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  • Tales of Arkham City - My Demon campaign

    Vera, Caitlin, you know who you are. Don't read this.

    I'm getting ready to start my first Demon campaign. I'm excited, but also a little nervous I guess about getting it "right". So I thought I would come here to spitball my ideas.

    My setting takes place in the roaring 20s in my own fictional city of Arkham City, Maine. The city is roughly a third the size of NYC, but it's a dirty town. I've described it as the air quality of Hong Kong, meets Cleveland when it set its river on fire, meets the general filth of Detroit. Its industry is booming, and for businessmen and workers it could almost be considered a golden age. But beneath the soot and factories the spine of the God Machine winds through the city like a serpent.

    Much of the city is under the God Machine's influence. There is the Italian mafia that has most of the politicians, judges, and cops in its back pocket. Though they think they are the top of the food chain in the city, they aren't even its middle management. Behind the Italians the Lacena Sanctum are pulling the strings. But the Lacena Sanctum are only at the top of the Danse Macabre due support from the Angels.

    On the other side of things we have the Irish mafia. Though they don't have the level of political clout as the Italians, they make up for this in sheer brutality. Many of the Demons in the city operate within the Irish as a cover and to wield them against the God Machine.

    Then there are the plucky flappers of the Carthian Movement. Though they don't have the same level closeness as the Lacena Sanctum does with the Italians, they do maintain a cautious working relationship with the Demons.

    Now for this campaign I decided that I wanted McGuffins for the players to chase, a'la The Maltese Falcon. So a set of chess pieces that are part of an occult matrix are spread through the city. Each one granting their bearer a small amount of power. This starts a mad grab from all factions of the city to gather the whole set. The Demons trying to get them to prevent the God Machine from bringing whatever Infrastructure they are part of into fruition, and everyone else for the power it would give them to bear against their foes.

    But the true power of the McGuffin doesn't come from owning them, but from seeking them. The players won't find out for a long time, but the occult matrix is formed by the fight over the pieces. When the streets are turned into a warzone, that is where the output is derived.

    When the full set is finally assembled, it will be discovered that the white king is missing. Then the outcome of the Infrastructure comes into play, an angel comes into being by the name of Michael King. He will be a charismatic politician who will run for mayor of Arkham. His election is the next step of the God Machine's plan. As Mayor King he promises that he will do away with the "undesirables" of Arkham, but this is in a literal sense. The penultimate goal is to delete, format, and remake Arkham. The city, it's people, and history, will be replaced with a better version. Many people will be able to pass over, but the undesirables will simply cease to be. The city drowning in filth and violence will be replaced by a shining metropolis.

    More information to follow. Have housework to do.

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    Your setting sounds so freakin cool! I eagerly await hearing more about it


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      A quick piece of infrastructure that I'm pretty proud of.

      Police Precinct 4
      Type: Defense
      Function: The industrial district of Greenburgh is the central hub of the God Machine in Arkham City. The numerous projects, both small and large, all need to be protected. That's where the officers of Precinct 4 come in. The Greenburgh infrastructure is protected day and night by police officers who never sleep, never eat, and never take a day off work, and are unshakably relentless in their defense of the God Machine. Before their re-purposing, they were criminals and thugs who died violent deaths. The bodies of these criminals are then delivered to the station, where they are animated, put into uniform and put out on the street.

      As they are not properly alive, they are also aggravatingly hard to kill (possessing the unbreakable power from the Horrors section) They are also quite resilient to any supernatural attempts to mentally dissuade them from their duty.

      Security: The officers themselves serve as the primary defense of this Infrastructure, the station being their hive after all. There is also the matter of the police Chief, a Rank 3 angel.

      Linchpin: Despite being a few decade before ordinary stations started using radios for dispatch, the God Machine has access to technology beyond whatever humans possess at any given time. In a small dark room a dispatcher directs the officers with a small radio that broadcasts directly into their minds. If one were to destroy the transmitter, the officers would be unable to take in new orders, and would end up wandering around directionless and without purpose.

      In addition, the unbreakable power of the officers themselves can be bypassed if they are shot with a bullet made out of the melted down badge of an honest cop who died in the line of duty.


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        Interesting piece of Infrastructure. Where would the waste Aether gather?