisted that we sing Christmas carols, and she even sang one of her favorites in French. Then there were the scary stories. I didn’t really have any scary stories that would have been appropriate. The stories were meant to be fun, and mine weren’t. So, Lori entertained us with some scary camp fire stories. I think they went over well.

            While Lori was telling her second story I excused myself to “answer nature.” I walked in the direction of the bathrooms, and as I did so I asked the sky to bring me snow. It took a few minutes, but I eventually convinced it to snow. I even got it to linger for a few hours and lowered the temperature by about ten degrees. When I got back to the camp site Lori looked at me with a smile and stated the obvious, that it started snowing. I smiled back and said that I’d noticed. Elena had a smile on her face too, so I know she was enjoying it. We then all broke out the alcohol and had a couple drinks. I even gave some of my vodka to Elena. When we lived in Russia our parents would give us drinks on special occasions, so it’s not like she’s never had it before. It’s mostly an American thing that people shouldn’t drink before the age of twenty-one. While we were enjoying the weather and vodka I asked Elena if she minded Stasia flirting with her. Stasia had been rather blatant and I wanted to make sure my sister was okay with it. She said that she was fine, but I could tell that she was embarrassed about the whole thing, so I didn’t press any further.

            Lori for her part seemed to enjoy the snow, or at least the cuddling with De La Rocha that it inspired. She did tell me that the birds in the forest were upset about the snow. Apparently, they had flown all the way here to get away from the snow. I shrugged but didn’t apologize. I was enjoying the weather too much, and it’s not like the snow was going to last all that long anyway. It wasn’t even snowing in that big of an area either. I wonder what the locals are going to think of the odd weather?

            After that Calamity came by to talk to me about Stasia and Elena. She wanted to know my feelings on Stasia hitting on my sister. I told her that I was not happy about it, but did concede that Elena is an adult and can make her own decisions. I guess I was still holding out hope that it wouldn’t go past flirting at that point. And while I may have admitted that Elena can do as she chooses, she is still young and inexperienced. Stasia has had a great deal more experience when it comes to relationships and sex. It just seemed a little one sided. Stasia was pouring on the charm and Elena didn’t really seem to know what to do about it. I mean shit, Stasia is at least ten or fifteen years Elena’s senior. Why can’t she decide to flirt with people closer to her own age? Why did she decide that she really wanted to get into bed with my sister? Was it her innocence? Did Stasia just want to be the first one that Elena slept with? And yeah, I knew what Calamity was doing. Again. She was distracting me so Stasia could hit on my sister. I was trying to impress upon Calamity that I really didn’t want Stasia to continue her plan to seduce my sister, but I don’t think she was taking it to heart though. At least I don’t remember seeing her go off to talk to her friend. She did at least tell me that she had talked to Stasia earlier about how I was the only one of the group that could take her in a knife fight. I think she was trying to hint that Stasia shouldn’t make me angry. Too bad she didn’t take the hint. So, the best I could do for that night, without being overly confrontational, was to sit outside of my tent and enjoy the falling snow for a while before going to sleep. The snow was only going to last for a short time and I wanted to enjoy it as much as I could. And if that frustrated Stasia’s plans then so much the better.

            So, today started off early. I got up shortly after dawn to start making coffee. When I was coming back from getting water I noticed Stasia walking back to Calamity’s tent. I am not sure exactly where she came from originally, but I have an idea and it’s not a good one. She could have been coming back from the bathroom, but I have an idea that she was actually coming back from Elena’s tent. I didn’t know for sure though, so I didn’t confront her about it.

            Once everyone was up I started making breakfast. I got out the eggs I’d brought, some bacon, sausage and the left-over veggies and made an egg scramble. I thought it came out pretty good. And from the silence from everyone else as they ate I’m assuming that they liked it too. After we cleaned up from breakfast everyone packed up their gear. Luna and I had our packs ready to go in short order. So did Elena. The others took a bit more time, but that was fine. It gave me the opportunity to enjoy the woods. A lot of the times I’ve been camping in recent years has been in the Hedge, so it was a nice change to be able to camp somewhere free of brambles and thorns everywhere. I know Luna enjoyed herself, and I’m pretty sure that Elena did too. I just hope that she doesn’t get hurt because of what happened with Stasia. I’m not blind. I saw how my sister was acting this morning. She was more shy and self-conscious than usual. This is not her normal behavior. So, Stasia did exactly what I asked her not to. We came to an agreement and she honored it for all of one day. I guess I know how much her word is worth. Jack and shit.

            We made it back to the jeep and van and got everything packed up in short order. We rode back in the same groups as before. It was a quieter ride on the way back, though we did speculate on what we thought the others thought about the camping trip. It seemed like everyone enjoyed it overall. No one complained about the snow, except the birds apparently. So, we drove back to the Dream House. We got back in plenty of time for folks to shower and unpack before Yvette arrived. I asked Insincere Marguerite and she said that she was fine with me being there for their talk. The French girl arrived on time through the mirror in the dressing room and we all went to the lounge to talk. Insincere Marguerite and Yvette talked about their past and what they wanted out of the future. Lori even read both of their desires and shared them with both parties. She revealed that Yvette really wants to move past her time with Insincere Marguerite and feel safe. She doesn’t want to have to keep looking over her shoulder. And Insincere Marguerite’s desire was for Yvette to be happy and to reach her potential. I believe she also wanted to have some part in Yvette’s life, but her main interest was to see her former lover be happy. I don’t think they actually came to any firm agreements, but they seemed to make some progress. I even added my two cents about what kind of person Marguerite is now. I just wanted to show Yvette that the person she has feared for so long doesn’t exist anymore. Insincere Marguerite is a good friend. She is loyal and caring for those people that she is close to. I’m not sure how much of what I said Yvette actually believed, but I just wanted to do my part to try and help those two reconcile their differences. Calamity also talked with the French girl, but in private. I’m not sure all that was said, but I think it was something along the lines of making sure she calls before she comes over. Overall I think Yvette left feeling a bit more comfortable than when she arrived, so that is something of a success. I think she even said something about coming back to take in one of our shows some time.

            Though the conversation may have been a success for Insincere Marguerite, it wasn’t so much of one for Julia. The poor girl was anxious the entire time that Yvette was here, and even before she arrived. Before the French girl came Julia had already raided the bar and made herself a Black Widow. During the meeting she drank a couple more. Eventually I got her to slow down and drink some water instead. I didn’t want her to have a hangover later and feel even worse. I know that she was drinking because she is afraid that Insincere Marguerite is going to drop her for Yvette. She was worried and upset and decided, like so many people, to drown her sorrows in alcohol. I just didn’t want her to suffer later for her insecurity then. I’m not sure what it’s going to take to make her really believe that Insincere Marguerite is completely in love with her, and has no intentions of dropping her for an old flame.

            After Yvette left everyone got ready for the show tonight. Lori and Calamity got dressed, Insincere Marguerite did her light check and I gave the bar a once over to make sure we were fully stocked for the night. I had to refill some of the bar snacks, but we had plenty of pretzels in the pantry. The show itself was great as usual. Lori and Calamity gave it their all on stage and both wowed the crowd. While they were up on stage I noticed Tamara, who was hanging out at the bar, flirting pretty heavily with De La Rocha. Maria for her part seemed flattered, but was not interested in flirting back. From the look on Tamara’s face, after they talked, I’m assuming De La Rocha turned her down. Tamara seemed disappointed and maybe a little upset, but overall, I think she was okay. I will admit to being a little worried about her sometimes. She seems to have a rather strong fixation on leechfingers. Even after the Handmaidens almost killed her she still wants to flirt with another leechfinger. Not that I think De La Rocha would give into that side of herself. I know that she keeps her darker impulses under tight control. So, Tamara would be safe if she slept with Maria, but it looked like De La Rocha was not interested in doing so.

            I did get one unusual request during the show. After Calamity had gotten off the stage she mingled as usual. She talkied to Salk, who was here for the night, and then she came over to the bar and requested that I make her a snowball. I replied that I could easily make ice, but would have to try and see if I could make snow. It took me a couple minutes of concentrating but I eventually was able to form a snowball out of the moisture from a cup of water. I gave it to Calamity and she promptly turned around and threw the snowball at Salk. He seemed a bit surprised at first but did not seem angry. Calamity went back over to talk to him and came back and ordered a drink for Salk. She requested that it be on the house as payment for the snowball. I said that would be fine and make the requested drink. Other than that the show passed uneventfully. Everyone did a great job as usual.

            After the show everyone split off into their own little groups. It looked like Lori went off with Oleander tonight, Desiree went off with Insincere Marguerite and Julia while De La Rocha hooked up with Gloria. Sometimes it’s like a game of mix and match with that lot. I never know who’s going to sleep with who on a given night. Some pairs are obviously dedicated, like Marguerite and Julia and Lori and De La Rocha, but they all take other lovers frequently. I guess what matters is that they are happy with the arrangement. I know that I’m happy with my Luna. I don’t need or want anyone else.

            On a side note I noticed that Stasia was steering clear of me during the show and after. She knows that she went against our agreement and that I’m likely to be angry with her. What I don’t understand is why she bothered to make the agreement in the first place if she knew that she was just going to break it later. My sister may be grown, but she is still young and I don’t want her getting hurt. The only reason that I haven’t gone after Stasia to “have a word” with her yet is that I know Elena would not be happy if I did that. She would be upset with me if she felt that I was treating her like a kid. I know she’s not, but I still worry for her. Stasia is an experienced and confident woman. And it doesn’t help that she’s pretty. She apparently is very convincing when it comes to seducing people. I don’t think that Stasia would do anything against Elena’s wishers, but she sure seemed to be weakening my sister’s resolve all through yesterday. If I thought that Stasia would do something against my sister’s will, we would be having more than just words.

            Sometimes I feel like I’m being the overprotective brother, and maybe I am, but I don’t want Elena to get hurt. Stasia is not one for relationships. She seems to be about as casual about sex as the members of my motley are, and I’m not sure how Elena is going to react to that. When we were in high school Elena had a crush on a boy named Zack. He seemed to be into her too and they went to the Spring Dance together. As it turned out he didn’t really have feelings for my sister. He just wanted to go to the dance with the pretty freshman. After the dance he was indifferent to her like their night together meant nothing. Well, maybe indifferent is too hard a word. He was still nice to her, but treated her as an acquaintance. Elena thought that they had been more than that. They had even kissed after the dance, but Zack treated her like any other girl after that. Elena was upset by that and felt miserable for days. I know when my sister is upset and it was not hard for me to tell that what had happened bothered her. I am just afraid that Stasia will go back to chasing the next skirt and Elena will be left cold. It is likely that Elena is going to expect more from what happened than Stasia is. For Stasia last night was a casual fling. I doubt my sister will see it that way. I wouldn’t.

            I guess we’ll just have to see what happens next. I am curious to see what Stasia will have to say for herself, if anything. She stayed out of my sight tonight, but won’t be able to keep doing that if she continues to stay at the Dream House. Maybe I can confront her tomorrow at breakfast?

            Insincere Marguerite’s Whispers

            I lack time to write, as I often do. I will jot notes from the past couple days on paper.

            Two days ago started with Desiree deciding to parade naked at breakfast. This seems to have been directed at me, but Julia got more bent out of shape, I think. It was funny though.

            We went camping the rest of the day. The drive started with Stasia discussing with Calamity her desire to seduce Elena. Being sure Calamity “had her back,” a concept I find questionable. I mean, Calamity thinks she does. But she is very good at finding ways to double cross even dear friends while claiming to have their back. She does not really understand relationships, I find to be the kindest way to look on her. Anyway, ignoring that she did, in fact, betray Stasia proving I right (as she almost always does), Juliette got involved in the conversation sort of on Stasia’s side, once it became clear Stasia had no intention of dirty tricks.

            Somehow this became a conversation about the Euro, and international borders and boarder controls in the European Union. I think Juliette brought up currency. We actually hit all sorts of subjects between Juliette asking if we were there yet. Our car was the family, Calamity, and Stasia, while the other was Jacob, Luna and Elena, so it was cozy.

            We set up camp, Julia and I to a tent, Juliette and Maria to a tent, Jacob and Luna to a tent, Calamity and Stasia to a tent and Elena on her own. We sang a good deal of Christmas songs. Well, I sang a good deal of Christmas songs, but most of us sang at least some Christmas songs and I did sing some in English. We fixed all sorts of food, had toilets way too far away, and Jacob made it snow. Very Christmassy. He was sort of standing guard when we went to bed, though based on Elena’s demeanor Stasia did in fact get in her tent. Stasia was, of course, inscrutable. Jacob was, however, well aware.

            We returned in time to see Yvette the next day. I was glad to get back to the house. We prepared a bit and Yvette arrived. Looking lovely. I had a whole elaborate idea where the conversation would just be Juliette and I with her, but the Motley was there, and I was reluctant to have them leave, so they didn’t, though Stasia was not present. I did not need my sordid past paraded in front of her.

            As I say Yvette was beautiful, of course. All dressed smart and very very French. She kept some distance, but seemed less nervous. I could write pages just over and over and over about the meeting, but the short version was she seemed happy but nervous to see me. Attracted but afraid. She was clearly torn between wanting to be close and wanting to feel safe, which I understand. I did my best to be affectionate and to reassure her. I got a few looks from people when I was more forward, but I had to do something, after all.

            In the end, we reluctantly separated. Calamity spoke with her, but both seemed encouraged by the conversation. She headed out through her mirror. The room, the building, was emptier for her being gone. I was emptier. But it is Christmas. I will not be brought down on Christmas. The Christmas spirit shall work for I!

            Afterwards, we went to work doing the show. I had a lot of time to think up in the rafters. It was difficult, but the puppets were there for I, as they always are, and we spoke at length. When the show finally ended, I wished them goodnight and went down to the floor. Julia had recruited Desiree, still playful as ever, for our evening. Juliette went with Oleander, and Maria had picked up Gloria. Desiree was all kisses even before we were upstairs. And once we were, she proved a most pleasant distraction for Julia and I.

            At least while awake. I think the vents, and my regrets, are calling my name.

            End Session LXXXV

            Let’s see, not much mechanically. Some survival rolls to see how fast tents went up. Insincere Marguerite absolutely abused the first clause of Separation to walk on everything but the ground (her frailty does not allow shoes on bare earth, not that she wears shoes) so that was interesting.

            Stasia is an absolute sledgehammer for getting through doors. Admittedly, Elena was not really rolling against her.

            Never mentioned, but a couple woke just before dawn to hear Julia singing O Willow Waly (content warning: Maybe not the best choice to play alone in a dark room, actually forget what I said, do that.)

            I think that covers everything. Regardless comments and questions are welcome.

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            • Ooooh Stasia, what have you wrought upon yourself? I doubt that Jacob will have much retribution for going back on the agreement, but the fact she did it at all, much less so soon and blatantly...well, suffice to say, she's in a spot of bother now. I'm a little surprised that Stasia's so willing to do so, too, given how careful she's been regarding Changelings and their lore.


              • The sweet lure of the flesh makes pretty fools of us all. Except asexual and demisexuals, the lucky so and sos

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                • Originally posted by Taidragon View Post
                  Ooooh Stasia, what have you wrought upon yourself? I doubt that Jacob will have much retribution for going back on the agreement, but the fact she did it at all, much less so soon and blatantly...well, suffice to say, she's in a spot of bother now. I'm a little surprised that Stasia's so willing to do so, too, given how careful she's been regarding Changelings and their lore.
                  There are a few complicating factors here. One is while Stasia did agree not to seduce Elena, it was informal, and non-descriptive, she never made a promise. It went something like.

                  S: "Hey Jacob, can I pick up Elena?"
                  J: "No. I don't want you to do that"
                  S: "Okay"

                  So she never exactly gave her word she wouldn't. She did not the night she asked. She acknowledged Jacob's answer. Jacob has claimed she promised not to, which is not true. Secondly, Elena both invited her in, and initiated festivities. Now, Stasia was basically responsible for this. Elena hasn't seduced anyone in her life before. In game terms, Stasia battered the doors and gave the suggestion. But this is all semantics. She slept with her when she knew Jacob would not approve. The one real thing on her side is, Elena was interested, and initiated contact after the initial meeting of her own accord. While Elena never told Jacob she was intrigued by Stasia, one often does not with a sibling. Jacob interpreted that as Elena being relieved Stasia was told no. All this happened before Stasia got through her doors. Elena found the roguish girl intriguing. None of that means this was a good idea, but it is significantly less cut and dry than Jacob makes it out to be. And at the end of the day, it is Elena's body, and Elena's heart to break.

                  Now totally OOC, I talked about this with Jacob and Calamity's players before it happened. I wanted to ensure they were okay with things falling out this way. It was still possible Stasia would fail to seduce Elena, but very very unlikley. Elena was not even rolling to resist. It was a potential source of drama.

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                  • Ah, now that makes a lot more sense. Promises and oaths are sancrosanct for Changelings, but this is certianly more of a grey area. I like the mistakes made in-character regarding it, too. I wonder how it's going to play out...

                    Also, I know that this is probaly something that doesn't need to be said, but I'm really happy that there's a GM who talks with the group before introducing drama into the mix. I've learned from experience that drama in the wrong place that splinter a gaming group, and just...yeah. Thumbs up to the Baroness.


                    • I appreciate the comment.

                      This had a lot of potential to be twitchy; I do not worry about my group, we cooperate very well, but there were several variables involved. One, it involves directly the two members with the fewest compunctions about fighting (or killing) people.For anouther, it involved someone Jacob's character created and of whom Jacob is protective, and that can be a sensitive topic depending on relationships. But it all worked out.

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                      • I m surprised how blase Lori was about it. I also have to wonder how cool everyone would have been if Stasia had been male.


                        • Originally posted by omenseer View Post
                          I m surprised how blase Lori was about it. I also have to wonder how cool everyone would have been if Stasia had been male.

                          That is a very good point that I hope Jacob will bring up. Age is not just a number. It has meaning in power differentials. Power differentials that are more visible to society when a man has more power, but are present in all relationships
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                          • Omenseer,

                            Just to be clear on this point, Lori is not okay on any level with someone being forced or coerced into sexual activity. Seduction is more of a grey area with her... she employs it herself, and usually thinks of it as harmless fun. To her mind, Stasia isn't really doing anything wrong... Elena seems to want what's happening to happen, at least on some level. While it's true that Elena might not be emotionally prepared for the whirlwind one-night stand that Stasia intends, she's legally an adult, and will never lose that naiveté if she doesn't get some real-life experience at some point. Stasia wasn't forcing herself on Elena, or trying to get her drunk or stoned prior to the seduction attempt. She "played fair," so there's no harm, no foul to Lori's mind.

                            As far as Lori is concerned, gender doesn't really enter in to the equation here. She'd feel much the same way if Calamity's friend had been Stephen rather than Stasia. Elena. Is. An. Adult. She can make her own decisions, and should be allowed to make her own mistakes. And yes, I know that this is a naïve and simplistic view of the situation, but that's the character.

                            Lori is also an only child, and while she gets Jacob's desire to protect his sister, she doesn't really have anything like a sibling bond in her life for comparison. She thinks he's just being overprotective and sheltering Elena too much.

                            In all honesty, the truth of the situation probably falls somewhere between Lori and Jacob's opinions.


                            • I think it’s an interesting question, and there is a lot to unpack. Note at no point am I speculating on what Lori is/should be okay with.

                              I think, in general, in the 2010, yes, non-bigots are going to be more okay with a woman seducing someone than a man. And I think there are valid and non-valid reasons for this.

                              Sex initiated by women is less likely to involve some form of coercion, statistically speaking (since we are looking at this from outside not having seen the specifics of conversation.) That’s not to say (because I have to, despite it being obvious) all men do this. I know lots of men who don’t. Most, at least I hope. Second, a woman with a woman is more an even risk between two parties. Unless one of the women is a transwoman who both hasn’t had surgery and isn’t on HRT, pregnancy is not a risk between women. STD risk is equal. And women don’t have the social status above other women that men often do.

                              OTOH, a lot of people are less okay with men due to a false perception it is dirtier or one sided (automatically) if a man is involved. Or just that men wanting a hookup are somehow taking advantage in a way women are not. It’s weird and unfair. They conflate men with PUAs, when most men are not that breed. Or the whole conquest thing. And not only does the attitude demonize men, it removes women’s agency. Like she can’t choose to hook up with a man.

                              All that said, this is the view in Southern California in a queer friendly area in modern day, or by enlightened people talking online (I am in NC, not exactly a bastion of tolerance, though I am essentially in a city). Broadly speaking? It would be viewed as worse. Much worse. An evil predatory lesbian corrupting a straight girl. The lesbian is a slut so now this other girl is a strumpet too. The predatory lesbian is a trope, and an awful one, and one all too many would read into the situation.

                              And let’s unpack something else. Say Elena is Alan. Being seduced by a woman. Would people object to that? More than this? Less? In my experience, that would be okay, assuming Stasia is not her teacher or boss. And in this case it is a magazine photographer and a college student, so no real world power differential beyond one is early 30s the other 19.

                              Me? I think any combination of genders should be able to hook up if they want, and it is is consensual and non coercive. Punishing men for hookups is as stupid as punishing women for them.

                              And to be fair, in at least the LBT women’s community, you see more relationships with larger gaps, because statistically a huge number of women who identify as LBT are under 25. If I wanted to hook up with a girl, odds are I would have more luck with a woman under 30, not because I am ageist, but because most girls who are open to themselves about being into girls are under 30. The numbers are not close; it’s over twice as likely as my age group. LBT women have also traditionally been a smaller dating pool, doublely since Biphobia and Transphobia are sadly still things. And annoying realities like Bi women were often punished for getting involved with women and rewarded for men (and even now, “will my family talk to me” can be a deciding factor, according to some) and, because of how generations affect attitudes, more bi women are going to have family who are okay with it who are younger.

                              Now, I don’t see what transpired between Stasia and Elena as innately good or bad. Stasia did go against her acknowledging Jacob did not want the hookup, and her implied agreement, though she never actually promised. It’s a dick move. On the other hand, I firmly believe no family member should be able to step in and deny a family member’s right to date someone else if everyone involved are adults. There are so many stories of family members denying people the right to see same sex lovers you could cry, though this is not necessarily the case (Though Jacob did declare Elena is not into women for her). To me, at the end of the day, it’s a hookup.

                              I think it is an interesting conversation though. As I said at the beginning, there is a lot to unpack. I think it is good the game brought it out and made people think. As I say so very often, “It’s complicated.”

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                              • "It's complicated": See Life.

                                Also, the predatory Lesbian thing you mentioned had not occurred to me.
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