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  • Simikiel: The Adaptive Grudge

    "It should’ve been me. Damn it, it should have been me! I am the only one who is worthy!"

    There is always a demand for advanced weapon systems, an arm race that has no end save for the mutual obliteration of all parties involved. This is no different for the God-Machine, and Its principle weapon on hand, those angels currently formatted to serve as Destroyers, is subject to constant enhancement and optimization in order to produce the most efficient, powerful, and devastating killing machines in existence. In this respect, the more versatile and applicable, the better.. and few were designed to be as versatile as Simikiel - Sadly the second World War stole everything from him, leaving only a vengeful Abandoned time bomb behind. A bomb that has been waiting to detonate over seventy years, annihilating everything that has wronged it.

    The angel now known as Simikiel was once graced with the much more noble and ambitious designation of Damocles-6, being one of the Destroyers produced during the time of the fabled Damocles Project: the rumored project that was undertaken to create a Destroyer of unequaled power and effectiveness - the ultimate hunter-angel. Being the the second-to-last angel to be manufactured under the Project, Damocles-6 was especially promising. He was designed to be more or less self sustaining, built with a highly sophisticated miniaturized fabrication system and a highly modular superstructure, he was created to be able to modify his own protocol and onboard system loadout on the field at a moment's noticed, allowing him to adapt to any situation. Not only that, he was created with the capability to cannibalize other occult entities for raw material to affect repairs to himself or augment his arsenal. And for a time it seemed as if Damocles-6 would be instated as Damocles Omega; Damocles in its most perfected form: his ability to evolve and augment himself coupled with his highly advanced tactical and strategic simulation capabilities proved to make him one of the most successful hunter-angels for several decades- save for one critical flaw.

    This versatility came at the cost of both structural and mental stability, and due to an incident involving the deaths of several dozen civilians during a high-stress mission it was eventually determined that this design flaw was too ingrained for reformatting to be cost effective, and he was put into stasis for research purposes to further Project Damocles. Decades later in the opening years of WWII Damocles-6 would be used as a template for Damocles-7, his adaptability improved upon and the bugs that plagued his operating system were identified and dealt with during the construction of Subject Seven, essentially creating a more stable, improved version of Damocles-6 - while Six himself was left in stasis to be archived and forgotten. Then the Damocles Facility was attacked by hunter-angels, its personnel slaughtered and most of the assets and subjects were destroyed. Damocles-7 disappeared in the chaos while the primary Analyst hid in a secured sub-lab, and it was just blind luck that the archive vault that held Six was glossed over.

    He wouldn't be released until nearly a decade later when a small ring of Tempters who stumbled upon the remains of the lab. When they opened his stasis chamber he exploded into action, rightly assuming the group was a raiding force and swiftly slaughtering all of them. It was only after the massacre was over that Damocles-6 realized he was not receiving transmissions from the God-Machine, nor any transmissions at all for that matter. Exploring the ruins of the facility, the Destroyer's anger grew as he saw what was wrought. He was furious at the loss of his " home", mistakenly believing that the Unchained were responsible. He was also angry at the Machine for abandoning him as well, though he quickly resolved to direct his anger elsewhere; after all the Machine wouldn't just leave him to rust away. He was too valuable.

    Believing that he had to regain the favor he never lost or even had, Damocles-6 resolved himself to gain retribution for the injustices heaped upon him. If he could bring the ones responsible for the collapse of Project Damocles to justice, perhaps he could truly become Damocles Omega at long last. Re-designating himself Simikiel, the last Damocles set off for his ultimately futile quest of vengeance, not realizing that the enemy who robbed him of his destiny was the very Machine who gave him life. In the modern nights the exile spends his time as a sort of mercenary for those in the Machine's service who can afford his aid, hunting down demons in exchange for Essence and occasional some strange piece of the slain demon's form as a trophy, growing ever stronger and more dangerous from each conquest - earning him the moniker of the Adaptive Grudge.

    Description: Simikiel has maintained the Cover he was assigned for more than seventy years, a young man in his late twenties by the name of Aiden Lanan, superficially from a small Scottish village that hasn't existed for over a hundred and sixty years. Tall and powerfully built though somewhat lean, the Adaptive Grudge casts a rather intimidating figure, his facial features sharp and severe as he often has a dark scowl on his face, his black hair kept neatly trimmed and combed, even in the most unfriendly of environments.When given the choice Simikiel prefers very utilitarian, workman clothing such as simple tee-shirts and jeans - clothing proven to be durable or at the very least easily replaced.. though it isn't uncommon for him to 'dress up" should his employer request it.

    In his true form the angel is.. modular to say the least. While he nearly always retains a mostly humanoid profile and his head resembles an almost painfully perfect version of his Cover's face, the fact that he can alter his angelic form at will and can graft additions onto it with no difficulty means his mechanical body rarely looks the same way twice. One day he may resemble a winged, armor plated angel with a halo of spent bullet casings and razor blades while the next he is a sinuous, four armed war machine with a snake like lower body made of tank treads, and so on. The only commonality that all his various forms have is that his mechanical components are always a dark, gun metal gray with white glyphs along his extremities.

    Simikiel, The Adaptive Grudge.

    Virtue: Innovative
    Vice: Unpredictable
    Rank: 4
    Power 10 Finesse 10 Resistance 9
    Influence: Weaponry 3, Vengeance 1
    Willpower: 20
    Size: 5
    Speed: 25 ( species factor of 5)
    Defense: 10
    Initiative: 19
    Armor: 4/2
    Incepts:Efficiency, Scale, Space, Units
    Numina: Any appropriate, though Simikiel always retains both Amorphous ( As the Form Power), and Harvest ( thank you a million times by the way, Eremite!), as they are core aspects of his existence.
    Manifestations: Twilight Form, Image, Materialization, Possession.

    Ban: Being referred to as Damocles-6 will force Simikiel to focus his attention on the individual who uttered that name to the exclusion of all other targets until the individual in question is either dead or another being addresses him by that designation, forcing him to switch his attention yet again. This compulsion can be broken should the angel sustain a number of lethal damage equal to his Rank + 2 - self preservation protocols overwriting all other tactical priorities and forcing him to withdraw from the engagement as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    Bane: A weapon wielded by a person or creature who was involved with the now defunct Damocles Project inflicts aggravated damage upon Simikiel. As of current events only two such individuals remain, making the act of enlisting their aid in bringing the Adaptive Grudge low a possible plot hook in of itself.
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    Love it, but time for questions.

    Could you link to Harvest, please? Is Simikiel an Angel or an Exile?

    Also, considering his self-preservation protocols, it sounds like lots of damage at once or blocking all methods of escape are the best ways of taking him out. Considering that just the powers of the Twilight Form allow them to walk up walls or on ceilings and phase through any surface, with materials that can't be phased through either rare or bypassable by Materialization, let's focus on the former. What are the parameters for the Bane. Would a bomb detonated remotely by a member of the Damocles Project count? Would they have to been the ones to place it; or even have to have constructed it themselves? Do other sorts of traps count? How about unarmed attacks?

    Thank you for your patience
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    A god is just a monster you kneel to. - ArcaneArts, Quoting "Fall of Gods"


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      Glad you like him! To answer these questions:

      1. He’s an Exile, if the whole “ Abandoned time bomb” bit is any indication.

      2. Good question, and to answer that question is that the self preservation protocol really only activated if he is under the effect of his Ban as a failsafe to protect him from falling into obvious traps.

      3. Regarding the bane, a bomb would have to be both constructed AND triggered by the individual. They couldn’t just build the explosive and give it to another person to use.


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        Originally posted by Korogra View Post
        Glad you like him! To answer these questions:

        1. He’s an Exile, if the whole “ Abandoned time bomb” bit is any indication.
        Of course, of course. I'm just never sure when something stops being an Angel and becomes an Exile, as I don't have the corebook.

        A god is just a monster you kneel to. - ArcaneArts, Quoting "Fall of Gods"


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          Originally posted by Master Aquatosic View Post

          Of course, of course. I'm just never sure when something stops being an Angel and becomes an Exile, as I don't have the corebook.
          Understandable. Oh and to answer the question about Harvest, It was created by Eremite and given to us in the After The Fall Bonus Material thread


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            I like this a lot, and might actually steal it for use in one of my games.
            How would Simkiel handle the Machine sending hunters after him in order to tie up loose ends?

            Also, the quote should say "Should've" not "Should of".


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              That’s perfectly fine, that’s why I put him up here; so Storytellers could use him
              As an antagonist in their own chronicles! I ask that you don’t try to claim him as your own original creation... but whatever you end up doing with him is up to you xD

              He would be confused, but would defend himself rather belligerently- after all, he is a loyal, devoted servant of the Machine. What right do they have for mistaking him for something that needs to be Eliminated?

              Ah, I’ll fix that shortly, thank you.