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Angels of the God-Machine can't heal others

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  • Angels of the God-Machine can't heal others

    I've combed through the books for Cod and DtD and can't find any healing powers for Angels.

    Am I missing something?

    I've read the DSG, Iface, DtD, FoH and Hth.

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    Influence (Strengthen) can Heal appropriate things.

    Also, it's intended that if necessary, you can just make up your own numina as long as it fits the entity. Considering that angels can resurrect the dead, it'd be perfectly fine for them to have the option of a Healing numina.

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      I allow regeneration to be used on others.


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        Give them a "Heal other" Numina, apply Incepts, and suddenly Angels are AMAZING healing machines.

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          Influence: Health, Medicine and even Good Sleep can all be used for healing. Also, consider that Embeds represent the various numina and influences a Demon had access to as an Angel, so it's not unreasonable to think that On The Mend was a healing power or has some equivalent. Exploits also represent the various God-Machine granted access abilities they had as Angels, and given we have Halo and Break To Heal it's not unreasonable that there are further powers that grant that too. Then there's the Wound Healing form power, which is yet again something Angels had access to from their Influences...

          Basically, Angels healing is very par for the course for them, and was actually part of the formation of the Knights of Saint Adrian. Their leader had an arm broken in such a way that after it healed that left her unable to fight with it; a Demon offered to heal it in exchange for an old friend, but an Angel who came around later merely asked for her to go after the Demon, empowered her to do so, and healed her arm for free.

          If you want an Angel to have particular powers but no Numen that you could reasonably use for that, tie it to an Influence.


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            Miraculous healing is very fitting if used as, or on, infrastructure.
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