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A man comes to you with a job: retrieve his Soul Pact

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  • A man comes to you with a job: retrieve his Soul Pact

    I'd like to create a story hook in which a man has made a soul pact for riches and power for two decades and a day, in return for his "soul". The due date is only a month away and he wants to hire someone to get the pact destroyed. I like this as a hook because it can set up some demon/demon conflicts, rather than the typical demon/GM conflict. It also leads to a nice "heist" story line because the PC's are presumably weaker than the NPC demon holding the pact, so they have to be clever about it.

    If the players are Unchained, what possible reward or leverage could he have to get the players to help him? I can't think of a good reason to give the players to help him out. If he has something that they want, a demon is strong enough to just take it. A human can't really threaten even a weak demon. So why should they bother to help him?

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    Originally posted by KieranMullen View Post
    So why should they bother to help him?
    The same reason any Saboteur does what they do: stick it to the big guy. Maybe the demon in question has plans in motion that threaten the PCs' Cover, or the client's identity is attached to resources that the ring doesn't want falling into the hands of a rival and his gratitude is a bargaining chip it'd be unwise to turn down.

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      On the "demons are not nice people" front, nothing stops the demons from nabbing the pact and then basically claim it themselves, or even negotiate a new one for even more resources. Keep fattening that pig. On top of that, heisting an elder demon represents a chance for major resources and a chance to trial run some tactics that might help against other adversaries. A longer game could turn this into a chance to play the elder demon as well, stringing the human and the demon along for a long time.

      If you want good as in Good, though, then you either a) need precedent against the elder demon, b) need investment in the human to make fighting for him worthwhile, or c) have the characters be willing to use this as a confrontation of their own practices, and maybe even a justification for their own existential identity predations.

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        Maybe the human in peril is a protector/mentor/benefactor of one of the Demon's cover, or one of the Demon's mortal friend/lover. Maybe the human is peril is a philanthropist who's using his wealth to create an orphanage for endangered children. The opposing Demon will use this orphanage as a farm of future pactees, children coerced to pact and then lose their soul once they start adult life, so it is basically a farm of covers. If that doesn't chill your players then they are icy cold. Or maybe the human in peril is developing a technology that your players need, or building something that can disrupt one of the GM infrastructure. Or his mere existence is against the GM plans since in 2044 he will be sitting in a bar in Tokyo next to the temple of souls and the temple of souls can't have foreigners drinking sake next to it during its final ritual to summon the Final Judgement Day...


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          The question I'd ask is what has a man with vast wealth done with his riches now that he knows the supernatural exist? What connections has he bought or built? It's not just about who or what he can do but who (or what) he might know. Just imagine also the relics or oddities he may have gathered in this quest.

          In other words, he offers a way into circles the demons would never have access to otherwise.