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Question about Terrible Form Merit

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  • Question about Terrible Form Merit

    Can a player purchase the Merit multiple times, acquiring different "parts"/Form Abilities separately each time (for example, buying Terrible Form 1 twice for two extra Body Modifications and then buying Terrible Form 2 for an extra Technology) or can you only purchase the Merit once, gaining only one extra "part" per level?

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    I would say no. There are some merits that can be bought multiple times but most of those mention that they can be bought more than once like contacts or alternative identity or language. Since terrible form lacks that clause and is quite powerful already I definitely think you could only purchase it once. It'd be like asking if you can by a fighting style twice to me.


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      No, game would devolve into "Let's get all the form powers".


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        Definitely only the once. It's already a very good deal for the price paid.


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          Can Demons acquire more Form Abilities somehow?

          I'm making (for fun, not as part of any Chronicle) a Psychopomp who used to be kind of a construction-and-maintenance type angel, taking care of a particular stretch of Infrastructure.
          I envisioned him as looking kind of like the Sentinels from the Matrix.

          My Demonic Form is currently: Clairvoyant Sight, Electrical Resistance, Electrical Sight, Extra Mechanical Limbs, Huge Size, Rivet Arm, Tether.

          But I figure I also need Spurs (for climbing and spidering around), Night Vision (to navigate the dark recesses of the God-Machine's realm) and Electric Jolt.

          Also, Inhuman Strength (for construction and handling large parts) and Long Limbs (for long, spindly, cyber-spider limbs) could be appropriate though I suppose I can "explain" the character not having those.

          Just feels like I don't have enough "parts" to represent the Demonic Form I had in mind.


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            Well, they could swap out Form Gadgets, if the need is temporary.

            If you don't mind Homebrew and them needing to be high Primum, there is Evolved Form (in the Homebrew Demon Merits thread) that lets them make Lambdas out of/with their Form Abilities.

            Oh, or you could portray the "lost" abilities as one of the things they miss about their Pre-Fall existence.

            Malkydel: "And the Machine dictated; let there be adequate illumination."
            Yossarian: "And lo, it was optimal."


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              Demons also naturally gain more form abilities as their Primum increases, but that's more of a long-term consideration.

              But a good principle to keep in mind in situations like this is to separate form and function. Your demonic form can have as many arms as you like without Extra Mechanical Limbs, provided they give no mechanical benefit. Maybe your guy used to be able to effortlessly do twenty things at once, but that circuitry burned out in the Fall and now he still has twenty arms but loses track whenever he tries to use more than two. By the same token his limbs could be as long as spindly as you like, but lack the speed and dexterity that the actual Long Limbs ability provides.


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                FoH High tolerance merit + reverse engineering a form gadget could get a you a step or so closer to your idea.