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Are Rank 6+ Cryptids made from Ephemera?

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  • Are Rank 6+ Cryptids made from Ephemera?

    "Cryptids with Rank 6 are exceedingly rare, one-of-akind
    monsters that only occur when a resident of a different
    supernatural world, like the Hedge or the Shadow, encounters
    the God-Machine. These beings are so alien that they cannot
    survive long in this world, living swift and violent lives before
    fleeing to realms that better suit them."

    In the case of the Hedge I assume this means some sort of animal like Hedge denizen, but I don't know of any actual animals coming from the Shadow. Should I take this to mean that rank 6+ cryptids are or can be made from ephemera, or is there another interpretation?

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    Seems legit. Although I wonder if this could mean that a comparatively weak spirit could end up noticeably more powerful as a Cryptid. Rank 1 spirit turning into Rank 6 Cryptid, anyone? (Yeah, I know ephemeral Rank and Cryptid Rank aren't the same, but still!)

    Alternatively, Mage 1E had mentions of its own Cryptids. They were some weird half-spirit, half-flesh creatures skittering around Shadow Verges. Sorta like Pangaeans from Dark Eras, only much lesser. Maybe they could be the 'animals' of the Shadow?

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      I'd say the reason there are no Rank 6+ Cryptids in the " normal" world is that they would make big waves and the God-Machine would crack down on them hard. For them to survive, they would have to go to a realm the G-M has less oversight on.

      But since material beings can still exist in the Ephemeral Realms, I don't see why 6+ Cryptids have to be Ephemeral.

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        I suspect such rare and weird things are hard to categorise or quantify

        A cryptid-spirit and cryptid-goblin are really quite different; I'd go ephemeral for the former, material for the latter. Cryptid-ghosts pretty much already exist and use the ghost rules (with some angelic numina and demonic abilities) and I'd do much the same for spirits (so probably a lower rank than 6 average). Hedge-cryptids... use the normal cryptid rules but maybe throw some weird fae powers in there.
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          Personally, I would say that, barring plot related intervention by the Storyteller, the state of a cryptid would depend on their natural state. An ephemeral being would remain ephemeral, and a material being would remain material. I agree with Eremite that a hobgoblin would be material, and have been working on and off on a Rank 6 cryptid that uses a hobgoblin as a base creature. She is definitely physical, living her life as best she can and pretending to be an ordinary mortal.
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