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    The anime Psycho pass can also work.

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      A lot of classic cyberpunk like Neuromancer and Snow Crash work as inspiration for Demon. Paranoia and nonsensical plots are the genre’s bread and butter


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        The netflix show Travelers is a good source of inspiration. It came out after Demon I believe but shares a lot thematically.


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          "The Booth at the End" manages to scream Demon, despite of being about people talking in a diner.



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            Not necessarily good inspiration for Demon, but frankly screams God Machine to me is Uzumaki, the body horror manga of Junji Ito. A bunch of weird stories seemingly unrelated except by their incorporation of a spiral of some variety. I feel like its an ideal sort of Occult Matrix, a strange overarcing theme that lends itself to numerous applications of horrible and weird happenings. Spirals happen everywhere in nature, thus you have numerous opportunities to tell horror stories with a loose theme.


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              My personal favorites:

              Movies ---
              1. The Matrix - Espionage feel
              2. The Terminator - The 2nd terminator movie. Think of Arnold as a fallen angel, disconnected from the machine but still able to do many things. Not an exact fit but still, good for inspiration
              3. Lucy - I know this one might be reaching but her abilities and her cold demeanor speaks of Demon

              TV Shows ---
              1. Supernatural - The "angel radio" and deaths of both angels and demons fits right in

              Here is a WoD themed IMDB list:


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                Shin Megami!

                Getting some huge Shin Megami vibes from this game!


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                  Ghostdriver nice call on terminator 2