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    Hey all once again, Koro here! So, since I have been on a resurgent Demon kick lately, I decided to add a couple of my more popular Facilities that I came up with with my campaigns, as well as asking you fine folks what sort of interesting, horrifying industrial nightmare-realms you have designed! without further ado, here we go!


    Ware Trucks

    Mobile Infrastructure is nothing new, there are many Occult Matrices that require moving components or arcane actions performed in multiple locations.There are rumors, however, of the God-Machine making use of mobile Facilities; labs, storage facilities, and factories all on wheels. These 'Ware Trucks' ( not to be confused with were-trucks, though there are plenty of rumors about those terrifying abominations) are a relatively new phenomenon, and have been a rather annoying thorn in the side of many Saboteurs- tracking down a manufacturing plant that produces horrifying patchwork monsters made of homeless people and missing pets is a great deal more aggravating if said plant is hidden in the trailer of an 18-wheeler.

    Type: Logistical

    Function: Each Ware Truck's function is to house and transport a Facility of material and strategic value for the God-Machine, usually in the form of a large storage space or a production facility of some kind, though medical centers or research laboratories are not uncommon. While in motion with the door to the trailer firmly closed, these trucks are more or less obfuscated against a demon's occult senses, though once opened the trailer seems to distort and then expand upward, as if dozens upon dozens of trailers are stacked atop and nested within each other - making it appear as if it is a shimmering tower of truck components.

    Security: The greatest security measures these behemoths is their mobile nature, though the Facilities contained within often possess a staff of mortal security personnel, or a Guardian depending on the Facility's importance.

    Linchpin: Within the cabin of the trucks is an emergency release mechanism for the trailer. If engaged, the folded space that composes the interior of the trailer collapses, and anything held within disappears, lost within the netherworld of possibility forever much like what happens when a Bolthole self destructs.

    The Assembly Line

    There are few places more foreboding and frightening as the Assembly Line. Hidden behind a rusting loading door inexplicably built into a large hill off a seldom used back road several miles away from any of the local towns; the layout of this god-forsaken place is diabolically simple: It is essentially a long corridor that branches into three separate paths, with three conveyor belts traveling along them. If one was to look upon the the entire Facility from a top-down perspective the Assembly Line would strongly resemble a cross, the conveyor-belts terminating at each of the three top most branches. Every day a truck arrives to the Assembly Line exactly seven hundred and seventy seven seconds ( or 12.95 minutes) after dawn and unloads its cargo onto the belts and then departs half an hour later. The cargo is one hundred human corpses, each deceased human having a connection, though suffered deaths unrelated, to the God-Machine. Stigmatics work along the Line, cleaning and preparing the bodies for one of three fates, processed down each of the three divergent paths. Bodies cleared to be taken down the left belt are clinically disassembled, their body tissues, organs, and bones taken apart and put into special stasis canisters before passed through a loading door that leads into stygian darkness; presumably transported to other Facilities. Alternatively, bodies that are placed on the Right branching belt are carried to a tremendous grinder mechanism, rendering these bodies into a slurry of flesh and pulverized bone that is enriched with Essence - converting them into biofuel. It is the central most belt that is the most disturbing, those very few bodies cleared to go all the way to the end of the main Line ( typically no more than four or five per day), they terminate at a filthy operating room lined with several racks that hold various robotic components such as mechanical limbs or internal mechanisms. Inside this chamber lies the overseeing Angel, a disturbing Psychopomp known as the Chiurgeon whose purpose is to marry dead flesh with metal and imbuing it with life in order to create undying cybernetic servitors. While it seems to be that there is some sort of criteria that determines what bodies are viable for which grisly purpose, though to date no Agents have been able to determine what the occult pattern is. There are rumors that demons who have been captured by hunter-angels are brought to this place, and are either recycled and rebuilt into loyal angels or their biomechanical parts are used in the creation of the Assembled - though perhaps thankfully neither claim has been proven true.. so far.

    Type: Logistical

    Function: The Assembly Line's purpose is to process human remains into numerous useful components for the God-Machine, either harvesting organs and other biological components, converting the bodies into fuel, or re purposing them into undead drones known as The Assembled.

    Security: The isolated nature of the Assembly Line protects it from most unwanted visitors, along with a system of Concealment Infrastructure ( in the form of several caution signs along the road leading to it) that discourages mortals from traveling too close to it. If this should fail, the Stigmatics inside will act to defend the Line from any perceived aggressors, and should that fail there are numerous completed Assembled that wander within the facility along pre-programmed "patrol routes" who act as a more effective measure of physical defense. If all else fails the Chiurgeon will also be moved to defend its "home", though due to its status as a Psychopomp it is not the most effective of defenders - woe betide any over confident would-be attacker who underestimates the angel's drive to preserve "its" Infrastructure all the same.

    Linchpin: Buried atop the hill that houses the Assembly Line is a shallow grave that holds the skull of a young child who was one of the original sacrifices used to create the Facility, destroying this skull will shut down the Infrastructure. Alternatively, should the skull be replaced the parameters of the Infrastructures' operation will be altered ( the skull of an adult will cause the Facility to now only accept the corpses of children and teenagers, an animal skull will cause the facility to start collecting and processing animals, and the skull of a supernatural being would have any sort of bizarre, possibly catastrophic effects)


    And there you have it, two of my more interesting examples of Infrastructure! As always, let me know what you think and don't be shy to include your own examples. Thanks and have a wonderful day!
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    I'm sorry for reviving this older thread of mine, but I felt like this sort of Topic is too interesting to let people forget about. That and I had recently come up with another piece of Infrastructure that I want to put up on here for the purpose of Posterity and to help give people inspiration for their own Facilities. without further ado, here you go!

    Storage Facility 145

    There are many, many hidden bolt holes and inter-dimensional warehouses where the God-Machine stores various materials and assets from prying eyes, ranging from piles of radioactive crystals neatly stacked in lead lined containers to an hangar filled with dormant angels. Storage Facility 145 is different though; as it doesn't serve to store resources or creatures - it stores weather patterns.The actual facility is little more than a humble closet found in a Environmental Studies classroom on the campus of a local college that is locked six days out of seven; though every Sunday at 9 pm a janitor ( actually a Psychopomp in Cover) will enter the room and unlock the closet door before ducking inside. Twenty-five minutes later the Janitor will exit and lock the closet door, clean up the room for a few minutes, then leave. Like many other Facilities, the interior of the Closet is much, much larger than it should be, more closely resembling the floor plan of a warehouse than a storage closet. Inside are hundreds of shelves each dozens of feet in height and several hundred feet in length, and upon them lie uncounted thousands of glass bottles. Inside each of these bottles is a miniature weather pattern: One bottle may contain a tornado, another a snow storm, and yet another holding a gentle spring rain shower. It is unknown how The God-Machine distills weather into these bottles, though it is quite obvious that the local town's meteorological phenomena are directly regulated by agents of the Machine whom have access to this store house, with the psychopomp-janitor being the intermediary between them, collecting or storing the weather bottles as needed. Once opened and "poured" out, the trapped weather patterns within these bottles with manifest within 12 hours - though some are marked to denote swifter or more prolonged manifestation times.

    Type: Logistical

    Function: To store instances of distilled weather for future use by the God-Machine for various occult matrices in town or surrounding areas.

    Security: The only entity who knows about the closet's true nature or has the means to open it on campus is the seldom seen Janitor who holds the key needed to unlock the door; and he only Manifests once per week ten minutes before 9 pm on Sunday to either collect or drop off a number of bottles. No other method to open the door will work, only that key will allow anyone to safely open it. Should someone somehow manage to get the door open without the Key, the entire Facility self destructs, fading away into possibility forever.. with the utterly catastrophic side effect of causing every single instance of weather stored inside to manifest within 12 hours: an event that will likely have dire and borderline apocalyptic consequences for the town in question.

    Linchpin: A bulletin board just outside the classroom has a weekly schedule tacked onto it, often hidden behind other papers or flyers. Instead of a class schedule, however, it details the weather forecast for the following week. It updates itself weekly despite no one ever coming to take it down or putting up new ones. If taken down and then torn into several pieces, the Facility will harmlessly shut down, the innumerable weather patterns dissipating without manifesting as the closet returns to being just that: a closet.
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      Actually this stuff is pretty cool. The first two are themselves pretty archetypal elements that should fit most chronicles nicely. The last one fits the core GMC book's style of high weirdness well.


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        Originally posted by Deinos View Post
        Actually this stuff is pretty cool. The first two are themselves pretty archetypal elements that should fit most chronicles nicely. The last one fits the core GMC book's style of high weirdness well.
        Thanks, I’m glad you like them!

        With Infrastructure I like to go heavily in the cyberpunk direction with some things ( I take a lot of Inspiration from Quake and Doom when designing some of the “bigger” pieces of the God-Machine) and more high weirdness with others - alternating is key to creating fun locals after all!


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          Originally posted by Korogra View Post

          Thanks, I’m glad you like them!

          With Infrastructure I like to go heavily in the cyberpunk direction with some things ( I take a lot of Inspiration from Quake and Doom when designing some of the “bigger” pieces of the God-Machine) and more high weirdness with others - alternating is key to creating fun locals after all!
          Yeah, the biomechanical aesthetic is amazing to me and a big draw, but I stay for the alien impossible weirdness.