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How to make a Compromise Roll - DtD and DTG

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  • How to make a Compromise Roll - DtD and DTG

    In DtD, starting on p. 114, it states that you make a Wits+Manip roll with a modifier based on your Cover rating. It also states that modifications to the roll +/- shouldn't be more than 5 dice. It later gives the roll results (Dramatic Failure, Failure, Success, Exceptional Success, etc.).

    In the DTG, it gives a DIFFICULTY based on Cover rating. If I read it right, a starting player with say, 5 Wits and 4 Manipulation with a +1 (Cover modifier for 7 Cover in DtD), would have 10 dice. And they would need to get 6 success off of 10 dice (based on what is in the DTG on p. 10).

    That seems pretty hard to do. Am I missing something here? I can only assume I'm reading it wrong. Thoughts?

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    I don't own the book so I can't say for sure, but wouldn't the Compromise Roll rule be the translated version? So that the reason DTG specifies difficulty is because DtF uses varying difficulty on the dice. I can't see no reason to reprint the original rules.
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      Difficulty in the CWoD context refers to what is considered a "hit" on a single die (e.g., difficulty 6 means a success is a 1d10 roll result of 6 and higher), not a threshold for number of successes. CofD always assumes 8 and higher are hits, unlike CWoD where it's variable.
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