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Cover, Primuim, and Demon Blooded Embeds

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  • Cover, Primuim, and Demon Blooded Embeds

    Ok I’ve read the book a few times and looked throug the forums a few times, but I’m still really confused. What should a Demon Blooded do for Embeds that have Cover or Primium as an innate part of the mechanics? A lot of powers do it (Including several they bring up in Heirs to Hell, like Heart’s Desire and Occam’s Razor) and I just don’t know how it would work. Are the Embeds just useless to them?

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    Not sure RAW, but for the Primum issue, I assume 1 if none is listed/available and that is the sole variable.

    A hack, but since unlocking the Cipher increases a Demon's Primum, you could rule Demon-Blooded have Effective Primum equal to their Keys.

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