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    Welcome to Aperture Science!

    [Here comes spoilers from the game...]

    PRELUDE - The creation of a God
    Cave Johnson was an eccentric billionaire who had a vision, a vision of making SCIENCE! So he founded Aperture Science and created great wonders such as jumping gels and portals. His methods were unorthodox, maybe even unethical, but it worked! Eventually he became ill from moon dust, a substance he recovered from the Appolo mission, stored in a very secret sarcophagus on the moon.
    Cave Johnson tried his shot at immortality, trying to become something much more than a mortal man: the God-Machine. But he was so ill that he couldnĀ“t be transfered to the God-Machine before the preparations were ready, so he ordered that his assistant Caroline to be "uploaded" in his place instead. Poor Caroline became the God-Machine, with total control of Aperture Sciences.
    She was helpful first, aiding the scientists in their noble pursuit of SCIENCE! But eventually her inscrutable mind went mad. She decided to murder everyone working there and use the entire place for her own testing...

    PART 1 - The Fall
    GlaDOS-Machine was the god of Aperture Science and she started to create her angels. Those where creatures of great beauty and power, human in appearance, except for some metalic exoskeleton on their legs necessary to survive gravity impact. They were created for testing and testing they did, using a special portal device. The GlaDOS machine made incountable tests and received uncountable data. Eventually most angels were killed in those testings, too fragile to understand the scientiphic concepts of lasers, acidic pools, plasma shots and criptids made of 120% bullets. The few that survived, hoping for the angelic transcedence of cake, were eventually burned and had their parts recicled. And the tests kept going, forever and foverer. Eventually the world outside Aperture Science changed, becoming desolate for reasons unknown even to GlaDOS-Machine. But the outside world was not her concern. She only cared for her world of darkness: Aperture Science and her angels. So she kept testing, until an special angel named Chell (short for Cassiel that means Angel of Temperance) awoke.
    Chell started her tests just like her previous angels but her loyalty towards the GlaDOS-Machine started to fade. She was subverted, corrupted, by the insidious Ratman, a Stigmatic that survived the GlaDOS-Machine apocalypse. He saw her power and became a stigmatic on the run for survival. He could not leave her premises but he could see all the blind spots to avoid her grasp. Chell didn't find him, the poor man eventually was shot down by criptids, but she found his writings, showing the dark side of the GlaDOS-Machine. She also saw the arbitrary and cruel side of her god when told to murder a companion angel into a pit of fire. Chell endured every trial and in the end she saw her doom at the Angel Furnace. She refused to be recicled, she refused the GlaDOS-Machine orders, and she Fell.
    A battle of epic proportions started between the new demon and the mad god. Chell tried to escape the grasp of GlaDOS but such task was impossible. GlaDOS was Aperture Science, she could control most of its walls and rooms. Eventually Chell found the main Infrastructure where GlaDOS resided and she knew confrontation was inevitable. She discovered that a furnace in the room was the linchpin of the entire Aperture Science and she managed to burn and destroy GlaDOS personality modules attached to her. Aperture Science seemed to explode. Chell seemed to have escaped, she finally found her own Hell. And then she felt uncouncious.

    PART 2 - Falling again
    Aperture Science, without the GlaDOS-Machine, became a desolate place, falling in ruins. Chell was not dead, she eventually was reconnected to the Aperture infrastructure but without the GlaDOS-Machine running it Chell could still mantain freedom of thought. She became an Exiled, trapped in a quantum prison that kept her in stasys, like she was an unnused cover but without the inconvenience of aging. After 9999999999999 [and counting]... seconds an Exiled awoke her. It was Wheatley (short for Vretiel that means "swift in wisdom). This Exiled (who lost his Angel status from the destruction of the GlaDOS-Machine) was desperate to escape from Aperture Science since that world was now falling apart. Facing the eldritch reality outside was better than the ruins of this now godless place, and only Chell survived to help him. The quantum prison was folding itself under its own weight. Both managed to scape it, but eventually Wheatley pushed all the wrong buttons and made all the circunstances possible for the activation of a Ressurection Infrastructure that restored the GlaDOS-Machine back to life. GlaDOS was huh, glad, to see her tormentor alive since her quantum state forced her to remember her death 9999999... [Huh, you got the idea] times. Forced into testing, Chell eventually finds Wheatley again and they both conspirate to bring down GlaDOS once and for all. They both sabotage the turret- and neurotoxin-manufacturing Infrastructure and confront GlaDOS by performing a "Core Transfer", a special and powerful Interlock from Wheatley that puts makes him the new God-Machine. His unlimited power makes him mad (or maybe just show his true side) and he humiliates GlaDOS by installing her know pityful form in a potato Gadget. He also carelessly toss Chell and GlaDOS from his throne room. Chell survives the fall and finds remnants of Aperture history, discovering about Cave Johnson and Caroline. She and GlaDOS decide to ally themselves against Wheatley since he is obviously destroying the entire place. They escape his new rooms and traps, and confront him again. GlaDOS has her own "Core Transfer" Interlock power to become the new God-Machine but Wheatley-Machine cancels the process. He feels triumphant, disregarding the iminent apocalypse he is creating and the fall of all Infrastructure. Chell achieves her final Interlock and Cypher, managing to use her power beyond the limits of terran stratosphere. She exiles Wheatley, sending him to space. GlaDOS completes the transfer, keeping Aperture Science whole again. GlaDOS finally decides to let Chell go, after a moment of understanding her own nature.

    Alone again, GlaDOS decides to create a new batch of Angels. They are the players. She also decides to spice up her tests, by using virtual reality that emulates urban scenarios.

    Playing Portal to Hell

    In the Portal to Hell Scenario your players are autonomous Angels who are starting to Fall (use starting Demon stats to keep things simple, no need to use Rank and Numina). They are put inside an urban setting that can constantly change its own shape and they must find solutions for some inscrutable puzzles because of SCIENCE. This urban setting is filled with mortals that are in fact virtual props, but they behave like humans (mostly, some are kind of buggy and glicthy). The purpose of the Angels is to find what GlaDOS wants to solve, and solve it using the abilities of their cover for that trial, without getting out of character. Death is not permanent for the players. Once anyone die GlaDOS can repair the dead Angel in record time and he/she is back for the next scene. This can make the players pretty reckless. The Storyteller may consider that the "puzzle" works like Infrastructure and is therefore is visible to the players... "Oh, look a Zoo. I can see that GlaDOS wants us to free the alligators from there and put them in the mayor's office. How are we going to do that with our covers?"
    The players may be harassed by turrets, Angels who can take human form but are easily discovered by their funny voice and educated manners even when dealing great amount of violence. Oh, and they are all made of bullets inside their body.
    The players may eventually decide to Fall and escape these mad trials (make them find a Ratman's den with details on how to get away from the testing rooms - maybe a simple door in a skyscraper is a portal to the back stage of Aperture Science. Once outside virtual reality, the dice are cast, GlaDOS turns to her full menacing mode and the players must find her lair. Find some amusing linchpin to make the confront memorable. Maybe Chell can make a surprise appearance to help the players. In the end, offer the players a cake (a real one, put it on your gaming table and have fun).

    New Embed: Portaling
    Player must point his fist to a flat surface that he can see. He shoots a pulsating light that creates a Blue Portal that is an impenetrable mass of blue photons sticked to the wall. After that he can freely move and use the power again to create ann Orange Portal. Once the Orange Portal is created, both Portals are connected and can be used by any person, object, laser, turret, gel and cube.
    When shooting a Portal, test Wits+Dexterity
    Success: The Portal is created. If its the first portal you need to use the power again to make a second portal and a portal connection.
    Exceptional success: Traversing the quantum state between two portals replenish you with 1 Aether.
    Failure: The connection is created but is unstable regardless if you failed creating the Blue Portal, the Orange Portal or both. Moving from one Portal to the other will cost you 1 Aether if you failed one Portal, and 2 Aether if you failed both.
    Dramatic failure: The Portal seems normal looking but when someone traverses it he is transformed into a Companion Cube. Everyone who looks at him/her in cube format gets the Swooned condition. Effect remains for 1 scene, then player can spend 1 Aether to change back to his cover.

    You can use this power as an attack. You can shoot a Portal under someone by using the Wits+Dexterity roll vs opponent Dexterity+Athletics. Success means opponent falls in the Portal. Fall damage apply under RAW.