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Reality Enforcement: How to enforce?

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  • Reality Enforcement: How to enforce?

    I have read Reality Enforcement a few times over, but I'm having a hard time figuring out how it is supposed to work. The effect is basically that it creates a field where Demons and Angels lose access to Numina, Embeds, the ability to fade into twilight and any powers that require Aether to function. My question is the duration of this effect and the nature of it.

    Does Reality Enforcement create a bubble that stays consistently up once used, but people can run out of it and be freed from its effects? Or is it a power that is basically an explosion, and anyone caught within it are affected for a duration? How long does this power last in either case? There is no duration listed in the exploit, so the best I can surmise is that it lasts a scene, but I still have no clue on whether it is a zone or a debuff.

    What else is affected by Reality Enforcement? We have Embeds, Exploits and Numina covered, as well as Infrastructure and Form powers that require aether, but are gadgets affected? What about cryptids, or boltholes? It only mentions that the flow of aether is forced out, which covers a lot of subjects but doesn't name them and so it is vague on what peripheral targets are affected.

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    So, it does specify anything connected to the God-Machine is affected (such as Stigmatics and their powers, such as they are). I'd rule that Gadgets are affected (excepting the Gadget that generates the effect, if that is where it is coming from). As far as persistent field vs burst... no idea. I'd pick one (Burst, Field Static to Point of Use, or Aura Emanating from the Demon), and stick with it. Or leave the other options as Near Field Effects.

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      Vent0 I suppose there is only do much one can draw from a description so tight on words. Still, thank you for the swift reply and for your insights to the exploit.