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    Originally posted by raygungoth View Post
    So you agree with me. Imagine that. This quote is exactly my damned point. At this point, it seems like you're deliberately dodging the analogy.
    What I'm saying is that you need to have an ace up your sleeve, but going into Demonic Form shouldn't be it. If you're going into Infrastructure, you shouldn't be doing it without an external factor able to rescue you. So no, I just used your analogy better.

    That's right, so why not make a burner cover and meet up in that instead of letting everyone who wants and doesn't even ask see your true form? Or risk a homeless guy taking a photo on his smartphone? Or, worse yet, meeting someplace God is constantly watching? My original RPG experiences were with actual ex-cons who had already served their sentences for corporate espionage, an actual police detective working on vice, and an instructor working for the DoD on training radio operators on analog/manual encryption methodology. I feel a little qualified to weigh in.
    A major point of these system hacks is to make covers more important, and have that investiture not be trivialized by burners. It would require social changes in the game, which have been covered adequately. Your qualifications have no bearing on the experiences or playstyles of others, and certainly no bearing on tables which you do not play at.

    It is the ultimate suspicion, that is why it requires a cover roll every time you use it. Sheoldred the Whispering One should not be hanging out behind the Circle K chatting it up with Optimus Prime Except on Fire and his buddy Fox Mulder Made Out of Glowing Worms if they want to stay low profile. Demonic form is a gun. You pull it out when you plan to shoot something because just holding it in your hand in public is an automatic 20 year sentence.
    The idiotic notion that demons, in cover or out, wouldn't pick a secure location is rather a silly argument to hinge anything on. Yes, Demonic Form is a gun. If you're entering a military facility, especially one with restricted access, you should look the part. You pull it out when you want to look the part, you're already a wanted man so worrying about an extra metaphorical 20 years is ridiculous.

    I agree. I just happen to have the opposite opinion. No big deal.
    Given the amount of time you've put in and your pretense of authority, it seems a bigger deal than it should be. If you don't like these, leave. That's a great feature of forums.


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      Note: If you spend Willpower as part of an Exploit activation, you don't roll compromise. Many people seem to skip this lovely nugget.


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        Another hack (suited for more high power and violent games), and one I just house-rule frequently:
        • Demons can restore Health for Aether - as an Instant action while in Demonic Form, each Aether spent heals 1 Lethal or 2 Bashing. For an additional 1 Willpower, they can heal 1 point of Aggravated damage (though no more than once per Scene).
          [Comments: This doesn't quite step on the toes of Wound Healing, since that heals you for free and Reflexively. Additional implied costs are: You are in full Demonic Form (risking Compromise), it costs Aether (a limited resource, ability to recover it when at 0 in Demonic Form, notwithstanding), you can only heal up to Aether per Turn (and it takes up your per Turn capacity), and it costs you that turn's Instant Action.]
        • Incarnation gives you a +1 bonus to Embeds of your Affinity.
          • [You could even expand this to skills, or an "Incarnation Specialty" that triggers when doing something in theme, like violent actions for a Destroyer, social actions for a Messenger, etc.]
          • [You could also treat Cypher as a kind of Power Stat for this, scaling up the bonus the more Keys you unlock, ending at a +4/+5 bonus.]
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          This board seems low activity, so I hope this sort of threadcromancy isn't frowned upon; but I too envisioned Covers, for a very long time, as somewhat independent actors (at least as far as doing their normal stuff) you jump into or out of, and may involve teleporting to their location; if one worries about this being an easy getaway, then one could mandate that you have to travel to the appropriate location (or proceed in Demon Form) which could result in one of your Covers being lost and confused.

          While I'm not denying that that interpretation is non canon, there are a LOT of Covers which would logically start decaying due to Compromise just by the demon not using them, but there are no provisions for such. I'd think that Covers have at least some *appearance* of continued life; there's no indication that they decay (like their Resources level or Allies or so forth) if left untouched, and they are mentioned to have Infrastructure attached to them somewhere, so there's gotta be something. Last scraps of subverted Concealment Infrastructure perhaps.

          The other element that baffles me is that unless a demon Goes Loud, that in demon form, he is always in one Cover or another that he is compromising. That, I just plain don't understand. Alibi even lets a demon send a Cover out as a quasi-real actor, thus ignoring Compromises against acting out of character, but not against demonic form or supernatural stuff; it seems to me that it'd make more sense if it worked in the opposite fashion.

          Basically, losing Cover in a demon form really makes no sense to me unless its just directly related to slipping out of your Cover, and an angel seeing you in Demonic Form and you not effectively having Cover 0 (at least for that moment) also makes no real sense to me. I realize that it could simply be an issue of priority; as you can be Blown while at Cover 10, but not necessarily Hunted for a long time. Regularly using Data Form and Alibi, of course, would allow for a demon to maintain all his Covers manually, though this would actually degrade Cover by RAW rather than maintain it.

          I could also envision a houseruled "Priority" system; Cover 0 and Priority 0 would be your average Psychopomp Exile drifting around in Twilight, and in general Integrators would likely seek to minimize Priority and Saboteurs would almost inevitably tend to maximize it. There are definitely cases of angels knowing about demons without it resulting in Conditions or Cover decay; conversely, a high Cover, high Priority character could even be someone whose Cover is just fine and under no suspicion of being a *demon*, but is nonetheless viewed as a mortal that the God Machine wants dead anyway. The Priority system could be used to explain the weirdnesses of Integrator sellouts/informants who are left alone by angels, demons who are Blown but not Hunted, and demons who are Hunted but not Blown. But then again, it doesn't necessarily need to be an actual stat.


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            The Cover degradation for Demonic Form, I think comes from "Todd Wilson was last seen the Area X. A Demon appeared in Area X. There may be a correlation."

            Malkydel: "And the Machine dictated; let there be adequate illumination."
            Yossarian: "And lo, it was optimal."