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How many Angels and Demons?

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  • How many Angels and Demons?

    Sorry if this thread was done before, but is there a rough idea of how many Angels or demons would be in a specific region, or on Earth, at any given time?

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    That is a good question. There are more angels inactive in storage (I forget the term, facilities?) I'd guess than active.

    But a hard number on either side is a hard answer to give. After all this is a very spy craft game, demons aren't aware of other demons outside their ring, agency or network of connections so they don't even know and there would be no way to do a census (who wouldn't think that was a GM ploy?)

    For angels the number is better described as there are a number of angels active nessisary to maintain operations. There are then a number ready to be activated, waiting in a near 'sleep mode'. Then there are those ones in storage.

    Next there are exiles, where fewer than either of the two others are still not a solid number.

    Any number, practically, of demons or angels could potentially be within our world or beyond. Sorry for not being too helpful but the fact that those numbers aren't known in my opinion boosts the potential intrigue.


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      Thanks for the post. We have Seattle as a signature city which gives some numbers of agencies and rings. I tend to find that signature cities in the nWoD tend to have 2 to 3 times the average for any given splat ( ie. Vampires, mages, demons etc). So I guess we can reverse engineer from that. I recall the main book saying that Seattle attracts lots of demons and gives information of clusters of demons within


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        The beast book gives information on the % of supernaturals in the world. So its up to you at that point what percentage of that percent are fallen angels.


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          Originally posted by Basic View Post
          The beast book gives information on the % of supernaturals in the world. So its up to you at that point what percentage of that percent are fallen angels.
          Does it?

          Also, I wouldn't quite trust Beasts on gauging the number of demons and angels in the world even if it does, due to problems.

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            As many as narratively appropriate. That's the best answer. You can make the case for a bustling population where everyone and their mum are spies and counter-spies, you can go to the opposite extreme and have them be incredibly rare. There's nothing wrong with Dingo-woop woop Australia being the biggest gathering of GM agents, but only having a single one in Tokyo, if it suits.

            It is also something that's going to vary greatly by time and need, depending on projects of the GM...


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              Hey, how do you know about Dingo-woop-woop?!?

              ... ah, I've said too much...

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