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I might be running this game and need tips/help/answers

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    Originally posted by Taidragon View Post

    Technically, you could trade someone a gadget that could ressurect a particular person if it had the Raise Dead exploit. Once again covered in the Player's Guide, gadgets add to the mortal's side of the pact; Demons are loathe to part with them in this manner, so they often do so for Soul Pacts since, as they will be able to take the other person's life as Cover, they will be getting the gadget back. Otherwise, Vent0 has it covered.
    There are (again, in the Player's Guide) One-Shots, which the Demon may be more inclined to part with.

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      Thanks for all the answers. No additional questions right now, we plan to meet end of June to create the characters and do other organisational stuff. So you can expect further questions then.