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Additional Cover Rating at Character Creation

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  • Additional Cover Rating at Character Creation

    Didn't find the answer on a quick search, so I'm asking here.

    During character creation you can raise your Primum and be able to purchase an additional cover at the price of one Merit dot - but what is the rating of the new Cover? Is it 7, same as your initial Cover - or is it one-per-Merit-dot-spent?

    If it's the latter, I don't see the point of burning through my entire Merit dots for two Covers who are basically just skins. After all, I'm left with no Merit dots left to purchase anything specific to them, what with 5 dots to raise Primum, and at least 3-4 more just so the Cover rating doesn't entirely suck - so, one or two Merit dots remaining.

    Does anyone actually raise Primum and purchase an additional cover during character creation?
    Did I miss something in the book?

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    It's 7. I don't remember where it was said, but Matt (or Rose?) basically said if you're willing to put that many Merit dots into it, you should get a 7-dot cover out of it.

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