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Creating a career for a bespoke Gadgeteer

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    I was thinking of Terrible Avatar myself, either based around the Demonic form of the person who triggered the trap or the Demon who crafted it. Trip the trap, summon a sentry who will protect the wares.

    Those are excellent suggestions though; one could even make an embeded doorknob with The Look, activated when the door it is installed on is closed. Look and gaze at its intricaies until you fall unconscious from exhaustion. I have ideas for Solitary Confinement gadgets already, so the idea of making one defensively is intruiging. Perhaps an obsidian glass door that, if broken or even opened, pulls the perpetrator into an oubliette for a set amount of time. I guess security gadgets are as effective/out there as one makes them.


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      Ink-black Welcome mat, which they fall through upon triggering the trap.

      Or, hidden beneath a retractable floor panel in front of your desk. You know, the classics.
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        I think that one important thing to note is that while exploited gadgets are a lot more potent when it comes to being security measures, they can themselves be an indicator of where things of import are. After all, they register on aetheric resonance even without having aether in them, so if you line the safe with them, then it’s going to be even easier to figure out where all the juicy gadgets are. Heck, they may outright steal the security measures for themselves.

        Embeded gadgets are more subtle with their effects, but they themselves can be a lot more subtle in how they protect things. Ideally a mix of both would be good.