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  • Deva Corp tactics and technology

    During a recent session my group infiltrated a Deva Corp facility, stole some important pieces of technology and left with one of the local managers who they decided to abduct to their own hideout.

    Since the exfiltration from the Deva Corp facility got a bit messy, I'm planning for Deva Corp to come visit them with their own private security during our next session. And since Deva Corp has their fair share of experience with Angels and/or Demons I figured they would bring something more than just regular guns, I have already looked to Hunter and borrowed some ideas from Tactics as well as technology from Task: Force Valkyrie that I figured I could retool for Deva Corp, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask here as well.

    So, has anyone here used Deva Corp in their chronicles, and what kind of technology / tactics did they use to even the odds when fighting against the children of the God-Machine (fallen or not)?

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    Actually, I've once made Hunter Endowments for the use of the Deva Corporation if I'll ever need them. I hope you would find at least partially useful-

    Deva Corporation- Luminous Advancements (0-00000)
    being a part of a great Infrastructure, the hunter may channel its might through her and gain special Advancements for her used. In order to use the Endowment, the hunter must first "tune" to a certain Infrastructure, which requires rolling Endowment+Occult. Success means that the hunter may gain a number of Dread Powers equal to their dots in the Endowments, which are decided by the ST as powers which may advance the goal of the Infrastructure. The hunter stays tuned to the Infrastructure for one day per dot in the Endowment, although she may "tune off" at any moment. She may not be tuned to more than one Infrastructure at a time. The Dread Powers manifested by the hunter are usually manifested in the form of mechanical items or technological devices which may be operated only by the hands of the hunter. Exceptional Success means the duration is doubled. Failure gives a -1 modifier to any roll for tuning to the same Infrastructure in the same day. Dramatic Failure means an angel would be sent to investigate the "security breach" and deal with it.

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      Considering their "research", you could also supply them with Gadgets (confiscated from Demons or recreated) or trained Cryptids. Leveraging Supernatural Merits (be it psychic/stigmatic or super-tech in origin) can also work.

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        Originally posted by Vent0 View Post
        Considering their "research", you could also supply them with Gadgets (confiscated from Demons or recreated) or trained Cryptids. Leveraging Supernatural Merits (be it psychic/stigmatic or super-tech in origin) can also work.
        Or made from Demons. The Deva vivisection labs are always a hoot.

        The sky's the limit with anything involving Deva. They have access to the G-M's occult technology and entirely too much money on their hands. They may have their own programmed sleeper agents, reprogrammer insects, cybernetic security animals (for extra creep factor, rats with glowing green eyes and wires and circuits coming out of their skin swarm out of the vents when the ring penetrates sublevel 4-b), NRO Delta enhanced security personnel equipped with technology that would made Task Force Valkyrie green with envy.

        Borrow liberally from The Grid by Philip Kerr, Cube and first Resident Evil movie: the Deva building seems alive, or at least intelligent and tries to expel the infiltrators, if not kill them outright: elevator shafts open at inopportune times, hall ways seal off and are flooded with fire suppressant, suffocating those trapped inside. Monitors occasionally turn to black and white static, giving the impression that there is something wrong with the system... or the ring is being watched. The floorplan changes when no one is looking.

        Set pieces:

        A room full of college interns, doing nothing but flipping coins and recording the results.

        In one of the deepest labs, the ring sees what looks like an Echo trapped in some sort of containment field.

        The ring finds a deep AI neural network that has dozens and dozens of monitors... of them, eating diner with their families, only it's a different family in each monitor.

        A holding pen filled with Fractal children and stuffed animals.

        Themes: Who's in control? Is the Deva Corp bending the G-M to it's will, or is the Deva Corp just another pasty?

        The wheels of industry: the Deva corporation exploiting and sacrifices humans and unchained to fuel it's next quarter profits as the G-m exploit and sacrifice humans to power an occult matrix.

        People who work at Deva corporation are just so happy to be there. Everything is planned out, the next meeting, the week's schedule, even vacation plans are suggested by the corporations sophisticated AI networks.

        Big data: as the ring is infiltrating the building, the building is systematically scouring their online footprint to try and pull apart their Cover.
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