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    I had a random idea come to me. What if you could re-skin demon as Animorphs? I think it would be fairly straightforward. If you wanted to play human you could play a fractal rescanned as a modified human or using the rules for creating a demon you could create an analog for an Andalite. You could probably even keep the mood. You could keep the cover mechanic except that instead of hiding from the God machine you are hiding from an alien conspiracy to take over the world. Gadgets could be re-flavored as alien technological devices. The only issues I have not thought of our how you would integrate/re-flavor exploits and embeds, Integrate a cipher, and what you would do with primum.

    The morphing could probably be done as can embed or an exploit. So I would not be sure what to do with the rest of the embeds/exploits.

    I believe I will take this up as a project to keep my mind busy when I’m not at work, if anyone has any advice or inspirations please feel free to comment.

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    I was always a fan of Animorphs. I'll be interested to see what you come up with.

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      Starting with the seemingly obvious;
      Using demonic form to create an Andalite
      -Blade Hand (tail blade)
      -Multiple Eyes ( eye stalks)
      -Inhuman Intelligence

      When it comes to tech... maybe two mental abilities like aura reading or mind reading...maybe your a cut above the normal rank and file thought speakers.

      Propulsion...either long limbs or plasma drive renamed...

      For process I was thinking Sun’s Bounty but instead of feeding on sunlight you are grazing?


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        A couple thoughts:

        --Embeds and exploits for the most part should be used to build gadgets and lambdas, to represent alien tech the players encounter, rather than being an inherent power of a character. The main exception would be the occasional Elemist-tier NPC.
        --Each morph is a temporary cover, but (at least for animal morphs) there should be a mechanic that represents losing yourself in the animal mindset. That could "reverse-compromise" rolls that make animal Cover work more like Harmony, or something like Vampire's frenzy mechanic where you act in an instinctive way, increasing your cover rating but potentially screwing up your plans.
        --Controllers would probably work like ephemeral angels using Possession, and they have to return to Infrastructure to top up on Essence/Kandrona Rays. Hosts can roll to resist the Controller if what the Controller is doing would be a breaking point for the host--maybe Resolve + Composure + a bonus based on the host's remaining integrity? Meanwhile the Controller has its own Cover rating to manage, if it's in a human host. Controllers with non-human Hosts (on Earth, at least) don't have to worry about Cover; mechanically, they're Going Loud at all times.
        --Stigmatics would represent humans who know the truth about the Yeerks, or at least some of the truth, but whether they're pawns of the Yeerks or potential allies of the Animorphs would still depend on the individual.

        Interestingly, Animorphs is not a two-sided conflict; both the heroes and the Yeerks are operating under cover, since the Yeerks are (for most of the series, anyway) not ready for an open invasion of Earth. Rather than an omniscient God-Machine, they're both hiding from human scrutiny, and instead of hunter angels they're afraid of being targeted by cops, the military, etc.
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          My only concern with making each animal morph a cover would be that it would severely limit the number of animals that they could acquire. I would be tempted to make animal morphing a embed or exploit but then make human morphs covers. Or maybe make their covers amalgamations of various human morphs like how Ax Created a human disguise by acquiring and mixing multiple humans


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            I believe the best way to go about creating and customizing alien races is to use the Demon creation rules. So here is my first draft of an Andalite.

            Andalite Player write up:
            -Form Powers
            -Modifications-Multiple Eyes (Stalk Eyes), Blade Hand (Tail), Inhuman Intelligence (Obvious) {May have to add Huge Size}
            -Technologies-Thought Speech (See Description Below), Frenzy (hard to find another one that fit, remember reading about them falling back on instinct to fight and duel)
            -Propulsions-Long Limbs
            -Processes-None of the processes seem appropriate so in exchange I thought about adding an extra propulsion which would be a re-named Plasma Drive.

            For Morality I would keep Cover. Just seems too perfect. What about Primum though? For that I considered using Honor. As for what is gained with Increased Honor I thought about making it rank among other Andalites. Honor would be awarded through in game achievement rather than experience costs.
            Rank 1- Aristh
            Rank 2
            Rank 3- Warrior
            Rank 4
            Rank 5- Prince
            Rank 6
            Rank 7- War Prince
            Rank 8
            Rank 9
            Rank 10- Great Leader
            My next task may me to come up with some kind of mechanical benefit for each Honor rank. A +2 here and a +2 there mayhaps...

            Now for essence. .My first thought was to maybe replace it with some kind of battery, an energy storage device to run/activate gadgets and lambdas. Still spitballing this idea That makes sense to me, but what about the energy required to morph? Never heard of anyone carrying a battery around so they could turn into a tiger.

            Morphing is an exhausting physical process. Add Stamina + Resolve, you have double that points to use on morphing per 24 hour period. If this pool is exhausted a willpower point can be spent to morph. I think it may cost a point to morph back, and maybe make a merit that waives the cost of morphing back to original form. Not sure about this yet.

            I have considered prioritizing morphs. By this I mean Only allowing each character to have a number of human aliases appropriate to their Honor (primum) rating, but allowing them to have as many animal morphs as they care to acquire. Acquiring costs a willpower. Unsure of how to treat morphing times.

            Thoughts anyone?


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              Honestly...I wonder if all this is overthinking it? I love the idea of the Animorphs in CofD, but I feel like trying to map it onto an existing splat is going to require a lot of gymnastics.

              Wouldn't "morph-capable" work better as a micro-template that gives an otherwise mortal character the ability to shape shift into creatures they've acquired? Stuff can cost willpower points; morphing, acquiring new morphs, etc. There could be special Supernatural Merits that affect the morphing process; one to make it faster, or give you more control over your instincts in animal form.

              I definitely think there's a lot of thematic and plot inspiration to be drawn from Demon that could be useful for an Animorphs Chronicle, but I think "starting from scratch" to build up the mechanics would probably be better than trying to match everything one-for-one for a whole splat.


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                Originally posted by White Oak Dragon View Post
                I was always a fan of Animorphs. I'll be interested to see what you come up with.

                Animorphs and Goosebumps were the books I grew up on!

                Unfortunately, their television shows were... uhhh, not that great?


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                  Originally posted by Nyrufa View Post

                  Animorphs and Goosebumps were the books I grew up on!

                  Unfortunately, their television shows were... uhhh, not that great?
                  Same here! Wasn't aware there was an Animorphs series?! I would have loved it as a child!
                  Guess wasn't translated to German.

                  Gotta agree with Gellydog though, I think a micro-template would do this far better, with borrowing a few things here and there - Kindred Beast-like urges to overcome animal instincts when acquiring a new morph and using it for the first time, for example.
                  Demon's theme would be rather fitting, though, I agree.


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                    Originally posted by Wormwood View Post

                    Same here! Wasn't aware there was an Animorphs series?! I would have loved it as a child!
                    Guess wasn't translated to German.

                    From what I remember, it did a pretty good job of staying true to the books. The acting, however, wasn't that great. Also, I believe this show came out in the age of VHS, so you'll have to forgive the atrocious recording equipment.

                    Season 1 Episode 1