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Inspirational material: Travelers (Netflix)

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  • Inspirational material: Travelers (Netflix)

    Started yesterday and now 6 episodes in (you know how it goes), this show hits a lot of the right marks for Demon: people taking other people's lives as covers, adapting to their daily routines while simultaneously performing high-tech missions on behalf of a mysterious, powerful employer. So an angel/demon mix in a way. Check it out if you can!

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    So far watching it I can say its very demon the decent. Its a recommended watch but it seems to me that this show is more from the angels working on occult matrxies. The show to me seems to show a team of angels with cultists on the brink of falling.I'm currently working out what each characters Incarnation would be

    It also seems to work from the point of view of angels working for a huge agency so large that its snow acting the same way the god machine does


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      Originally posted by Basic View Post
      So far watching it I can say its very demon the decent.
      In the way that Demon is written, that totally makes for a good alternate title. Lol. Also shared this thought I thought of them more as cultists...

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