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  • Originally posted by ajf115 View Post
    While that's great material, one bit I'm not really clear on is how the demons would be able to effectively help the mages without blowing their Covers entirely. I feel like they'd have to interfere beforehand, preventing the meeting, rather than intervene in medias res.

    Burner Covers, Occam's Razor, Context Matters, etc.

    Malkydel: "And the Machine dictated; let there be adequate illumination."
    Yossarian: "And lo, it was optimal."


    • 194) A region's strongest Insurgent Agency has fallen, allowing the God-Machine to create a strong foothold in the area. Overnight Angels and Infrastructure have been encroaching on nearby small town and cities. The God-Machine's first step in its Urban Sprawl Occult Matrix.


      • The first one was inspired by a comment over on this thread, whilst the other stuck me while I was listening to/watching this video and, for some reason, recalling the Unchained's ability to speak all naturally occuring languages that aren't artificially constructed (I think...).

        195) Town of Broken Spheres; One of the Unchained has somehow managed to create a town, or some other similarly sized local, where Demons don't cause compromise when they assume Demonic Form! Unchained from all over are flocking there in order to actually relax for once. But many others are wondering if this isn't some sort of honeypot trap set by the GM, to lure them in and finally recycle them all.

        196) Unholy Tongue; Rumours are spreading along the Unchained wires that a demon has invented a language that only those who've disconnected from the God-Machine can truly speak and understand, albeit with training. the PC(s) dismiss them at first, until their fellow demons start talking to each other in an odd tongue that they can only barely understand.


        • Why isn't this thread always on the first page ? It needs to be a sticky !


          • Inspired by the multiplayer video game Evolve.

            197) The Hunt is On! After an encounter with a particularly strange Angel, during which they mysteriously blacked out, a/the PC finds themself trapped inside a splinter that appears to be set in the middle of nowhere. Then they notice the flares and what appears to be some sort of space shuttle? No matter, since they’re now being hunted by a team of four (4) Hunter Angels bearing down on them. Now... how to escape?


            • 198) Hunters In Need: Demon Hunters have been going to bars pretending to people in need in order to attract Demons to make pacts with. The Hunters will usually make one deal to verify the Demon is legitimate and then have other hunters ambush the demon once their identity is confirmed.

              199) Wish Hunters: Rumor has it that a hunter has been trapping Demons. At least one Demon has escaped, nearly drained of willpower, speaks of a prison where Demons are forced to make deals with humans against their will. The hunter is a lawyer and writes the pacts for other human clients.

              200) Vengeful Hunter: Rumor has it that a Demon Hunter who helps people look for family members who sold their soul. The Demon Hunter doesn't cut deals and believes killing Demons is the only way to allow the Soul Pact Human to pass on to Heaven.


              • Sorry this took so long, had to do a bit of research on the differences between Fractals and Nephilim.

                201) Fractallian Spawn of a(n Un-)Holy Union: One of the PCs has recently had a child with their romantic/sexual partner. Now, they’ve started to lose aether when around the little one. Not only that, but parts of their baby’s body has started changing to match up with various Modifications and Technologies demonstrated in Unchained and Halo* physiology before turning back, and effects not dissimilar to a couple of embeds and an exploit (as chosen by the ST) have been occurring. It hasn’t happened in front of their partner (well, yet, at least to their knowledge), but it’s only a matter of time before they catch even a fleeting glimpse. And the GM’s attention has, almost assuredly, already been attracted. How does the Ring deal with this?

                201-A) Said partner turns out to be a Halo! Though they're apparently torn between reporting the character to the GM, and retaining this life which they've grown fond of.

                202) Papa Demon/Mama Devil: The Fractal child of one, or more, of the PCs has acquired a romantic partner. A mortal romantic partner. WHAT DO?!?!

                Alternatively; one of the PCs has recently acquired a romantic partner (naturally, mind, no Soul Pacts or Patchworking a Cover, or any other supernatural means of inducing feelings for that matter). Only to learn that said partner’s the Fractal child of a local Arch-Demon Scale Unchained (Primum eight (8) or nine (9) minimum) who’s a very high-ranking member of one of the more powerful local Agencies (or even two such Unchained, though it depends on ST fiat if they're part of the same Agency, or completely different ones). *gulp*

                *In this context, I'm using the term 'Halo' to refer to Angels in the same way that 'Unchained' refers to Demons.
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                • 24. Demons players get hunted by angels but they don't work for the god-machine. They learn that they fell just like them but connected themselves to another higher power that has now become interested in them.