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Aetheric Masking Cryptoflora

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  • Aetheric Masking Cryptoflora

    There is a throw away line in DtD on page 54 that goes, "a species of oak whose wood masks aetheric resonance" while talking about plant cryptids or cryptoflora. However it does not expand into how to treat that effect so after some thought I've come up with two possible approachs.

    A) The wood just prevents aetheric resonance from passing through it like a lead sheet. This is simple but lacks much depth I feel.

    B) Using occluded for inspiration this effect could penalize the effective primum rating for aetheric resonance from -1 to -5. I'd say -1 per inch of thickness probably. This affects the range at which something can be detected.
    To then build on this I'd say 1- effective primum rating of 0 means it cannot be detected at all and 2- treat cryptid rank as effective primum for aetheric resonance.

    How would you run this concept or do you see another method you'd use?

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    Degree of blocking makes sense. I'm reminded of Shadowrun, where I think there was magic sensitive (detecting) and magic eating (absorbing) bateria that were developed.

    An enterprising Unchained could go that route. Bacteria colonies are easier to breed and shape. On the other hand, that's a Demon specific illness/Condition waiting to happen...

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      Oh that is for sure one way you can go (and one way it can go wrong) I just thought if we hammer out the base example adaptation we could go from there.

      For your eating aether bacteria I think aether eater fits but ya, I can only imagine if that infected am unchained.