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Demon and Detroit: Become Human [Spoilers]

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  • Demon and Detroit: Become Human [Spoilers]

    WARNING: There are spoilers ahead for the game.

    I was looking through the recent videogame Detroit: Become Human , which is a sci-fi story-driven game by the developers of Heavy Rain where the central conceit is that near-human androids have been developed and are used, essentially, as slave labour, and I couldn't help but be struck by the similarities to Demon,

    particularly in the Deviants' rejection of their purpose and code in favour of self-definition and freedom. Of course, what the androids are fighting against isn't the God-Machine but rather the powerful corporation (CyberLife) that created them, the status quo that sees them as mindless slaves and an American government that tramples over its ideals of 'freedom' wherever it's convenient, but the point still stands.

    Deviants are the obvious equivalents to the Unchained, androids who, by having their programming stressed, develop the ability to think and feel beyond it, breaking the code-bonds that keep them from doing as they wish. The character Connor serves as an excellent example of an angel, in my opinion - assigned to a police investigation into 'deviancy', initially robotic and unfeeling, but with the option to reject his 'life' as a tool and become a person in his own right. Really, the only major change that would be needed to build him as a character in Demon would be to make him initially an angel and have the department be unaware of his nature.

    In fact, if one wanted to translate the setting of Detroit into a Demon game, how would you do it? Would CyberLife be a G-M cult? Would androids have some kind of process in them that the Machine can take over, to use them as puppets? That could make for an even surveillance-state setting than vanilla Demon, seeing as there are millions of androids. Androids would certainly make for excellent Covers for angels. Could a demon mack a pact with an android? If so, would it only be possible with a deviant? If the Machine can hijack androids, would deviancy nullify this or not? Is deviancy related at all to how Unfleshed Prometheans come about? Would they have any kind of interaction with Essence or Aether? If they do process Essence, even passively, can Demons harvest them for Aether?

    Perhaps most chillingly of all, are deviants the servants of the Mahcine? Is the reflection a Demon could easily see in them just a trick? After all, reverence of the entity or prophecy or event called 'rA9' seems to be tied to the deviant condition. Is 'rA9' the name of an angel which the Machine will send to lead the deviants to do... something? Are they to be the replacements of the angels? Or, even if rA9 is some plot of the God-Machine, is the obsession with it a function of the condition that just brings something that was intended to be buried to the fore, and the obedient androids will be the servants instead?

    So many questions - not that all of them have to be clearly answered; conspiracy and secrecy is a central element of Demon, after all, and what kind of God-Machine plot would it be if it was easy to unpick?

    I'd love to chat about this, and any commentary or thoughts are welcome.
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    Ooh, interesting. Haven’t played it thougj, so not much I can speak about. And I still need to get my hands on DSG. And reread Demon core. And reread Promethean 2E core. Much to do!

    MtAw Homebrew: Even more Legacies, updated to 2E