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Cheonsa stats in Enemy Action

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  • Cheonsa stats in Enemy Action

    I wanted to see if the stats for Cheonsa are a typo. She is ranked as a rank 4 spirit but her power and finesse are only 4 and 5. Is this a typo since this seems very low for a rank 4 spirit ( more like rank 2). Please correct me if I am missing something

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    Huh, nobody answered this? I love Cheonsa (though their individual names leave me awkward).

    Maybe the Attributes are only for one and each of the girls, while Rank represents the whole triad. The writeup does say that they can merge into one creature.

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      That was the best response I have received yet. That makes sense if it is for three entities. Plus, they will be able to pump their stats by 6 points each (rank +2) with essence to make a trio of deadly opponents. Perfect when the god-machine needs to take out a troublesome demon, ring or agency.