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  • 01000111 01101111 01100100 Plot Hooks

    Demon: the Descent has been out for long enough now, so I figured people would have some nifty ideas for plots and stories including Demons and their interaction with the God-Machine.

    So, let's hear 'em

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    Fortune tellers as Infrastructure.


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      Half Demon spawn, who has taken to Demon hunting after his father went loud; burning his cover and abandoning his family.


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        A mysterious Demon is causing a lot of headaches for the local agencies, a phantom capable of using human bodies like suits. Nobody knows his cover, or any way to find him. With teleportation, phasing, posession, ephemeral cover, alibi, living shadow, living recorder, and several burn covers.. the Body Thief could be almost anyone, anywhere. He is a tough angel to track.. To make matters worse, local hunter groups have taken notice of the string of demonic posessions, and have come far too close to discovering the agency and risking compromise.


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          Someone is buying demon's souls.

          Faeires infect your Cover story. If you're not careful they might spread to the others.

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            People are showing up with no history or origin. The longer they interact with people the more they seem to fit in, developing histories, attachments, and backgrounds. Are they demons patching a cover or something else?

            The Agency known as the Shop wants you to do a job for them in exchange for a burner cover. You need to watch the drug supply to a city and subvert those who try to keep the drugs out of the region. Why do they want to lower property values?

            A house nearby is said to be haunted. Normally you'd pass on this but a demon in your Agenda says that there isn't anything ephemeral there. Instead the laws of reality appear to breaking down. They wanted to investigate it as a possible way into hell. You haven't heard from them in a week. Now Hub Construction, a God-Machine cult front, is planning on leveling the structure. What doesn't the God-Machine want to get out?


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              It's just a rumor, nothing more. There are no proofs it's true, but still the story is told from one demon to another. According to the story, sometimes a demons meets a gullible person just when they need to get a new Cover. The person will be in a great need, and will tell the demon that "he'll do anything in order to find help". Then he and the demon would make a Soul pact, and once the time will come the demon will take the person's soul as a Cover. Here is when things start to turn weird. According to the rumor, instead that the demon would take over the person's identity, the person would take over the Demon, and by doing so he would get access to all of the demon's other Covers- but he'll stay as a regular human being. Some claim that it is a phenomena that happens from time to time because the demon isn't integrated into reality well enough, and so reality "prefers" the victim upon the owner. Another theory says that it is a being (or a race of beings) made by the God Machine as an "anti virus" against demons. Most, however, claim it is just a rumor.. at least, until suddenly, someone in their agency becomes human.

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                A Demon, a Trumpet, comes to the city. He's powerful, more powerful than any Demon the Agencies of the city have ever known. He doesn't claim to belong to an Agenda. He just gives a name: Lucifer. (The title of this thread is the best.)
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                  The circus comes to town! They're clearly human, but the acrobats, clowns and other performers are clearly relying on embeds to pull off their spiel. There's clearly infrastructure at work here, but no one can get a lock on exactly what it is...


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                    This is more of a combat one:
                    A peace treaty is about to be signed and cause a problem in the God Machine plans so destroyers have been sent to solve this problem and at least one of the aids is also an angel trying to halt the treaty politically.
                    Alternative idea:
                    A technological company is experimenting with angel technology to create advance cybernetics, but to what end.


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                      Originally posted by Yossarian View Post
                      (The title of this thread is the best.)
                      You should translate the binary into latin letters then.


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                        A local Integrator swears he's getting close to his goal of rejoining the God-Machine. It would be easy to write him off as just another nut, but Angels track his every move and impede every action he undertakes. Whatever he's trying to do, the Machine really doesn't want it to happen. What does God fear?

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                          It's taken a bit of of elbow grease to to replace the broken gears in this /01010100 01101000 01110010 01100101 01100001 01100100/

                          You must be warned. After a ring of Soldiers retired what was thought to be a C&C target, Embeds have been malfunctioning, operating as Exploits if at all.
                          It seems they damaged a key component of the Occult Matrix that enables those backdoors. Agents have been dispatched to rebuild.
                          Do not prevent this unless you want to lose one of our tools against the Enemy.

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                            -The police department's gone nuts with surveillance lately; cameras in bad neighborhoods and popular areas, and a push for drones in the air seems likely to go through next month. Is this just the steady evolution of security in the modern age, or is the Machine pushing mortals to do its job for it?

                            -Demons keep ending up the subjects of viral videos, the victims of juvenile pranks and those caught by surprise in flashmobs. While these 15 minutes of fame are harmless for mortals, they are absolute Hell (not the good kind) for the Unchained. How does this keep happening?
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                              19. Family Emergency: Your son has just discovered he has the City Walking Merit (GMC pg. 109) All well and dandy, except that he just just rolled a Dramatic Failure on his way back home. Your son is now wandering the back streets of Carcosa, he's picked up the Urged condition, a Rank 4 nightmare spirits is on the loose in your city, and you only have two days left of PTO at your job.

                              20. Exfiltration: a mission VIP (Mark Wilson GMC 121 or Sarah Andrews GMC 124 will do nicely) has just been trapped in a spooky old mansion (Abandoned school building, Train station, etc) by an angel. To make matters worse, the angel has enacted some sort of Numina to prevent you from entering the building, but you have a work around, the Numina does not prevent you from using the Demon House Exploit, which you will use to guide the VIP away from the Agent until you can get him or her out of the building.

                              21. Shareholders Meeting: Your Agency's deep cover specialist has missed three scheduled contacts. Given the sensitive nature of the target, missing one or two drops was completely to be expected. Missing three, however, is cause for concern and investigation. The target? The Deva Corporation, and the Q3 Shareholder's meeting is coming up...

                              22. Deprogramming: Vast stores of military surplus are being distributed to police departments throughout the country, and SWAT programs are being instituted at an accelerated rate. The Ring discovers that a training course is actually an Infrastructure for converting attending officers to God Machine sleeper agents. A mere plan to ensure that there is a team of heavily sleeper agents in every major city with an Unchained presence or is something more sinister at work? The stake get higher as the ring finds evidence that Advanced Weapons from Task Force Valkyrie are being distributed to the SWAT departments.

                              23. An Item of Mutual Interest: An Exile approaches your Agency with a brown mailing envelope. "Your opposite number has an issue that It cannot resolve. I can assure you that this issue will rapidly come to involve your interests within the next 72 hours. I have been authorized to give you heavy incentives for your cooperation. I will need your decision within the next four hours." The envelope contains details of a local Werewolf pack's plans to attack and destroy an Infrastructure that is imprisoning an idigam.
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