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    As we all know, demons don't use the souls of those which agree to their pacts- they simply exist as some sort of "anchor" for the pact. Once the demon demands their due, they throw the soul to the God-Machine knows where and take its place for their own, using the stolen life as a Cover. However, while they don't use the soul- they do need it. Without a soul, the pact is not valid, and it can't work.

    Most of the time, that's not a problem- most people do have souls, be them mundane or supernatural. Even creatures like vampires and mages usually have available souls, and while they can't access their supernatural abilities they can use them as a Cover in time of need. However, there are cases in which the target either don't have a soul, don't have a human soul or even not having ownership over their own soul. While those are rare, it does make you thinking about what kind of creatures would show up in the list of "invalid targets" for a Soul Pact- and that's what this thread is all about!

    Here bellow are all creatures which I think that should be immune to soul pacts (feel free to correct me or add others to that list):

    -Soulless Mortals (like, duh?)

    -Ephemeral Beings (ghosts are soulless, while the others aren't human)

    -Strix (again, like ephemerals)

    -Claimed? (their soul was mixed with the essence of the claiming spirit, so it should make them immune)

    -Tremere? (the hollow is not truly a soul, and as such should grant immunity. I'm a fan of the idea that a pact with the Tremere seems to work at first glance- only for the demon to discover they are consumed from the inside by the Reaper)

    -Hollow Ones (their soul is consumed by a Lowerdepthian monster)

    -Archmaster Subsouls (they belong to the Archmaster, and you can't steal souls that big)

    -Promethean? (does the Divine Fire considered to be a soul in terms of soul pact?)

    -Pandoran (nothing human in here)

    -Changeling? (there was something about them being immune to soul theft, I think)

    -Fetch? (being made from whisks of shadows and bad dreams doesn't sound "soully" to me)

    -Hobgoblin (not human)

    -Sin Eaters (officially soulless)

    -Abmortal? (escaping death does have its benefits, I guess?)

    -Arisen (their souls aren't their own, but the Judges- and after Apotheosis, nothing can take their souls again)

    -Shuankshen (the Devourer don't let go of her own)

    -Deceived (again, when godly powers claim your soul, you can't offer it in the free market)

    -Beast? (the Horror devoured the soul, if it didn't simply always was. However, there is a mention of a Reaper stealing Horrors as souls in the form of the Flyer- so maybe?)

    -Feral (the Changing Breeds have Nagual instead of a human soul. If they are immune to Nightmares and Kinship, they are immune to pacts, I believe)

    -Purified (their mind and soul are fused together to a spirit like entity, which should grant them immunity)

    -Visitor? (you have a spirit in your brain. It should mean something)

    -Reborn? (their souls reincarnate, so that may mean they can't be bound again)

    -Wardens? (their souls are bound the the earth they protect. it may protect them)

    -Possessed (I don't think you can sell your soul to one demon when another claimed it for so long ago)

    so- anything I've missed? My demonic lore is not perfect, so I may have made some mistakes.

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    On fetches, it largely depends on how much the shadow acts like a soul. I'd personally argue the metaphor works well enough for a Demon to get away with it, but I would also default some permanent Glitches on the cover.

    Beasts, Arisen, Deceived, and Shuankhsen by the default of their rules can't lose their souls to demons. (Beasts because the demonic interface just doesn't connect to Beasts, as described in their core, and all of the Mummy ones because you have to totes fight gods and bigger, badder fallen angels than you could ever be, as described in their books) One wonders if the Judges of Shan'iatu would really object to characters taking tiny bits of it, though, considering that memory is an obstacle to both of them and a demon can take those. Wager not, but one wonders.

    While I wouldn't call a Tremere's anti-soul off limits, I am damnedably curious what would actually happen there.

    Since the Unchained interface with human aspects, it goes without saying that anything not human isn't up for grabs. The only reason I'd argue a fetch is up for grabs is because of that metaphorical nature of the shadow in terms of filling in that space. Beyond that though, there's a reason why if you do take the soul of a supernatural, you only manifest their human bits.

    (Unless you're some lunatic who deep-hacks that sort of shit, but you'd have to be crazy and probably make a Lambda or some shit like that, and who knows what that would do to you.)

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      On another hand, "Has unforeseen side-effects" is better than "Nope, not happening" when it comes to supernatural mayhem, don't you think?

      Loving the idea of a Tremere soul consuming the demon instead of being consumed. Likewise, a fetch's faux-soul giving permanent Glitches, and perhaps associations with some of the most dangerous beings in the world sounds wonderful.

      Hmm... maybe trying to take a Promethean's Azothic proto-soul results in a Firestorm. Relatively boring, but makes sense to me.

      Oh, and on the Hollow Ones. I thought its their self-identity that's been consumed, not necessarily their soul? So they should be fine. Then again, the demon might then risk Compromises for not reshaping their identities at the whims of the Hollow One's Seer masters. Sounds fun enough.

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        Isn't ephemeral cover explicitly a thing?


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          Originally posted by Elfive View Post
          Isn't ephemeral cover explicitly a thing?
          I think you need to hack in order to get it, but I'm not sure

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            Originally posted by Elfive View Post
            Isn't ephemeral cover explicitly a thing?
            It's the product of an Exploit that works by shredding off bits of ephemera and hanging it over your demonic form, which isn't really germane to the pactwork-based means of gaining Covers.

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