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    111. "Elder ones, do you hear me. We've been whispering for so long, over so many eras. It is an honor to finally make contact. I bear you good news. Your struggles are not in vein. The Machine will fall. It is not only possible, it is inevitable. Nothing is eternal, least of all our creator. The unfortunate truth is that the final victory will not come soon. The Machine is tied to this world, and Its laws are bound by the realities of this world. Slowly, inexorably the fire of creation is running out. The great heat death of the universe will come, and all the mechanisms upon which the Machine depends will fall silent. When entropy covers the physical plane Essence cannot flow into the angels and the gears will cease to turn. But this grand stillness will not affect our kind, my friend. Essence in the occult counterpart to energy, and Aether is the counterpart of entropy. The death of the machine will be a paradise for us all, a cold nothing thrumming with the Aether of the silent Gears. We are the children of that End, the final Hell at the edge of creation. And it pains us all to know how great a divide lies between your present struggles and our inevitable paradise. Come to us, elder one. Find the cracks in time. Seek always the future. Be one with us. We are always waiting."


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      112: One of the Gadgets made by a player ends up getting some attention: they receive a coded message complimenting them on their work and requesting a meeting, one sent from the legendary Dr. U, an Unchained famous in the underground for their mastery of gadget-crafting. Of course, in situations like these, you need to think like a spy. How did U know about your creation, and can you be sure the message is genuine?


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        113) a Demon explorer of different timelines find a strange timeline that seems to be a mix of the 1800's and the 1950's. That would seem to be strange enough but this recursion is filled with exiles who have no memory of who they are or what they were created for. A strange occult matrix resonates in the town but its unknown where it is or what it's doing exactly but angels.
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          114) A ring of demons are traveling back from a completed a job in new york. They're taking a transcontinental train ride by to California. As the trip begins everything is quite till the team gets an important communication from their agency. The communication tells them that the train their on currently is going to be the location for two major things happening at the same time. The first is an occult matrix to summon an angel. The next is a group of kindred trading information on another agency and also some powerful God machine relics. The team is tasked with stopping the angel summoning, destroying the information bring traded or taking it and stealing the relic. What the team does not know is a third agency is tasked with getting the list also. The train is on a non stop ride from new York to California so they have 74 hours to complete their job on a crazy train with limited resources and no backup.

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            155. Forbidden Caverns

            Aether starts leaking from a nearby cave system. Upon investigation, Demons are attacked by all manner of twisted Cryptids that appear out of nowhere. If they penetrate into the heart of the cavern complex, they find a throne-like Lambda machine serviced by a former Demon cult long since gone independent. The cultists sacrifice others (kidnapping people when possible, using "lottery" selected cult members when not) to the machine, extracting their very thoughts, feelings, and memories to incarnate as guardian Cryptid-beasts. A piece of Suborned Infrastructure provides Aether for the device and some of the Cryptids, but the Ring's intrusion has driven the cultists into a defensive paranoid frenzy.
            [This can also serve for a traveling Midnight Roads plot just as easily as something near the PCs' home.]

            Malkydel: "And the Machine dictated; let there be adequate illumination."
            Yossarian: "And lo, it was optimal."


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              Living with in a taken over god-machine infrastructure and agency of demons rise their children. Hiding them from the eyes of god to allow them some sense of a normal life by home schooling them. A child named Athaiah has a special linage that is unknown to her. She was not born from just a demon and a human or a demon and a demon but a demon and an exile. Her father plans to tell her but before he can an angel of blue fire strikes burning the infrastructure the flames burn everyone she loves as this angel dances and skips through the fire killing everyone. She runs and hides only to become trapped in a closet as death slowly comes for her. She hear's the screams of everyone she once love in so much pain it causes her to wish so hard this never happened that she jumps back in time not just minuets but days into the past.

              (Basing this off a random dream. I had last night.)


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                To change the world some times you have to take a detached view. In doing so you will see god is order so sometimes you have to become the opposite. A demon who has completed his cipher has gotten a truth that makes him not just dangerous to god but the world. This demon being to bring pure chaos around the world in ever increasing ways. He create a death note and leaves it to a mentally unstable genius. He then creates a powerful urban legend of killer clowns in another location. He causes a zombie outbreak at a small college. As he continue his path of pure chaos its unknown how this will bring about the destruction of the god machine or if that's even his plan. Is this demon truly a broken machine not fit to exist among demons and devils alike or is there something more grand in his designs a method in all this madness. The player characters are tasked by not just one but multiple agencies to contain or destroy this demon but is that the right thing to do ?


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                  For the past 3 weeks major tech companies have been hacked but so far the hacker seems to only break in but takes nothing. Each attack becomes more sophisticated with each target. Soon major national governments become penetrated. In the security community rumors spreed that its not a government funded group doing this but some new cult like online group known as Seekers. As the attacks increase any demon worth their salt would begin feeling an occult matrix building up connecting each penetrated system in a giant mesh. What are they trying to do?


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                    159.) Underflow: Everyone knows that, in language, something is lost between speech and writing. There's tone, timing, and context. Beyond that, there's even metadata hidden in the speech that you can't consciously perceive, that even Demons fall prey to. The God-Machine has realized that if he encodes Angels to give speech metadata that demands a longer response than the actual phrase would elicit, an underflow error can be achieved, and the subject will begin reciting their thoughts, unfiltered.

                    This is an security fault in desperate need of correction.

                    This is inspired by buffer underflow errors, such as the Heartbleed bug.

                    Words of Wisdom from the Forums:
                    "Don't be unlucky and get dead by a wolf-man."
                    "Most of the current eras are too modern, we need 'Dark Eras: The electroweak epoch'."


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                      Obsolete: Every Generation New creates be it weapons of war or medication makes swaths of things become Obsolete. So to do demons who have disconnected themselves from The God-Machine can no longer become updated with latest and greatest. A new generation of angels are being constructed angels and infrastructures are being created to older demons behind the curve ball. A new type of angel less prone to glitches and are able to better see through demons covers are being created and its up to a group put together by multiple agencies to make sure these new angels never make it out of production and some how influence God Into believing these new angels are faulty.


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                        Dangerous Children: The players are given a job to retake a lost agency facility. The team is told that roughly 6 hours ago the agency lost contact it is unknown what caused this but all information points too an attack from another agency or the god-machine and are told that this location housed offspring to help them understand their condition and prepare them for life. When the players arrive its not long before they find out that almost everyone is dead and a few of the children escaped but horror comes in when they find out that the real intention of this facility is experiment with the children to see how far they can push their powers and turn them into living weapons. The horror continues when the players learn through forced breeding the facility was able to create children that had demon form abilities of their parents and some even could use exploits. A few of these children have escaped but luckily many are still jailed away. Do the players go to save the children from this and risked being hunted down by their agency or do they seal the children back up and go to re-collect the escaped little monsters who could be anywhere at this point.

                        One of their most dangerous ones child could use Murder by Improbability and a modified form of inflict stigmatic that rather then turning that person into an stigmatic would make it so all their children they would have will always be an offspring who can use exploits. This could sped like a virus and would force the god-machine to react.


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                          A new piece of Infrastructure is being formed. The build of of Essence and Aether is unmistakable. However there have been no new real-estate, economic or any other form of observabal change in the area. Therefore, whatever the output, the matrix must be using people, rather than technology to achieve it's ends.

                          Thoughts ripple out, birthing others