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Turning a Car into a gadget: worth it?

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  • Turning a Car into a gadget: worth it?

    So, some of you may remember a while back I posted on how to turn a car into a cryptid, and how much control a player should have in designing it. This scenario has not come up in the game I am in, but another user suggested that I simply make the car itself into a gadget. Though that didn't fit quite what I had in mind, it (and the Love Bug movies again) did give me something to think about later on.

    For a start, if one is to make a car into a gadget, what kind of effect would you want it to have? Either Tune Up or Efficiency struck me as being nice for giving great bursts of speed, but something like Lost In The Crowd or Quick Change would be useful too for making it not stand out. Further, would it be better to make the entire car a gadget, or just give it trinkets that would grant that effect? And as awesome as it may be, would the benefits of making an exploited car not outweigh the scifi/nightmarish appearance it would take on (plus the aetheric resonance it gives off)?

    Effects aside, one reason I'm thinking of making the entire car a gadget is for one big reason: Precision Engineering. Granted, such a thing would require a) the Demon in question has a full aether pool, b) a large dice pool, and c) a workshop in order to not take an entire week to get one finished (though Efficiency and Good Time Management help), but to give the car 8-again on equipment rolls is massive, especially when trying to escape a situation while inside it.

    Apologies if this is kind of disjointed, just trying to organize my thoughts on the matter. Not sure it worked.