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  • Stacking form powers

    Hello all, I was rescently making demon forms for various npcs and was wondering how form powers stack with other similar powers or with powers that further enhance them.
    here are a few examples:

    a)Claws and Fangs with Cavernous Maw, the maw replaces the +2 lethal of the fangs with +2 aggravated or the fangs do +4 aggravated ?
    b) Huge Size and Wings, the flying speed remains species factor 10 or 14 ?
    c)Wings and Long Limbs, the long limb power also affects the visual size of the wings ?

    Thank you

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    D) Does Insect Swarm multiply the effects of powers such as Mantle Of Flame or Electric Shock?


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      A) Aggravated attack +2, with an additional +2 Lethal. So 1 Success is 3A, 2L damage.
      B) I'd use 14 - greater wing span
      C) Same?

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        Originally posted by Taidragon View Post
        D) Does Insect Swarm multiply the effects of powers such as Mantle Of Flame or Electric Shock?

        It may have increased range because of insect cloud spread but not power I think.
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          A) I'd say the Aggravated just replaces the lethal, but it's a judgement call.
          B) Huge Size doesn't increase your Speed. The idea that a human's Species Factor is equal to her size seems to come from some early GMC material, but afaik in all the actual 2e books (including Demon and the Chronicles of Darkness core) it's back to just being a flat 5.
          C) That's a purely cosmetic effect, so it's up to you. I'd say yes just because it sounds cool and thematic, but a demon can have (or not have) weird, long, spindly wings with or without Long Limbs.

          D) No, that would be incredibly broken. Though I agree with Story Letter that it should let the demon spread the effect out more.


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            Sorry for the late response thank you all !