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  • Atomic Blonde

    Anybody else see this? Watched it yesterday and it immediately made me want to read the Berlin Dark Era chapter. The movie leans more toward style than substance but that only makes it a really cool depiction of espionage in Berlin.

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    I thought it was fun.

    On the substance side though, the movie does do a really good job of showing how despite there being two sides to the Cold War, there were a lot of factions and even allies weren't to be trusted (sometimes justifiably, sometimes not). The movie also exaggerates lots of fairly mundane spycraft things to stylistic excess, which could be some interesting inspirations for making use of some powers without losing the grounding in the plot.


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      I quite enjoyed the movie as well actually - I just didn't want to oversell it. But yeah, the mess of factions and double-crosses is spot on.


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        Atomic Blond Was Amazing. Hmmm I need to write her up as a demon