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Post Your God-Machine assets Angels,Cryptids and Cults Oh my

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  • Post Your God-Machine assets Angels,Cryptids and Cults Oh my

    I thought it would be great to have a single place people could post their angels and get ideas from other people and to get suggestions from others.

    So I will go first

    Name: The Huntress
    Cover Name: Cassidy West
    Type: Destroyer
    Virtue: Precise
    Vice: Dogged
    Rank: 3
    Attributes: Power 9, Finesse 8, Resistance 8
    Influences: (Any Advice on what the Influences would be ?)
    Corpus: 14
    Willpower: 16
    Size: 6
    Speed: 23, Wings 27
    Defense: 8
    Initiative: 16
    Armor: 0
    Numina: Blast, Angelic Reflexes, AWE, Regenerate, Blink of an Eye, Merciless Gunman*, Authorized *, Speed*
    Intercepts: Efficiency, Space, Units
    Manifestations: Twilight Form, Wings*, Materialize
    Max Essence: 20
    Ban: Can't Turn Down A Duel
    Bane: Damage Taken to Clockwork Necklace or Damage Taken During Duel
    Mission: The Bounty (Assassination or Reclamation)
    The Huntress is designed as an angelic bounty hunter to kill or collect escaped god-machine assists and collecting the bounty of them using the resulting money from the bounty as funding for other infrastructures. Once she is given a targeted she will track it endlessly till ether she finds, collects and kills the target or the god-machine calls her back. The Huntress is tall and as ages have passed her look stands out more and more due to the anachronistic clothing she has on still but she still looks human till her fiery wings appear.
    Description: The huntress is a rugged looking woman of an unknown age. Even so she is beautiful to look at like a forest fire with her fire red hair. She is always seen dressed in a western trench coat with gun belt, Revolver and throwing knives. Around her neck is strange clock necklace. Her wings are making out of blazing fire
    Methods: The Huntress mostly works alone but will use law enforcement assists to help track down a target. Once the target is sighted no one can stop her purist and anyone who stands ageist her will feel the fiery wrath. When a Target moves fast she summons up her steed that as it moves faster and faster it looks more like a blazing inferno, Leaving a fire trail behind it

    Merciless Gunman and Authorized works at written
    * Speed: When using this rather then her moving faster it manifests are her summoning a horse with a fiery mien leaving trails of fire as it runs.
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