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The God-Machine (and demons) and religious trapping

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    Just a reminder - this thread exists.

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      Originally posted by Vent0 View Post
      Just a reminder - this thread exists.
      Don't worry. I'll raid it later. I have the starting hook though. Going to try and knock off a bit of work, then I'll PM everyone who's in so that we can get the ball rolling without dragging this thread further off topic.

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        Hello it's an off topic question: there's a descent pbp somewhere?
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          My righteous fury kinda withered out after a week of flu, but the point still stands. Setting hacks aside, the material leaves all the needed space open for a character like yours to exist, especially in the specific setting the game is ran. But overall it's the general attitude that worries me most. Not fond of speaking ill of a person I don't know, but from what you told us those aren't the best premises for a game, especially one where the attitude and understanding of the gameline a Storyteller has happen to have both mechanical and narrative impact on your character.

          Would not say to stay clear of the game, but the God-Machine knows how many times I ignored the signals of a DM/Storyteller whose game I would not enjoy being a part of just because I wanted to play, only to regret it later.

          Poor Descent. Sometimes it looks as if it's either too much or or too little Abrahamic for some people, no ways in between. Sigh.

          Also, I'm available as a player in the future, if it's alright.

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